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BBC and Adverts

macroman 15 15.3k England
1 Sep 2012 10:07PM
I have just watched the two hour long BBC Proms, 'Music from American Musicals'.

Not only was it an excellent production, it was free from that constant interruption of puerile advertisements every 10 minutes or so.

I'm Sticking my head above the parapet here, but in my humble opinion it's worth the 27 or so pence a day for the TV licence, just to be able to watch quality programmes like this, without endless adverts for toilet cleaners, sanitary wear, anti-biotic sprays, accident lawyers, insurance companies and all that other crap.

Puts on coat, tin helmet, and leaves the forum. Smile

Returning to The Proms, I particularly enjoyed the arrangement of 'Slaughter on 10th Avenue', 'Mame', and 'The Little Tin Box' just to mention a few.

An excellent programme, well done BBC!

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MrGoatsmilk 9 1.5k England
1 Sep 2012 10:50PM
I woudnt mind being able to opt out of the BBC I'd gladly not recieve any broadcasts tv or radio or use their websites, having the choice alone would be good.
Jestertheclown 9 7.7k 252 England
1 Sep 2012 10:59PM

Quote:I woudnt mind being able to opt out of the BBC I'd gladly not recieve any broadcasts tv or radio or use their websites, having the choice alone would be good.

I wouldn't miss the BBC, in any of its incarnations, at all.
In fact I wouldn't miss almost all TV at all.
I'd ideally like to have a pay-as-you-go system where I could stump up a sensibly priced amount to watch each programme. It would save me a fortune personally, although my wife and daughter's usage would cost one.
Gaucho 16 2.8k 2 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2012 11:08PM
I hear what you say, but having lived in many different countries and experienced their TV programmes I can honestly say that the BBC is way ahead of the rest. It has been dumbed down over the years unfortunately, but you still can't touch it.
macroman 15 15.3k England
1 Sep 2012 11:29PM

Quote:I'd ideally like to have a pay-as-you-go system where I could stump up a sensibly priced amount to watch each programme.

I doubt if you would find any system where you could 'stump-up' less than 30p a day for four TV channels plus several radio stations catering for many music genres and a website (which is not compulsory to visit, Mr G).
Jestertheclown 9 7.7k 252 England
1 Sep 2012 11:53PM
For the amount of TV that I consider worth watching and I include all of the cable channels in that, I doubt if it would cost me 30p. per week.
macroman 15 15.3k England
2 Sep 2012 12:48AM
Apart from the BBC bashing, (much beloved of the Daily Mail) my original point still applies, that it's nice to be able to watch 2 hours of quality programming, without being bombarded with commercial crap.

Unfortunately the BBC, once the home of new and innovative programming, has been progressively dumbed down over recent years by the trendy liberal/lefty fraternity.

And when it bites the bullet with new and brilliant ventures such as 'Citizen Kahn', it is roundly condemned by morons flashing the 'racism card', they just can't win.

Citizen Kahn is the only comedy that I've actually laughed out loud at for many months.
User_Removed 14 3.3k 4 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2012 1:18AM

Quote:I woudnt mind being able to opt out of the BBC I'd gladly not recieve any broadcasts tv or radio or use their websites, having the choice alone would be good.

I'd like to be able to opt out of paying for ITV. Seems whatever I buy some of the cost goes to ITV in advertising fees. Simon Cowel has to to get his millions from somewhere, maybe part of your TalkTalk bill or included in the price of your burger, coffee, supermarket, petrol, camera etc etc etc
StrayCat 14 19.1k 3 Canada
2 Sep 2012 1:48AM
We just had the new schedule of programming start here, and I could do without at least 99% of it. There's absolutely nothing with any substance on TV these days. Even CNN is looking at showing reality programs. Those types have to be the worst ever invented; none of which are reality. It's pretty bad when the ads are better than the programs. I'd rather watch grass grow in super slow mo.Tongue
elconguero 12 34 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2012 8:19AM
StrayCat - dump all of your televisions. If you don't have one, you don't have to pay the fee (IIRC). You can still listen to the radio if you'd like to listen to any of the world's most diverse, commercial and commercial interest-free programming.

