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Asus Eee Transformer - anyone seen it?

4 Jun 2011 10:22AM
The iPad has been tempting me as an easier option for mobility than my 17" laptop. However, having had an iPhone for 3 years I want out of the Apple trap. Now I've been reading about the Asus eee Transformer, with its IPS screen and dockable keyboard. I'd like to take a look, but can't find it in the shops - it's all online and mostly limited to the 16gb version. There are lots of reviews on-line but I'd like to get a photographers review. Anyone got any opinions or experience?

My interest in this over other slates is the IPS screen, which has had good reviews (though from generalists rather than togs). How does it stack up as a portable photo viewing device? When travelling I want to view my photos and at least filter out and delete the rejects. I'm also planning to use it for web-surfing, social and email, especially at work, where the office network is policed but other wireless networks are available. That's where it has a downside over the ipad - no 3G. However, if I lose the iphone I could get an android device and use it as a router to the slate, if I really need to.

I think I can connect to my PC and run software from there, but I'd like to validate that. Can I run Photoshop or Lightroom for instance? Can I open my Excel spreadsheets AND run the code I've written behind them?

To whet your appetites, here's one review from an outfit I tend to respect by and large: http://reviews.cnet.co.uk/ipad-and-tablets/asus-eee-pad-transformer-review-50002197/

Your thoughts, please?

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User_Removed 14 3.3k 4 United Kingdom
4 Jun 2011 10:47AM

I think I can connect to my PC and run software from there, but I'd like to validate that. Can I run Photoshop or Lightroom for instance? Can I open my Excel spreadsheets AND run the code I've written behind them?

If you mean make a remote desktop / VNC type connection which means you are viewing your PC's screen remotely and you are remote controlling the PC then your tablet is just acting as a viewing window for the PC and your Excel spreadsheets will run as per normal.

If you mean actually run Excel on your tablet by loading the program files over the network then no you won't be able to do that.

I want a tablet but I'm waiting til Autumn. If you Google for 'iPad killer' you can see that that's when Sony, HP and even Amazon should be shipping new tablets.
No I knew I wouldn't be able to run excel on the tablet. It's possible to put the same kind of code behind google's spreadsheet (though not VBA, so I've got some learning to do). Meanwhile just being able to control the PC remotely will be good.

It will be interesting to see if Sony and HP have the same quality of screen as iPad and Transformer, but I like the docking keyboard with its extra battery. And the problem with technology is there is always something better just over the horizon. LOL

I've visited a few local stores today and they all have the Transformer on their list but don't know when they will get one. I'm beginning to think there may be some production problems, but if they don't resolve them soon they will get overtaken by others
User_Removed 14 3.3k 4 United Kingdom
4 Jun 2011 9:23PM

Quote:And the problem with technology is there is always something better just over the horizon

I agree and you'd never buy anything as you'd always be waiting.

I think this is different.

Apple brought out the iPad and re-invented the tablet PC market. Some manufacturers quickly rushed out hastily-cobbled together tablets to try to grab a slice of the market. Some of the big players meanwhile have taken more time and done more R&D in order to release well-thought out tablet offerings based on newer versions of Android and utilising dedicated graphics chips from the likes of nVidia. These are due in the Autumn. You'd be mad to buy now.
I don't think the Tegra 3 will make a lot of difference over the 2, for the things I want to do with the tablet. The Asus has Honeycomb already and although it's a bit buggy at the moment, updates will come along. Those aren't reasons for me to wait, although being able to see and try what I'm buying is a reason.

When I google iPad killer I get the HP TouchPad, which hasn't set the world alight. I can't find out much about it for comparison, even on the HP site, There is also the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy, the Blackberry Playbook and the Asus Transformer. I got no mention of Sony, or anything new from HP. I saw the Amazon offering mentioned but with too few details to make a comparison. If you've got some links on any of them, I'd be interested. I'm not going to rush into anything but just can't find a reason to wait at the moment.
User_Removed 14 3.3k 4 United Kingdom
5 Jun 2011 11:34AM
Have a glance through this topic of mine from a few weeks back, there's quite a few links to forthcoming tablets https://www.ephotozine.com/forums/topic/who-s-got-a-tablet-or-going-to-get-one--88395
5 Jun 2011 12:35PM
Thanks for the link. Interesting stuff on that topic. The expected amount of iPad supporters, but the Transformer is more flexible.
- Why buy a camera connector when you can get a slate with one?
- Why pay for data separately when you can route to it with your (non iPhone) smart phone?
- If you're going to have a camera on board, why not have a decent amount of megapixels?
- If you have a first rate display why not be able to view in RAW?
There are quite a few other advantages and only a couple of disadvantages on paper. However, it goes without saying that what the iPad does, it will do well, that is the Apple way. Which brings me back to my need to see the Transformer before I spend my dosh.

I see you were quite keen on it for a while. Reading between the lines, I'm guessing you are waiting for Tegra 3, for gaming. As I'm not a gamer it supports my decision that I don't need to wait. Seeing the thing in action is key for me and I accept that if I don't get my hands on one soon there will be other competition, so watch this space.
Thanks for the feedback
User_Removed 14 3.3k 4 United Kingdom
5 Jun 2011 4:23PM
No I'm not interested in a tablet for games, but those chips can be utilised for lots of other stuff too and it shows that Android tablets should be taken seriously.

I still haven't decided which to buy, I want to see more, I just think the best tablets this year have yet to arrive. I'm probably not going to go for an iPad. (I hate being too controlled in what I can do) I didn't want an IPS display til I realised that some tablets have them, now I really like that idea. I'd love to be able to view raw files and I'd love to use it for remote capture.
What else is there to do on a wet day? I've been shopping on and off since my last post.

IPS has been my number one requirement. Having had an iPhone I totally agree about being controlled. I'll be trading it for an Android model after I get my tablet. Frankly the only thing the iPad has that would improve other tablets is that non-smear screen, and I don't know if it works as well as they claim.

I just read about the MSI Windpad, although it's not available yet and detail is slight. I do know it's supposed to have IPS, and comes in 2 flavours - the 100W and the 100A. The suffixes stand for Windows and Android. It's been described as direct competition for the Asus and from what I can read, the Android specs are very similar. It's better looking too, if that floats your boat. It's also got a USB port, where the Asus only has one on the keyboard. That would make it better for remote capture. I've been using an MSI laptop for the past 4 years and though it's been very reliable, I've had to contact customer services twice and the service has been outstanding. I'll be looking out for that one.

Other IPS screens that are due for July release include the Toshiba Thrive and Lenovo ThinkPad. They are both Asus competitors, but with USB ports and, in the case of Toshiba, an interchangeable battery, whereas the Thinkpad has 3G.

It sounds like what you have been waiting for is starting to happen. Happy hunting

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