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belittling people

Robinsons 4 14 United Kingdom
18 Feb 2013 11:45PM
Why is it on Ephotozine that some members decide to belittle peoples efforts and the comments of others on those efforts.

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Sooty_1 6 1.5k 221 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2013 12:10AM
The nature of the beast, I'm afraid. Being online is pretty much anonymous, so people feel they can say what they like, and certainly what they wouldn't say to someone's face.

Also, many do not read their posts carefully and think about whether their comments could be taken the wrong way....even harder when there are a lot of contributors whose written English may not be quite up to the subtle nuances we sometimes read in to comments.

Some are just opinionated and will often push an argument for the hell of it (even in some cases when they are completely wrong or do not have their facts correct, or people who cannot accept that their opinion is just that...only an opinion).

Most forums are the same, and with a large community like this one, there are many more self-important members than there would be on a small niche site.

Best to have a bit of a thick skin sometimes, and not take stuff personally, because the other party probably won't worry about your sensitivities.


Robinsons 4 14 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2013 12:24AM
cheers Nick .. im only saying what i think.. and that is that there are some amazing images posted here and some not so. then you have professionalism and beginer .. but i cant stand bullies that try to stop the comments of the smaller communities within progressing together.. why would they want to holt a conversation with their comments it dosnt make sense to me .
Robinsons 4 14 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2013 12:28AM
Even down to commenting on the equiptment that you use..after all we all have to start somewhere
Fogey 4 96 13 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2013 12:55AM
If somebody uploads an image, purely to get 'Ooh! That's nice'; 'Nice one'; 'Like that'; then they should make everybody aware that the photograph is showcased only and not for comments or critiques. I would guarantee that that person would not progress, however.

Surely, by posting an image on a site such as this, we want a number of things. First to share our photographs, get some honest feedback, and learn from our mistakes and other peoples' experiences.

Personally, I have learned a huge amount about photography from forums such as this from more experienced toggers, been inspired by those same people, and have emulated what I have seen and been impressed by.

In order to get this far I have undergone some pretty harsh comments on my efforts, but as long as it's constructive and ultimately betters my photography, I'm prepared to learn.

I was told very early on the film isn't the first thing you learn to develop, but a thick skin.
Robinsons 4 14 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2013 1:13AM
Thanks Fogey, i get you . surely more explanation would help those begining in the world of photography .. as you say im prepared to learn which is why im here.. im done with the groups of oohh arr and cliches , but surely dont Question someones equiptment as you have no idea what financial status you have or your ability ..
p12owe 4 101 2 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2013 5:42AM

Quote:Why is it on Ephotozine that some members decide to belittle peoples efforts and the comments of others on those efforts.

Well done for raising this issue, although it is a very small minority of people, it is something that seems to be increasing here.
The site uses the tag line of being the friendliest, but some of it's members do not always live up to that. There was a call recently for more moderators, so maybe this is something that will be looked at.

Quote:If somebody uploads an image, purely to get 'Ooh! That's nice'; 'Nice one'; 'Like that'; then they should make everybody aware that the photograph is showcased only and not for comments or critiques.

I agree with the sentiment of this, but I don't think anyone should have to actively opt out of negative comments in the open gallery. Comments like that should be confined to the critique gallery and then used very sparingly. Many people have the phrase "comments welcome" on their pf. but I don't think this should be an open invitation to make harsh or belittling comments, more an avenue for gentle CONSTRUCTIVE encouragement and a vote if you like the image or click through if you don't.

My own brief experience of this site has been that most of the negativity, bullying, personal attacks etc. happen in the forums and come from a very small number of "regulars", so my own advice (which I don't always heed!Tongue) is, unless you are very thick skinned it is sometimes better to keep away. It seems that some people cannot help turning a general and often enlightening discussion into some sort of personal attack on someone else's work or perceived lack of knowledge, just to score a cheap point.
steve_p 11 1.2k England
19 Feb 2013 6:13AM
I do agree that some members do belittle others. Many of these cannot spell or use good English, so they aren' t that much better than us! I don't think it's limited to this site, however. I think that photography in general creates that type of comment. Camera clubs have members who have the opinion that their equipment is better than other people's so they produce better images! Years ago I had a Chinon SLR( Dixons own make, if I remember correctly). Other senior members of my club looked down on me- until I won a competition with it !
19 Feb 2013 6:35AM
I remember a comment from a famous actress (whose name i can"t remember, invites comments about failing memory etc)

"Always be nice to the people on their way up, you never know when you may need them on your way down"
Coast 9 1.6k 292 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2013 7:19AM
There is also the adage

Say what you mean
Mean what you say
But don't be mean
When you say it

Photography is subjective and opinions are exactly that. Constructive comments on technique and style or creativity are useful. Ignore most of anything else and above all enjoy your photography. Grin
p12owe 4 101 2 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2013 7:45AM
It always amazes me that some of the meanest or most ill concieved remarks, will often come from people quite actively plugging their own "courses" or "tuition" and presumably aimed at learners like me. I'm no marketing expert, but it hardly seems the wisest strategy for getting new business!Smile
studioline 7 72 4 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2013 7:50AM
I don't believe I have ever seen someone being rude on this site. Maybe my skin is thicker. So far, this has been the most helpful site of them all.
discreetphoton 12 3.5k 20 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2013 8:18AM
Some people will always appear blunt or rude because of our different sensibilities (or just because they actually are blunt or rude). However, we don't condone it, and if you spot a specific case and report it, then we will always look at it. Sometimes it's a joke that is taken the wrong way, but generally I'm of the mindset that if both parties don't end up laughing, it can't have been that funny.
It's worth noting that the moderators don't read everything that gets posted, so if you don't like something you see, submit a report so that we can see if we need to step in.
collywobles 13 3.9k 10 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2013 8:40AM
Come on guys n gals, dont be such a bunch of softies. I have not seen any serious insults on the site, certainly lots of criticism and comments but any serious stuff is soon deleted or stopped by the Moderators. As has been said the internet is anonymous and you have to take what comes with it or dont log on anywhere where there are postings.

The other thing, you can call me what you like and it'll go straight over the top of my head as it should with anyone else., its not personal, I'm being criticised every day, you ask my wife................ !

PS: Finally. If a photo posted is junk it should be labelled as junk, including mine....... (8o)

Stillbase 5 73 Wales
19 Feb 2013 8:45AM
Compared to another site to which I contribute occasionally (F****r) I've always throught how moderate, helpful and reasoned the vast majority of people are on this site. On the other place, they can be vicious, hiding behind their anonymity, exhibiting extreme equipment snobbery (I have the latest FX camera and full set of lenses and yours is entry level and therefore rubbish) and also providing incomprehensible jargon-full technical answers to a simple question. This site is a breath of fresh air. Lets keep it that way.

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