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Average speed cameras success? rate..

KevinEllison Avatar
18 Jan 2019 9:49PM
Notice this is posted in “off-topic” discussion...i.e. not photography related..Smile

In my work I travel to many customer sites, by car, therefore encountering increasing numbers of the yellow gantry “average speed check” systems.

Being older and less inclined to attract fines/license penalty points, I resign myself to either using “cruise control” or “speed limiter” features of the car..

Despite this, I often encounter impatient followers (usually Audi or “van-man” drivers..) who either pass at least 10/20 mph faster, or pull out to pass..

I wonder if these bu99ers actually get “caught” while I’m being a “holier than thou”

Any statistics to justify my law-abiding behaviour...?!

I also ride a motorbike and have been “caught” doing 35mph in a 30 limit, so I’m not entirely angelic...

Just annoys me to think these folk are getting away with it, by some means I’m not aware of...?

Rant over...Tongue
KevinEllison Avatar
18 Jan 2019 10:48PM
As a P.S. to this...

I work for a German parent company, and the story, true or of a German driver, passing a camera and noticing the “flash” of a camera, exited at the next junction and went back to the previous junction, rejoined the autobahn, and went even faster past the camera.....”flash”....repeated this 3 or 4 times, hoping to prove a camera fault in could he be in the same place repeatedly..?

The summons he received in the post (from photographic evidence..) cited him from driving without a seat-belt...!

Probably an urban myth, but amusing to think about..Wink
Tianshi_angie Avatar
18 Jan 2019 11:17PM
I no longer drive regularly on motorways but on the occasions when I do it seems to me that the 'average' driver is doing somewhere in the region of 80/85 m.p.h. and this 'average' speed appears in comparison to my own driving speed to have increased in recent years. I have a suspicion that there are far fewer police cars and/or working cameras around, (in fact I saw none of either in two hours of driving), maybe due to the severe reduction in police numbers and the increasing need for those still in the force to be employed in surveillance due to terrorism. In a recent trip to London I was appalled at the very seriously dangerous driving I encountered on the way there. This ranged from very fast to doing 30 in the outside lane and staying there, forcing many to overtake on the inside. My thoughts are therefore that 'they' have not been caught recently and may not be for the foreseeable future.
rhody Avatar
rhody 20 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
19 Jan 2019 3:56AM
In Bournemouth there are some longstanding roadworks on the A338. A temporary 40mph was in place and the workmen asked the police to act because they felt they were in danger due to drivers ignoring the speed limit and putting them at risk.
Speed cameras were installed and in 7 hours over 2 days, 536 drivers were issued with speeding tickets.
The dumbest driver was recorded at 76mph in a 40 mph limit.
This is the report from the Bournemouth Daily Echo dated 9th November 2018.
536 drivers fined in 2 days - Bournemouth A338
Zero sympathy from me for these morons behind the wheel who think speed limits are for other people to observe.
altitude50 Avatar
altitude50 19 23.9k United Kingdom
19 Jan 2019 9:25AM
Near where I live drivers are regularly doing over 70 in a 30 mph limit. (Yes I have timed them.) Lots of elderly and infirm people, horse riders, schoolchildren around. Nothing is done about it. Except that the local police site a camera van where it can be seen for 800 metres about 4 times a year. One of my friends received speed awareness training for doing 34mph in her Fiesta.
KevinEllison Avatar
19 Jan 2019 9:35PM

Quote:Speed cameras were installed and in 7 hours over 2 days, 536 drivers were issued with speeding tickets.

Oh well, that’s kind of encouraging...

I find it also uncomfortable that some vehicles close up and travel 4 feet from my rear end before swinging out to overtake..

Oh well, in light of recent events, maybe we all now face the possible offence of “driving with duke air and attention’....Tongue
DaveRyder Avatar
DaveRyder Plus
9 7.2k 22 United Kingdom
19 Jan 2019 9:42PM
I must be getting old - but I no longer see the speed limit as a target.

However, yes when in 'specs' camera areas I regularly see traffic pass me.

I guess people do the limit + 10% + 2mph as the guidance for driving.
hobbo Avatar
hobbo Plus
12 1.8k 4 England
21 Jan 2019 7:52AM
I live at the side a very busy main road, with an acute bend from the left approach past the house, to a Pelican pedestrian crossing, the opposite approach from town has three SLOW warning signs on the road surface plus four lit signs warning of an acute bend, two adjacent apposing junctions plus the crossing.

Despite my neighbours and I getting the crossing beacons better lit, far too many vehicles still approach it at 40/60 mph is frightening.
The police and powers that be, say nothing can be done about the speeding until after serious accident happens.
There is a large traffic CAMERA sign....but no camera....occasionally a flashing...SLOW DOWN..sign is attached to a lamp no avail.
As I type this, increasing rush hour traffic is barreling by......

My neighbours and I prefer not to use the pedestrian crossing, because too many vehicles are going far too fast to stop safely.

Vambomarbleye Avatar
Vambomarbleye 6 153 14 Scotland
22 Jan 2019 10:39PM

Quote: duke air and attention’..

MalcolmS Avatar
MalcolmS Plus
18 1.2k 13 England
23 Jan 2019 10:39AM
It amuses the hell out of me when driving through average speed monitoring areas, people charge past at well over the limit and then slow down for the cameras.
I must admit I tend to just switch the cruise control on and sit where I am. As one who has been up to 9 points on my license and relying on my car for my employment, it's not worth the risk.


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