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Bargh Humbug

digicammad 14 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2011 11:01AM
I'm in no way religious but I do enjoy Christmas. Despite the commercial world's attempts to make it last longer each year it is still a time which brings happiness to so many people. No it doesn't put a temporary hold on the world's problems, yes there are still homeless on our streets, etc, etc, but anything that makes people feel better has got to be good. Believe it or not, some of those people feeling better will actually respond by making more of an effort to help others.

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Maddie 13 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2011 11:06AM
I enjoy christmas starting from about the 20th of december through to New year. But i agree the rubbish music gets played far too early. I like it when ive got all the presents sorted and like to go into town xmas eve with the kids to look at the lights etc.

Gone are the days when you buy far too much food that does'nt get eaten, i buy just what we need.

I buy cheap xmas crackers open them up and put my own little gift in with a scratch card aswell, which always goes down well.

This year everyone has to buy an item of clothing for each other ( something you wouldn't be seen dead in) from a charity shop, then in the afternoon open them and wear them.... could be fun......

I think im looking forward to it already Smile
Pete Plus
17 18.8k 97 England
23 Nov 2011 11:08AM

Quote:I buy cheap xmas crackers open them up and put my own little gift in with a scratch card aswell,

That's a really good tip
CathyT 12 7.3k 18 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2011 11:11AM
Its great standing in long queues buying crap that nobody really wants and then after Christmas standing in the same queue taking it all back.......and after the ungrateful little darlings have said.....I don't like that I wanted the other one etc.....I've decided that its easier to write them out a cheque.

Saying that...I don't mind New Years Eve........
franken Plus
15 4.6k 4 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2011 11:11AM
I feel for the families who are on a low income or who have recently lost their jobs(there are a lot of them!)and they have children so they will buy presents etc for them knowing fully well that they are getting into debt!

I've always been of the opinion that Christmas is for the Christians who actually believe in their faith and it's not for the people who look upon it as simply a means of giving and receiving presents.

How many people on here go through their lives thinking that there is no such thing as Christ and they don't believe in any sort of religions but they celebrate Christmas!

I also get bored with certain organisations who say that they will take in the homeless for a day or so over Christmas, it's a good gesture but what about the other fifty days in the year?

Christmas is really big commercial business that has no bearing on what it's actually for.

CathyT 12 7.3k 18 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2011 11:13AM
HHmm....thats a good idea.... I think I'll make charitable donations instead.
23 Nov 2011 11:14AM
Its my sons birthday on 28th Nov so I try and ban the C word until after then but it doesnt work. I was buying a him a pair of football boots the other day and I had to make him hurry up because the shop were playing the most awful christmas songs.

If it makes people feel good thats great, my mother-in-law was especially fond of Christmas (but hers was more about her belief and family). Made a great fuss of everyones presents and planned it for weeks in advance, but she died earlier this year and my father-in-law is going away because he cant bear it without her, it will be sad without them both this year.

The commercialism is out of hand though,imho, seeing shelves where the 'seasons' are joined is not only confusing it looks really moneygrabbing - I know thats probably not the intention but it doesnt help seeing Christmas, Fireworks and Halloween all stuffed together at once.
mohikan22 14 2.3k 2 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2011 11:16AM
up with the tree 3 days before xmas day, down with the tree 28th! down with the decs asap!!! if it wernt for mu kids there would be nothing. I loathe xmas because it too commercialised now, its nto "family orientated" as much now. what happened to a good day of presents and roast and boxing day relax.... well on the run up its chaos at the shops witht he latest "CHINA" bargains, allt he cheapo decs and lights at b and q /argos get ya whole xmas turkey dinner at iceland and the sales on 26th!!
christmas has become lucrative for some and chaos for others.
RANT over.
Carabosse 15 41.1k 270 England
23 Nov 2011 11:16AM
Christmas existed, in one form or another long, before Christ!

I'm looking forward to it. Smile
Maddie 13 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2011 11:16AM
Life is too short too many people being diagnosed with this that and the other, ive decided make the most of xmas, when you are hit with bad news after bad news tactics have to change.

Some won't see the next xmas so enjoy the best you can ... Make that little effort to help or make it special for someone elseSmile
hornchurch 7 108
23 Nov 2011 11:22AM
I used to work in retail start of november the tree would come out a few tatty decorations that had been used for the last 10 years..... and the dreaded christmas cd this same cd was played on loop from 9 am until we shut at 8am I worked 8 hour shifts listening to the same cd all day... the room with the cd player had a security camera covering it....... so some body managed to get under the camera out of shot put a towel over it and get into the room and removed the cd and throw it where nobody would ever find it....... the manager launched a mI6 style investigation but could never find the culprit.......... he was in such a panic that he sent a member of staff to the local record store to buy a christmas album we had that playing on loop I was going to get the towel out again but we then received a memo from head office and 2 more cds to play as customers had complained about the music .........

as for christmas it seems its all about people having to spend far to much on presents to avoid loss of face..... I worked in electrical retail and many times people would come in and spend beyond what they could afford........ one example was a elderly lady that asked me where the portable tv and video combinations where..... she nearly fainted when I showed her the cheapeast was 179 she shakely said I need 2 one for each of my grand children.
digicammad 14 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2011 11:25AM

Quote:I've always been of the opinion that Christmas is for the Christians who actually believe in their faith and it's not for the people who look upon it as simply a means of giving and receiving presents.

I've always been of the belief that it goes beyond religion, especially since it started life as a pagan festival long before JC started dishing out bread and fish.

It is big business, but it is up to individual people to put their own stamp on it. The children in our family have been brought up to be just as excited to give as to receive. They don't have to be bought something expensive to be thrilled with their presents and they love the whole event, seeing family, etc.

When I was a kid we were pretty much on the poverty line ourselves, but in many ways that made Christmas even more special. Amazing what a single inexpensive (or home made) present can do.
digicammad 14 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2011 11:27AM

Quote:its nto "family orientated" as much now

That's your own fault, not the retailers.
kombizz 13 601 1 United States
23 Nov 2011 11:31AM

Quote:I just got told to f off to Afghanistan because I shared a post on Facebook that had this image that suggested Christmas should go away it's still November (edit photo deleted here as it's adult nature)

So what do you think about Christmas? Like it? Indifferent? or loathe it?

My view
It used to be special because it lasted for a few weeks, but now it drags on from September to December. Its the music that gets me down, I don't want to hear those rubbish songs ever again, but ever year I am subjected to almost three months of the dirge.

I am very curious about your image which was deleted!
Maddie 13 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
23 Nov 2011 11:31AM
Not everyone likes to be helped either, i remember a few years ago when my husband was alive, we made xmas dinner and plated up some for an elderly neighbour, hours later there was a thank you note with the empty plate on the doorstep explaining that he didn't celabrate xmas so he put the meal outside for the wildlife!! lol

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