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Been 16 years!

monaro Avatar
monaro 19 69
9 Nov 2019 5:32AM
But hey, my account still works!

Just wanted to say hi to all those people who remember me (that'll be no one! lol) but it's still fun to say hi after 16 years!

For myself, nothing beat photography in the early days of internet in the late 90's, early 2000's.
Forums were busy, we were still using film, they were great times.

I remember this forum well. Best people on the net!
saltireblue Avatar
saltireblue Plus
13 14.5k 89 Norway
9 Nov 2019 10:37AM
Welcome back, Mark. There will still be a few names you'll remember from way back...Smile
DarrenSmithPhotography Avatar
9 Nov 2019 10:56AM
welcome back
MentorRon Avatar
MentorRon 5 102 Canada
9 Nov 2019 5:04PM
From a relative "newby", we'll watch for your uploads. Are you going to fill in your profile so those of us who don't know you can get to know you ?

beginnings (1952) Kodak Baby Brownie:

endings (2014) Sony SLT-a58:

Recently found a copy of my 1st 35mm camera in a thrift store: (c.1955) Kodak Pony 135:
pablophotographer Avatar
pablophotographer 12 2.2k 450
9 Nov 2019 6:11PM
welcome from me too! I have been visiting the site for a few years after a suggestion of a fellow ex colleague who doesn't seem to upload anymore. Grew up in film times and now I use a digital camera and few film ones or even my mobile. It would be nice to see you sharing your work with the rest of us as you share your thoughts.
Big Bri Avatar
Big Bri 22 16.7k United Kingdom
10 Nov 2019 10:21AM
Welcome back, newbie Wink
monaro Avatar
monaro 19 69
12 Nov 2019 10:49PM
Thanks for the welcomes!
Geez, sorry, I will add some stuff to my profile. I'm so busy atm, working 13 hour days, have little time for anything.

Love the film camera pics Ron!
Big Bri, I thought I remembered the name. See you are a veteran of 18 years so my memory is likely correct.

I haven't taken photos for a long time. Do miss it. I am very much a film fan. In saying this, haven't touched film in years but if I had a choice, I would blow up digital photography, phone cameras and social media. I'd be soooo much happier!

I am reluctantly using digital now. As soon as I get back to photography, I intend to go out and put my DSLR to manual, center weighted or spot metering, white balance to a set value, use manual focus and leave the LCD permanently off. If I want to add some spark, I'm going to use a Cokin filter!
I'll come back home, upload the pics and see what I shot for the first time since I went out.
It's not exactly film shooting but it'll be close and it'll be fun.

Thanks again for the welcomes, it's really great to be here again!
pablophotographer Avatar
pablophotographer 12 2.2k 450
13 Nov 2019 1:47AM
Brilliant! Go out and shoot and return with pictures that make you proud!

Hopefully by no later that Sunday my purchase of ten rolls of my favourite film will keep Santa less busy with me this year.
MentorRon Avatar
MentorRon 5 102 Canada
13 Nov 2019 2:58PM
Hi Monaro,

Yes, I totally enjoyed shooting Kodachromes with my Canon A-1 back in the 1980s (unfortunately Canon designated several types of cameras as A-1s). So this model was mine (web photo) but I used a Canon 35-135 zoom and a Tokina 28-80).

Prior to that (1970s) I used a Konica/Minolta SR-T101, with 52mm and 135mm tele):

I do like digital for the ability to know what I've actually captured immediately. One fellow I knew back in 35mm days went to Europe on a 2 week escorted tour with his rangefinder camera and came back with no photos. He had only taken 1 36 exposure Kodachrome with him and he had not started the film onto the takeup reel correctly at home, so it did not advance during his trip. I guess he kept clicking the shutter without realizing he had gone way past the 36 count with no tension on the manual winder. Sad.
Of course, to display photos on the web they MUST be converted to digital for us to appreciate, but at least YOU would have your slides/prints to enjoy at home.
Welcome aboard.
P.S. Just for fun, here's the 1st photo I EVER took (with that Baby Brownie camera shown in my previous post) in 1953. It's of sailboats on the St. Lawrence River, taken at Gananoque, Ontario, Canada. I was 11 years old.:
(Still had to learn about "rule of thirds" Wink

monaro Avatar
monaro 19 69
13 Nov 2019 10:39PM
Happy to see film fanatics still around!
Those cameras Ron, total classics. The A-1 was around when I started with photography. Many people were shooting with them. The Minolta as well.
I'll try and get a post up at some point and maybe add a few film pics from years ago. I don't have many scanned at all but I do have one or two I should have somewhere I can post.

My first film cameras were Ricoh's. (KR-10M and KR-5 Super II) No funds for Canon's or Nikon's at that time.
From there, my first Nikon was a F90x and been shooting with them ever since. I got an F5 off the very first shipment of F5's to Australia. Still have it today. It would be quite rare. The first F5's all went to working photographers. Back then there was a waiting list for them so Nikon had filled pro orders first and it was a while before amateur photographers could buy them. You can bet all those very early F5's that went to pros had a hard life so to have one from those first F5 runs, mint, there would not be many at all.

MentorRon Avatar
MentorRon 5 102 Canada
14 Nov 2019 5:09PM
Thanks, monaro...

Here is a photo of myself as a youth taken with my Kodak Pony 135 like the one shown in the photo of me at the thrift store. Available light, used a separate screw-in mechanical self timer with camera on a high clothes cabinet. It was taken in a hotel in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA when on a trip with my father to visit his ailing oldest brother. Exposure by Sekonic meter.

my old kit when a young lad:

The Minolta served me well for about 2 decades (late 1960s and 70s). Zoom lenses were not in vogue then.
The Canon was taken on many world-wide vacations when I had the good fortune to work for an airline and flew for $8 anywhere. Hong Kong, Japan, Hawaii, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Britain, etc. Loads of Kodachromes (ISO 25 and 64) still in their Kodak carousel trays Wink
Currently, as you will see from my portfolio, I am experimenting with several used point'n'shoot cameras (costing $7 to $15) to see how well they do as walk-about cameras that are small and lightweight. I have learned as I age that the size and weight of SLRs and their multiple lenses aren't something I wish to tote about day-to-day (sadly). So my Sony gets less and less usage.


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