Back button Focus

3 Jul 2019 4:36PM
Does anyone use this method if so how much more improvement in picture quality do you achieve

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AlanPerkins 14 654 England
3 Jul 2019 4:53PM
I use it, and like it. It's easier than pressing the shutter button half-way (my fingers are getting a little clumsy these days).

As to image quality, it depends where you're pointing the camera! It's certainly better for me, but the only way you'll know whether it works for you is to try it.

Alan P.

P.S. 1953 was a very good year Smile
SlowSong Plus
11 8.4k 30 England
3 Jul 2019 5:03PM
But don't do what I did. I tried bbf, didn't like it, but forgot to change the camera settings back to the original. I went through all my lenses a while after, trying to figure out why the focussing wouldn't work any more. Blush
saltireblue Plus
9 9.9k 36 Norway
3 Jul 2019 5:31PM
I use it all the time - well, except the odd occasion I put the camera in AP mode for candid, shoot-from-the-hip street stuff - and find it far more practical than a half push on the shutter. It took me a couple of weeks practice to use it automatically without thinking.
It does nothing for picture quality, but does, for me, make photography a lot easier and can concentrate on other aspects of the shot, and not accidentally press the shutter fully at the wrong moment.
Jasper87 Plus
9 2.3k 158 England
3 Jul 2019 5:47PM
I agree with Malc completely, it does nothing for picture quality but gives total control over focussing before taking the picture. The ONLY problem I have found is when you want someone elso to take your picture with the camera. It took very little time to get used to it (well, I am younger than Malc). Recommended.

saltireblue Plus
9 9.9k 36 Norway
3 Jul 2019 6:09PM
Forgot to say...the best thing is that I can focus, take my thumb off the wheel (I use the rear command wheel) and recompose and click the shutter...or, (and I use this a lot in live gig shooting) hold the back wheel in, use CF, and follow the action. Whatever is in the green focus square stays in focus as you move the camera around. almost impossible to do properly using the half-press method.

(It's true Dave is younger than me, by not that much.Tongue)
Dave_Canon 13 1.6k United Kingdom
3 Jul 2019 7:21PM
I have set this up with the left hand top button to focussing with a single spot and lock and A1 Servo (virtually the same as the original half pressed shutter). This allows me to lock focus and recompose before capture and is the mode I use most often. The button to the right of this is programmed for multi point and tracking so would be best for birds in flight etc. These two variations appear to allow me to operate fine. However, since setting this up, I occasionally forget to use the back button and fail to focus. I have not had the opportunity to test the second option very often yet but it worked well when I did. I did try BBF previously and gave up but have stuck with it this time for about 9 months.

I would suggest you give it a try but revert if it does not suit you.

JJGEE 14 7.6k 18 England
3 Jul 2019 7:47PM
Appears to be the current topic in the printed magazines Smile

It did not really interested me doing architectural / landscape shots on tripod with manual focus but am also now giving it a try on moving subjects......... it appears to be working OK once you get the hang of having to press two buttons at the same time to focus & expose

More importantly for getting good shots are the focussing , shutter speed etc. with so many options Sad

Continuos AF , obviously but Lock On Wide, Lock On Expanded Flexible Spot focus areas, Auto ISO minimum shutter speed, balance emphasis, exposure mode ......................

Oh, I am with Sony so the terminology may be different for other cameras.

sitan1 11 1.2k United Kingdom
3 Jul 2019 8:19PM
Takes a bit of getting used to but once you get used to it you wont go back to the shutter button focusing.
saltireblue Plus
9 9.9k 36 Norway
3 Jul 2019 8:36PM

Quote:Takes a bit of getting used to but once you get used to it you wont go back to the shutter button focusing.

That's exactly how I feel.
4 Jul 2019 7:21AM
Of course 1953 was a good year Blackpool won the cup

BBF will improve markedly your keeper rate when shooting anything moving in AF servo mode, as regards static or one shot mode(canon speak) it will soon become your normal way of shooting

It’s particularly useful if you shoot a static subject that you want to catch as it just starts to move and is in the same focal plane ie sideways movement

Image quality is generally down to your sensor, correct exposure/iso setting and in some cases size of subject in frame
4 Jul 2019 11:37AM
thanks everyone for your helpful comments.
sitan1 11 1.2k United Kingdom
4 Jul 2019 1:15PM

Quote:Takes a bit of getting used to but once you get used to it you wont go back to the shutter button focusing.

That's exactly how I feel.

AT first it felt so alien I almost gave up and went back to shutter button focusing but persevered and haven't looked back since Smile

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