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Best Camera to buy?

gbay 13 36
14 Aug 2007 9:04AM
Hi all,
Ive been taking photos for nearly a month now. I really enjoy it and its opened my senses up.
Ive borrowed a friends camera (canon EOS 350). Its about 4 years old. I think they would like it back now (!), so Im on the hunt for a new camera. Could anyone suggest a camera? I dont want to buy a camera and have to upgrade it next year, Ild like something that will do me for a good few years.
Off the top of my head, Ill budget 450 (not including extra lenses). Is that too stingy?
Any advice would be much appreciated!
At the moment Im taking photos of landscapes and flowers, but in the future Ill probably be taking action shots (mountain biking) and maybe portraits.
brian1208 17 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2007 9:59AM
If you enjoy using the 350D why not think about getting that (or the 400D if funds allow)?
cameracat 17 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
14 Aug 2007 11:01AM
OR if your well happy with the 350, The EPZ shop is still offering some brand New, At a decent price too...........OR as Brian has said...Splash the cash on a 400D..Smile
cambirder 17 7.2k England
14 Aug 2007 12:07PM

Quote:I don't want to buy a camera and have to upgrade it next year

Its not compulsory to upgrade every time a new model comes out, and any new camera you buy should last a good few years (while you spend a fortune on new lenses)
peter shilton 17 1.1k England
14 Aug 2007 4:14PM

Quote: I don't want to buy a camera and have to upgrade it next year

You're on the wrong site!
Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
14 Aug 2007 4:28PM
Lol @ Peter! Wink

Hmm.....sad but true!
gbay 13 36
16 Aug 2007 8:33AM
wow, me likes the 400D!
stevieb 17 3.0k 2 Panama
16 Aug 2007 1:13PM

I don't want to buy a camera and have to upgrade it next year
You're on the wrong site!

Peter...if only you'd said that three years ago, (three cameras earlier ) Smile
ian_w 16 22 United Kingdom
22 Aug 2007 9:55AM
I'm currently using a Nikon D40. This works well for me, and some reviews have said the picture quality is better than that of the D50. That said, however, it doesn't have the built-in motor like the D50, D70, etc have for controlling the focus on lenses that don't have the motor built-in.

Unless you read up on this, it's kind of difficult to understand, but in short, only the lenses have an option for switching A/M for auto or manual focus, whereas the camera body doesn't. This means, if you buy a lens like the Sigma 70-300mm APO like I did, that doesn't have this switch on it, you can only use it manually, and not have it auto-focus. The camera body, would require this switch like the D50, and you can easily tell when looking at the lens rim for the pin that would drive the lens.

That said, I'm happy with this camera, although if I was to suddenly get really good at taking pictures, which I doubt, then I would feel I would have to upgrade it to something like the D80 perhaps. But I doubt that would be the case, I'm really not that good!

It's all a case of personal preference really. I only went for the Nikon because my friend has used loads of them and recommended it. The D40 was my particular choice based on the price (circa 400GBP), so was good for me being new to the SLR camera without getting too over-complicated.
paulvo 14 2 United States
31 Aug 2007 12:33PM
I bought my Canon 400D in Sept 06. It is my 1st serious camera (I had 2 compact digital cameras, and countless film point-&-shoot cameras before). I find the 400D excellent. I took many pictures, from wedding of my niece to flowers, night time shots to youth sport events. The 400D is simple to learn & use.

I am sure you realize that the SLR body is just a starting point. I spend more and more on lens & accessories than my 400D body alone.

I chose the 400D because it was a 10-MP camera at an affordable price. But in all, I agree with ian_w: "It's all a case of personal preference really".
miptog 15 3.6k 65 United Kingdom
31 Aug 2007 1:23PM
You seem to be showing preference for the Canon 400D. Liking and feeling comfortable with the Camera suggests that you will take better shots with it. I would go with the 400D, in this instance. I wouldn't get too many otther lens too soon, just in case you decide that Canon is not for you. Mike
obriendavy 14 53 Ireland
31 Aug 2007 2:29PM
The 400D was my first serious digital camera also, I bought in December 06 and along with this web site have learn loads about photography. As mentioned above it is easy to use and feels comfortable to take photos at lease to me. It will not shatter the bank account and is a reasonably good camera.

nickcreevy 13 18 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2008 5:28PM
I said either a canon 350D or 400D, great start for beginner photographers (even tho I still use it), I need to upgrade end of this year Tongue
8 Nov 2008 10:04AM
you can get a 450D from jessops for 450
Just Jas 19 26.3k 1 England
8 Nov 2008 12:12PM

Quote:You can get a 450D from jessops for 450

A 40D for 40 would be a good deal! Wink

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