Best question yet!!

Photogeek 16 605 6 Wales
16 Sep 2006 4:34PM
"Can you do a copy of this print?"

"Yes Madam"

"Can you lighten the mans face?"

"Yes, but what if we remove his hat as well?"

"Oh That would be wonderful!"

"What colour is his hair?"

"You'll see that when you take his hat off"

Carabosse 18 41.8k 270 England
16 Sep 2006 8:07PM
"I want to take a picture of a stained glass window in a cathedral. How many megapixels does my camera need?"
Snapper 16 4.5k 3 United States Outlying Islands
16 Sep 2006 10:30PM
Me in coffee shop: "1 capuccinno and 1 black coffee please."

Waitress: "Do you want milk in the black coffee?"
Just Jas Plus
19 26.4k 1 England
16 Sep 2006 10:32PM
She should try to keep abreast of things! Smile)
tanglefoot 17 973 England
17 Sep 2006 9:52AM
My daughter and her friends got tickets to a consert, who you seeing, I asked, Him she said, who?, him, who?, him, who? him,...don't be bloody silly, Who?, him, by now I was getting really annoyed by her stupidity so I asked again, who are you going to see?, him, they're are a goth group they're called Him, they're fantastic, I know....keep up dad
Just Jas Plus
19 26.4k 1 England
17 Sep 2006 1:32PM
Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
17 Sep 2006 1:41PM

Quote:Waitress: "Do you want milk in the black coffee?"

not as daft as it sounds, really. Some places take it on themselves to put milk in for you, and I find the only way to get it just as you like is to ask for black and put the milk in yourself..

reminds me of one:

" coffee without cream please"
"sorry, we're out of cream, will you have it without milk instead?" :0)
thekitschgoth 17 178
17 Sep 2006 8:48PM
Too many to write.. so here's a couple

Customer - "do you sell CD's?"
Sales Assistant - "yes, they're just over here"
C - "I didn't want CD's. Do you sell CD players?"
SA - "No, sorry"
C - "That's ok, I wanted an MP3 player anyway"

Customer - "If I get a bigger screen on my camera can I fit more people in my photos?"
Sales Assistant - "Have you tried stepping back?"
Customer - "Oh! Never thought of that!"
JeremyCC 15 14
18 Sep 2006 12:14AM
I was at the pub with our vicar a Cof E Canon on a "mens night out" and we were talking photography. He was bemoning the fact that he could not get any decent lenses for his camera any more and started out with the line "I have this beautiful Canon body" - I just looked at him and smiled whilst he did a rethink about what he had said to make me smile.
Snapper_T 17 867 United Kingdom
18 Sep 2006 5:21AM
Was getting petrol at a petrol station one morning. I was the only customer filling up at the pumps, pump no.1.

Walked across the forecourt to the cashier,

Cashier: Pump no.1?
MeTongueause..(thinking to myself, I'm the only person here mate!!)..yes
keithus 17 19
18 Sep 2006 3:26PM
Many moons ago I worked for a large paint manufacturer as a Technical Advisor and got the following question from a lady of older years;

"I've got some of your Front Door paint left over, is it possible to paint my back door with it?"

I resisted the urge to mention left handed paint brushes...
stevekhart 15 4.5k 3 United Kingdom
18 Sep 2006 3:33PM
I was at the coast recently in Wales and went crabbing with my daughter for the first time. I explained this to some colleagues over lunch, to which my boss asked:

"Crabbing - is that like dogging?"

I'm fairly certain he doesn't understand what dogging is!
monstersnowman 16 1.7k 1 England
20 Sep 2006 5:36PM
Well my partner (bless her) has lived by the River Humber or close to it for almost 40 years ... then a few weeks ago she astounded me by saying that if the tide was low on the south bank of the river the tide must be high at the other side of the river bank ........................

Honestly ...... it took me quite a while to explain that the tide is the same on either side and that the water moves up the river and down the river, to and from the sea according to the tides. Considering you can actually see the other side it still makes me shudder.

Oh and she told me, a few years ago, that she had seen Ray Charles driving around our town in a Rolls Royce and that he was staying in a local house whilst in Panto in Hull. I couldn't understand why a piano master like him would be doing Panto and how the hell a blind man was driving a roller round town !!! She insisted it was true and I just had to tell everyone we had a big star in town and somehow he was driving a roller (perhaps he was partially sighted) .. it was only while I was telling someone else about it she butted in and said she never knew he played piano but she had seen him in Red Dwarf ..........
Flashman 19 156
20 Sep 2006 7:43PM
A bloke I know does up old computers and sells them on cheapish, he said a lady got one from him, she phoned him up next day and said she was having trouble getting the computer to work, she said the screen says press any key to continue, but which key is the ANY key, she has checked what is written on each key but can't find the Any key, what should she do?.

He said he had to hold back the laughter, then said try pressing the A key, she did and said ...yes its working
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
20 Sep 2006 8:14PM
That "Any key" one has been doing the rounds for years...

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