At what point can i submit to stock image agency?

bentspace 17 31
28 Nov 2004 10:00PM
Hi there.
I'm not sure what level i need to be at to enter images to a stock image library...

Could some of you have a look at my portfolio here and see if you think i am ready yet?

Fujiconvert 17 1.3k England
28 Nov 2004 10:29PM
Hi,If you can take images that are well exposed,well composed and the kind of images that libraries are looking for then yes you are ready.Judging by your portfolio then yes you are.I would contact a few first and look at their websites to see the kind of images they are after then shoot accordingly.
All the best,Phil.
csurry 19 9.2k 92
29 Nov 2004 2:03AM
Chris, looking at your images as Phil says they are well exposed, etc. a key not only for getting them accepted (some libraries are less rigourous than others), there is also some good subject matter.

Especialy I could see your survivor picture being used to illustrate global warming.

Submit, what do you have to lose. Just make sure that you read and follow the submission guidelines for whichever library you decide on.
bentspace 17 31
29 Nov 2004 2:54PM
Well thank you very much Smile I'm thinking of Alamy? Any better suggestions?
Fujiconvert 17 1.3k England
29 Nov 2004 10:26PM
If you want the personal touch and some real help in submitting and not just be thought of as a number then try Paul Beard Photo Agency (
Excellent help and advice and also a very good library to boot!!!
Good luck and all the best,Phil.
agoreira 18 6.0k Wales
30 Nov 2004 12:56AM
"then try Paul Beard Photo Agency "

I know Paul hangs around here sometimes, but to me, it's a strange sort of library! Wink With the others, you upload your submissions, pretty much as you want, whatever the subject, but with Paul's, you can only upload certain subjects on certain dates. For instance world travel, is not until June next year, insects, April next year, and so on. For Dec and Jan, there are no submissions. You can only upload what they want, when they want I find it all a bit weird really! But it obviously suits you, perhaps it's just me! Wink

paulbeard 17 10
30 Nov 2004 3:07AM
Hello it's me Paul Beard, yes THE Paul Beard from PBPA-Paul Beard Photo Agency.

The reason we restrict the submissions, is because we couldn't keep up with the cataloguing when we accepted mixed subs. We were recieving up to 1000 images per day six days a week.

Please see the submissions drop-down menu in the left margin of the homepage of

As well as the set submissions, we also run seasonal projects, and send out urgent image requests via email to evrybody who is registered to the site.

Our weekly on-line newsletter 'Focus' keeps you informed of goings on at PBPA House, image requests, news of sales (when the contributors agree) Harold in Focus, and hints and tips.

We have over 500 photographers registered to the site, from all around the world, so we must be doing something right.

Our contract is not exclusive, and you are free to join other agencies too. You can download a sample contract from our homepage.

The FAQs on our site hwill have the answers to your initial questions.


agoreira 18 6.0k Wales
30 Nov 2004 4:09AM
I am a member Paul, and as such, already receive your e-mails, but to me,the site still seems to operate quite differently from the others. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but of course if someone has what they think is a very sellable travel shot, for example, they'll have to wait until next June before they can upload it. I would suggest that in the meantime, they'll probably send it to Alamy, or a similar site.

"We have over 500 photographers registered to the site, from all around the world, so we must be doing something right."

Uum! We'll I'm registered, but I haven't uploaded any. Your Focus magazine this month has had 119 reads, so that might suggest that that not all the 500 plus registered are active members. I've nothing against your site, you obviously know more about running an image library than I do, but it just seems radically different to others I have visited. Unless anything comes up in "Urgent Requests" there is nothing that I could upload until probably February, and then it has to be "Natural World" or "People."
paulbeard 17 10
30 Nov 2004 4:53AM

Yes, the agency is different to others, as I set it up to be the sort of agency I wanted to join when I was learning the trade thirty years ago.

If someone is looking for a 'normal' library, then PBPA is not for them. We are anything but normal. We are more of a photographers community, than just a place to send your pictures.

We regulary get comments from picture editors such as

'You seem to be the only agency with a picture of that, I've tried all the comapnies I usually use and they had nothing'.

'I love the way you do X,Y or Z, it's a pity other agencies don't do that'.

It's hard to know how many of the registered users are 'active'. Over 100 have contracts with us, each issue of our newsletter gets around 200 readers.
The first time we hear from some of the photographers registered to our site, is when they submit something in response to an urgent image request.

There are plenty of agencies about that run along more traditional lines, and accept images of any subject at any time. A quick flick through te BFP handbook will give full details.
PBPA is not listed in the current issue, as the BFP didn't think that we offered enough scope for potential cntributors. Nine folks have registered with our site in the past 48 hours, so they must find something to interets them on the site.

Joining PBPA is not a way to pay the mortgage, but we get a lot of folks who tell us they really enjoy being a member of our gang.
Carabosse 18 41.8k 270 England
30 Nov 2004 4:54AM
"We'll I'm registered, but I haven't uploaded any."

ROTFL!!!! Grin

(Sorry, bit of deja-vu!!! Hee hee!)
paulbeard 17 10
30 Nov 2004 5:02AM
Yes, but are you happy?
UserRemoved 17 4.2k
30 Nov 2004 5:16AM
I'm on Pauls email list and have exchanged a couple of emails in the last two months or so.

I quite like the way the requests come out as it focusses attention and I can quickly read through and most cases delete. Some agencies will be happy to take any aul crap IMHO and the good stuff gets lost in amongst the dire.

Paul has been quick to reply to emails on the two occassions I have had to contact him about pic requests. Of course I havent sold anything yet through Paul but its definitely another route that doesnt fall directly into the 3 other agencies I submit to, only one of which would email with direct requests for specific pics.
agoreira 18 6.0k Wales
30 Nov 2004 6:05AM
" only one of which would email with direct requests for specific pics."

That must be Photographers Direct! Wink With Paul's site, I have looked a few times, but each time I think to upload, invariably the stuff I have, is not requiered for many months, by which time, I've forgotten about it. :-( And like you, the requests are for stuff I don't have! :-(

UserRemoved 17 4.2k
30 Nov 2004 6:12AM
LOL Frank - no its not Photographers Direct but a press picture agency.

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