Automatic upload of image data with the image upload

Art2105 12 26 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 12:29PM
When viewing members photos I find it interesting to view the technical data regarding camera settings for the image, which few of us including myself don't bother to include. I recently uploaded a photograph I took of an overflying aircraft to the image data was automatically uploaded with the image was...

Device Manufacturer: SAMSUNG TECHWIN Co.
Device Model: SAMSUNG GX20
Device Type: Digital Still Camera
Shot Time: 2009:03:19 13:06:26
Original Image Size: 1920 x 1146 pixels
Exposure Time: 1/1500 sec
F Number: f 11
Exposure Bias: 0
ISO Speed: 1100
Focal Length: 200 mm
Flash: No Flash
Exposure Mode: 0
White Balance: 0
Scene Type: Directly Photographed
Contrast: 0
Saturation: 1
Sharpness: 2
Would other members be interested in this as an option when uploading to Ephotozine? and would it be possible the next upgrade of the site could include such a facility.
Kind regards Arthur ( art2105 )

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davidburleson 13 3.0k 3 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 12:33PM
HI Arthur,

We have been looking into storing EXIF information for quite some time. Unfortunate its not as strait forward as we hoped it would be as it seems each camera can use different attributes to store the same information. However, not to worry, we are looking into it.

Art2105 12 26 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 12:46PM
Thank you David for such a rapid responce 4 minutes superb. I think it would be a real benifit if it could be introduced, many would find it intrereting I'm sure.

Overread 11 4.1k 19 England
2 Apr 2009 3:43PM
the biggest problem for this that I can see, is that to remain within the file size restrictions for uploads to the site many people use the "save for web" command - which does strip out all the exif data to help get filesizes down.
Thus any upgrade to the system would have to also come with a no filesize (though still with image size) restrictions to allow such data to be included on all works.
User_Removed 12 2.2k 3 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2009 3:58PM
It would be a reasonably straightforward mod to add the most common EXIF fields to the image upload screen/database so that f, ISO, Shutter, Compensation can be input as optional items.
Tony_W 12 128 5
2 Apr 2009 5:47PM
When posting in the critique gallery exif info would be good or at least drop downs for the various ISO, speed and f-stop settings. Maybe more people would add them if they was somewhere obvious to put them.

I'd like to see an option to store equipment on a per user basis. By allowing this a user could then pick items such as camera, lens etc from a drop down list when filling out the image submission pages.

May even be possible/beneficial to include recently used tags to allow consistency across images.

Only a small detail but worth doing I think.

Overread 11 4.1k 19 England
2 Apr 2009 7:14PM
there recently was a big talk about having slots for ISO, aperture, shutter speed and one or two other things added to the fields for a photo upload.
As I recall things were left in the hands of the site admin/developers - though overall whilst some felt that such info was not needed there was a large amount of support for the features to be included in some way
Tony_W 12 128 5
3 Apr 2009 12:50AM
There have been no new features added to the site for over 3 months now. Looking at the features added in 2008 either the developers think the site is perfect or they have run out of steam Smile

Maybe they could look at this as the first new feature for 2009.
Krakman 13 3.6k Scotland
3 Apr 2009 1:26AM
It seems odd to me that people would want to know these details. Personally I wouldn't feel comfortable uploading images with these details under them. Not because they're secret, but because they're irrelevant and distracting. If I want to show a picture, I want to show a picture, not a shutter speed.

On my pics much of the EXIF data is wrong anyway because I have to input the lens data manually and I almost never bother to change it when I change lens. And the rest are taken on film, so no EXIF data at all.
Tony_W 12 128 5
3 Apr 2009 9:43AM
One of the good things about this site is that people use it to learn from. If someone sees an image they like but don't know how to emulate it they may find the info useful as a starting point.
Take your ballet photos for example. I'd be interested in what equipment/settings you used to allow an indoor exposure sufficient to get a depth of field you have, the even front to back lighting and the speed to stop the action.
If people don't like the intrusion of the info people can always ignore it or hide it with the show/hide option

In the critique gallery which is what I was originally referring to, the info is usually needed to evaluate a response to the person who uploaded the image.

Horses for courses as they say but if its available you have a choice of whether to use it.
keith selmes 16 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
3 Apr 2009 10:57AM
Oh OK, if you have the choice whether to use it, not a problem.

However I think these annoying threads would still crop up every few weeks, as people would complain that we don't all use the facility.

Then we'll be explaining yet again that:
a) many people use cameras or lenses that don't do exif
b) some software strips exif when you process for upload
c) exif isn't much use anyway.

I do like to see some info, if only, like village gossip, to satisfy curiosity. And I do add what I think are the relevant details when uploading. But the ISO example given looks pretty nerdy to me, to be honest, its more trainspotter territory than photography.

A confession though. There was a spell of a few months when I avidly read camera reviews in photography magazines, and checked the camera and lens details under the photos.
It seemed like a good way, perhaps the only way, of gaining some background knowledge, but actually I think it was more confusing and stress inducing than anything. What it really proved is that people take good - or bad - photos with just about anything.

You can pick up a rough idea of what type of equipment, f/stop or shutter speeds are suitable for a particular tasks, but you can find that out much more economically by reading one or two books or internet articles, or by experimenting with the equipment you've already got. Or starting a new topic on Ephotozine.

Its a repeating feature of this topic that people who are starting out will believe the exif data will help them, and people who've been there, usually don't.
Krakman 13 3.6k Scotland
3 Apr 2009 11:09AM
The thing is that this information can be gleaned better by stating a few general principles of aperture shutter speed and focal length.

Since you ask about the ballet pics, they were all taken at maximum aperture of the lens I was using, at the fastest shutter speed available in that light, using the lowest ISO that I could get while maintaining an acceptable shutter speed. Exactly which lens I used where, and the precise aperture, I really don't know (and in my case the EXIF data is inaccurate). I'll happily tell anyone who asks, and I think that's more useful information (though not rocket science), than some cold numbers.

You can pretty much summarise all one needs to know about aperture, shutter speeds and focal lengths in a few sentences.

Edit: typing too slow, Keith said much of it already!
Art2105 12 26 United Kingdom
3 Apr 2009 11:18AM
Some interesting views put forward, but for me it doesn't seem "odd" "Irrelevant" or "distracting" ( Krakman) to have such information included with an image. You view an image either a link from the daily thumbnails or one of your favourite photographers you are looking for what appeals to you, then if you wish you can view the technical data, which to the beginner/amature like myself it may well add to the overall interest/learning for me it certainly does. I could go on and on with why I think it would be of benifit to photographers.
keith selmes 16 7.4k 1 United Kingdom
3 Apr 2009 11:47AM
I'm assuming you wouldn't have to see the data. There would be neat little button to access that data, if you really wanted to.

Or maybe, like adult material, you could opt in or out, an option for technical data fetishists Smile

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