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Beggers and buskers

youmightlikethis Avatar
24 Jan 2020 10:26PM
do you give to beggars and buskers and display a touch of empathy or do you walk on by
Carabosse Avatar
Carabosse Plus
20 44.3k 270 England
25 Jan 2020 12:05AM

whatriveristhis Avatar
25 Jan 2020 8:16AM
I never give to beggars, I can't tell the genuine ones from the professional ones. I often give to buskers if I like what they're playing... there are many who are very talented musicians.
franken Avatar
franken Plus
21 5.8k 4 United Kingdom
25 Jan 2020 8:25AM

Quote:I never give to beggars, I can't tell the genuine ones from the professional ones. I often give to buskers if I like what they're playing... there are many who are very talented musicians.

I do the same.
DarrenSmithPhotography Avatar
25 Jan 2020 9:24AM
There are loads in our city, some are well known, I don't give any money to the homeless but I think a Sandwich from a supermarket goes a long way....for buskers, those who are good, entertaining the crowd are always worth it, also a good photo and publicity op!
hobbo Avatar
hobbo Plus
12 1.8k 4 England
25 Jan 2020 9:58AM
There is a huge difference between a good busker and a poor one....likewise there are so called beggars in most cities and towns of any size now; many of the latter are professionals, taking passerís by for a ride.
I never give to anyone who can afford to smoke, or to those who I know to be simply on a regular patch..... one of our local regulars has social housing and benefits.

A genuine homeless person, looks it, the haggard hungry/ill look is unmistakable, they receive a pie or hot drink from me.

Buskers! If they are good, arenít too loud ....they receive a donation ...but those who obviously canít play or sing receive nothing.

Itís all a matter of balance and common sense on the part of the giver.

What makes me really sad.... is that as a real oldie of over 80 years, is that we rarely if ever saw a beggar, until circa 1990s ..... far too many are not from the UK....

Dave_Canon Avatar
Dave_Canon 17 2.2k United Kingdom
25 Jan 2020 10:30AM
I recently took the odd Photos of London beggars one of which has done well in competitions and its titled "Walk on By". I do not normally give to beggars because few are genuine. My local Authority discourages giving to beggars as food and accommodation is available to all of them apparantly. I once gave a few coins to a guy begging outside Birmingham's Grand Central. However, something looked wrong as the guy did not have the haggard hungry look at all and the photos were thus useless. We got chatting to him and he was quite open that he was not homeless but a University student who was just trying to pick up enough to buy a couple of expensive text books but did not do this regularly.

Jestertheclown Avatar
Jestertheclown 14 8.8k 255 England
25 Jan 2020 10:54AM
I never give anything at all to beggars.

Whenever I'm in London, I try to have a pocket full of change and I'll sometimes donate a few coins to a busker in return for a shot or two.

Other than that, I ignore them.
franken Avatar
franken Plus
21 5.8k 4 United Kingdom
25 Jan 2020 11:14AM
A few months ago I was sat on a bench in Cardiff city centre and not far from me was someone begging. After awhile I realised he wasn't local as he had an accent that came from the Midlands areas. I know this as I worked in the area for many years.
Anyhow, I said, not from these parts then?
He replied, no I'm from Birmingham and bused it down via national express this morning with a mate of mine and he's around the corner.
A bit of a way to go for begging, I replied.
It is but people are far more generously here than up there so it's worth it! He replied.
I was lost for words and moved on.
saltireblue Avatar
saltireblue Plus
13 14.5k 89 Norway
25 Jan 2020 1:16PM
I never give to beggars.
NRK (Norway's equivalent of the BBC) used 2 years to document a Rumanian community in Bergen. There, some £17M was sent to Romania via money transfer bureaux over a 2 year period. This was just from Bergen, on a national level, the amount was £70M. The money was from organised street prostitution, the proceeds of robberies and break-ins and drug sales.
The women sat and begged. This was for two reasons. They took the money the prostitutes earned so they were never caught with it on them if arrested, (there was always a prostitute or several near where the women sat and begged), and the money from drug sellers. The begging was a front to give a level of legality to the money they had.
Any genuine beggars from other lands, including Norway, were kept away from the streets...
youmightlikethis Avatar
25 Jan 2020 4:06PM
thanks for replies
Vambomarbleye Avatar
Vambomarbleye 6 153 14 Scotland
25 Jan 2020 4:12PM
Glasgow is full of "professional beggars" mostly women, and almost exclusively, immigrant. I have seen them arrive at their patch in the early morning, cleanly dressed, and sit down on a couple of thick, soft cushions, wrap themselves in a grubby looking sleeping bag with only their face and hands showing, in order to complete the illusion. At dusk, they are gone.
Buskers, If they are any good, I will listen to them, maybe take a photo, and give them a quid.
LenShepherd Avatar
LenShepherd 15 4.7k United Kingdom
26 Jan 2020 1:44PM
About 25 years ago in central Bristol I noticed "beggars" getting out of a new Mercedes Benz, being allocated "spots to sit" by what may have been a gang master, and told they would be collected and moved someplace else in 2 hours time.
I formed the impression this was a well orchestrated business.
Philh04 Avatar
Philh04 18 2.3k United Kingdom
26 Jan 2020 5:17PM
In London we had a lot of homeless who would sit round the railings of the Museum, we never gave them money but would buy them a cup of coffee from the Museum Cafe and would provide drinks of water for those that had dogs....

There was no organisation by a 'gang master' but I can certainly see how this could happen.
andybebbs Avatar
andybebbs 15 647 1 England
27 Jan 2020 7:10AM
Never give to beggars but will give to a good busker when i like the music.


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