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Basic Photoshop tutorials

tepot 18 4.4k United Kingdom
28 Jun 2007 1:12AM
Where can i go to get basic tutorials to teach me about what the tools on CS2 do? i have tuts in magezines but they are all too complicated as i've only just got my copy of CS2 and am struggling already with the bewilderment of tools and options.
cameracat 19 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
28 Jun 2007 1:37AM
You could do worse than have a look on Ebay for DVD tutorials, There are several around for CS2, But the 4 DVD set ones are best value, Especially the ones produced by " Total Training " You get a step by step look at the tools, With a little exercise demo, That you can follow along with.

These are usually broken down into lessons, And the great thing is that you can go over a lesson as much as you like, Until it sticks in your head.

Paul Morgan 21 19.7k 6 England
28 Jun 2007 1:50AM
A quick google will through up loads. here`s just a few.




Not forgetting here

tepot 18 4.4k United Kingdom
28 Jun 2007 2:02AM
Thanks guys, it was free web based tuts i was actually after, i have spent way too much on books and mags already.

will take a gander at those Paul,

cheers mate.
Paul Morgan 21 19.7k 6 England
28 Jun 2007 2:03AM
StrayCat 18 19.1k 3 Canada
28 Jun 2007 3:53AM
Terry, like you I have spent a small fortune on books for Photoshop. I just don't get much from reading about things---I need to see it happen. I don't think a better all round tutorial exists than can be had at This is an e-book, which is completely interactive, and animated, it just doesn't get any better. It covers PS7 up to CS2, plus all PS Elements programs, and the Nikon RAW program.

When I am doing something I may need help with, I open the e-book, go quickly to the section I need, and minimize it to the taskbar, and when I need to refresh my memory, I take a quick look.

Winter before last I made a project of studying the whole thing. I think you can download a free trial. It's the best 50 bucks I've ever spent, and they contact you when free upgrades are ready. My choice for product of the decade, don't miss out.

MikeRC 17 3.6k United Kingdom
28 Jun 2007 7:34AM
....anybody know how much this is in the UK ?

Pete 21 18.8k 97 England
28 Jun 2007 8:10AM
Paul's linked to the generic tutorials area but this link goes to over seven pages of tutorials using Photoshop. Our site has a wealth of info ready to be explored.Smile
tepot 18 4.4k United Kingdom
28 Jun 2007 3:31PM
thanks Pete, lots of stuff that will keep me busy for quite a while.

I thought it was just a case of learning the different elements for example masks, you would think that masks are masks and once learned you'd be ok.....uh uh!!!! i went to do a mask in a tut yesterday and then read i needed a 'clipping' mask....what the f*** is that i thought!

i bought the books that i did co's of all the fantastic images i was looking at thinking that'd be great, i'll do that when i get home, take me an hour i thought.....LMAO....not so, i now am realising how much work and time goes into a professionally created masterpiece. check my portfolio in about a year guys, i may have actually created something useful by then :- )
Paul Morgan 21 19.7k 6 England
28 Jun 2007 3:34PM
Thanks Pete I new it was there some where Smile
looboss 16 3.1k 7 United Kingdom
28 Jun 2007 10:20PM
I started using the epz tutorials but some are outdated, they were made with PS7 or earlier versions, or with elements 3 or 4, and some functions either have been renamed, dont exist or have been moved on CS2 so I was left stranded and could not progress further, don't know if I picked the wrong tutorials or what but eventually I gave up.

Now video tutorials on EPZ would be the thing Smile any chance of that in the near future?
miptog 17 3.6k 68 United Kingdom
28 Jun 2007 10:50PM
Another vote for video tutorials please
MeanGreeny 17 3.7k England
29 Jun 2007 9:17AM
Creating Photoshop tutorials is highly labour intensive and, quite frankly, not ePz's forte. Specialist Photoshop sites do them much better.

What ePz might offer is a smattering of specialised 'tips & tricks' which are appropriate to specific situations and be content with that. I'm sure it would be very expensive in time and money to create a credible alternative to the specialists.

Get out of your comfort zone and go use google - there are some fantastic sites out there already - and most are free.
Pete 21 18.8k 97 England
29 Jun 2007 10:34AM
We are creating a download section.
This will include video tutorials - we are already talking with several Photoshop experts to supply content.

If you have some of your own tutorials that you've done and would like to include let me know
dougv 19 8.4k 3 England
29 Jun 2007 12:33PM
I stumbled across some Podcast PS Tutorials in the iTunes store.
They are free, but you need to install iTunes on your computer to access them.

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