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"Artist" using site for ref material

mattw 17 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
20 Jan 2011 9:50AM
I often get this question, and my response is - if it's just for yourself, then go right ahead.

If its to produce work to sell, then by all means use my photographs as reference material, but I would appericate it if you add your own touch

Either way, I would be interested to see the results.
mattw 17 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
20 Jan 2011 10:07AM

I'd have to be convinced to be upset if someone copied a photo I had taken as a watercolour and then sold it. Maybe it's just me but I just couldn't be bothered to get worked up about it. I'd like to see the end result - heck I might even buy it!

Hint: keef is absolutely loaded - so you might be onto a good earner there Wink
28 Jan 2011 6:16PM
Sad So sorry I created a fuss; this site was recommended by another artist from Wet Canvas. Of course, I realize one must ask permission for use of the photo. Actually I never thought I would get to the point of selling any art - I would be happy to have a finished product to display in my home. Generally speaking, one usually uses the photo to get inspiration or some detail, otherwise one would be a copyist, not an artist.
SmileThanks to those who generously offer their photos as ref material. And Alan Hunter, I realize this is a photography forum, and I "absolutely do not have your permission" to use your photos. A shame, as your work is quite nice, although I am rather disappointed that you took such a harsh tone without fully understanding my intent. Wet Canvas has a ref library, but I was looking to expand on that at times.
whipspeed 16 4.2k 22 United Kingdom
28 Jan 2011 7:38PM
Don't worry Joy, most of us are fine if you're using it as reference for non-commercial work. It would be interesting if you posted some images of your paintings for us to see as well.
devlin 10 653 39 India
28 Jan 2011 8:29PM
All power to you Joy Smile look forward to seeing your work Smile

28 Jan 2011 8:36PM
Wink Thanks for the encouragement. I apologize for not making my original post more complete. Generally I avoid forums due to petty arguments, but Wet Canvas has been a blessing. I guess it's cause artists are such a sensitive bunch!
I generally avoid forums; there are too many disgruntled individuals that can't yell at their spouse or boss, so they go on forums and curse at strangers. A bird forum (I also bird watch, and paint birds) greeted me with "open wings". On Wet Canvas (where there is a photography channel) I have participated in thousands of post and no one has ever taken offense or had any disagreements with the other members. Artists are a sensitive bunch, so I guess we are are esp. careful to treat others the same. After all, it takes ten artists to change a light bulb. One to change the bulb and the other nine to assure him it looks good!! Grin Grin Grin
Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
28 Jan 2011 9:24PM

Quote:Wink Thanks for the encouragement. I apologize for not making my original post more complete.

I got the message Joy.
I hope to see some of your work.
Good luck.

SilverPaul 11 16 United Kingdom
28 Jan 2011 9:51PM
Joy, I hope the site can inspire you in the world of 'instant painting' and I'm sure there is lots of help and inspiration to be found here.

I don't think one person being rude counts as creating a fuss. Now a 30 page flame war, that would be a fuss.

I believe Alan could have phrased his sentiments better and won more respect by doing so. There are people out there who would blatantly rip-off photos but it's not likely they are going to bother introducing themselves and stating their intent. His statement definitely lacked grace.

I have issues with anyone copying my work (not that it's worth it, there are far better artists than me to plagiarise), but absolutely none from inspiring someone.

If I've inspired someone, then the honour is mine.

If I inspire you, that makes me happy. If you rip me off I'll sue Tongue

All the best, Paul.
NickParry 15 1.0k 79 Wales
29 Jan 2011 7:00PM
I cannot see any problem with someone using a photograph as a reference for a painting, it has been done for decades, and by some famous artists. I also believe that it does not infringe copyright in its legal sense. An exact copy, in the same media, would contravene copyright in the UK (it differs abroad). An image produced in another media, such as painting would not infringe copyright. The Bridgeman Art Library v. Corel Corp is an interesting legal case to read about.
31 Jan 2011 4:56PM
Grin Thanks, all. Look forward to being inspired!! Theoretically, one does not copy exactly from the photo, as if it were "perfect" in terms of value, composition, etc. then the photo is the work of art and should be framed. One (as an artist) is looking to "improve" upon the image given. Look forward to being inspired!!
Jestertheclown 12 8.4k 253 England
31 Jan 2011 8:08PM

Quote:Look forward to being inspired!!

. . . and we'll look forward to seing the results!

Good luck.


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