Slightly OT, but paying a subscription to Sky and still having to sit through excessive amounts of advertising seems wrong.
hobbo Plus
7 1.2k 2 England
2 Sep 2012 8:22AM
When there were only three TV channels available, most programmes were watchable, and on a cold winters evening decent few hours of viewing was available and the adverts were short, funny and to the point...I used to watch quite a bit of TV regularly and used to record missed programmes......Now I have a decent flat screen TV with a great home cinema sound system plus a hard drive recorder......there is a huge choice of regular and FREESAT channels .....but.....because of being forced to watch around fifteen minutes per hour of puerile adverts in between attempting to watch so called TV for the masses........I watch very little and the recorder is very rarely used or the recordings played.........An HD TV and sound system almost totally wasted........a case of.....More is Less ....I think?

macroman 15 15.3k England
2 Sep 2012 8:40AM
Dump your TVs then???????

Seriously, If you could opt out, you would still end up paying for the commercial stations.

Commercial TV is not a charity dedicated to providing free TV to the great unwashed.

It's main source of income is from advertising, and as it tends to make a nice profit for it's shareholders it probably costs you and I much more than the TV licence.

Of course, even if you dumped your TVs you still could not avoid paying for the commercial stations, unless by some means you managed to exist without products advertised on TV.

This would mean going without a few essentials such as, gas, water, electricity, telephone, petrol, also some basic foods and clothing. Smile
macroman 15 15.3k England
2 Sep 2012 9:04AM
Kenneth Roy Thomson, the second Lord Thomson of Fleet famously said that owning Scottish TV was a "licence to print money''.

Says it all in a nutshell.
rhol2 7 369 1 United Kingdom
2 Sep 2012 9:22AM
Another vote for the BBC.. , I don't watch much TV, and like others, hate the intrusion of largely banal ads. in the middle of films and dramas.So the absence of these on the BBC is a big plus

On the whole,for my taste the BBC does better for content and presentation than the commercial channels though I agree it has had to "dumb down" to meet commercial pressures.(Wrongly, in my opinion.)

Their on-line services are pretty good too, I especially enjoyed being able to choose and view virtually any event from the Olympics online at convenient times.

Add the quality and range of BBC Radio provision, and the TV and Radio Licence is a bargain.

However, their marketing strategy seems to play down the Licence Fee, rather than promote the value it represents. As macroman suggests, it would help if the BBC broke the fee down to the daily cost and what it pays for compared with spending it elsewhere.
kodachrome 6 702
2 Sep 2012 10:52AM
There is no doubting the BBC are reputedly the best TV channel in world and as said in other posts, no ad interruptions like the commercial channels do. We have to recognise that the Commercial TV companies have to earn a living and thats through advertising. Have you noticed that once hour long programmes are now just over 45 minutes so more advertising can be broadcast.

The BBC are just as bad now with their 'in' house advertising between programmes.
The BBC is run by a bunch of morons with lavish life styles funded by the licence fee. There is absolutely no doubt they are left wing bias and it can be seen on occasaions in their news coverage.
You don't need the Daily Mail to tell you that.
They always claim to give a balanced view but in my experience ITV news is even more balanced and is not right wing bias as some communists would have you believe.

Most channels now, in particular BBC-1 and ITV-1 have dumbed down their programmes to appeal to the widest audience, you can put your own stereo type to that section. Lets put it another way, does your Plasma look too big for your living room, yes? then your Chav class.

Cyril Smith once said to the BBC bosses, I want to be entertained on a Sunday night, not have my intellect challenged. They seem to have gone too far the other way.

Oh well, there's good and bad in all TV channels, but thank god I can surf my Sky options.

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