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Beware of Pirate copies! CS5 upgrading... not!

66tricky 14 742 Scotland
14 Jun 2010 11:51AM

Quote:Ohh thank you 66tricky, it does sound very dodgy, thank you so much for researching them, you have been really helpful Smile Back to the drawing board then, If anyone knows where I can get a reasonaly priced CS2 please let me know Sad x


They might be 100% above board but, presonally, I don't like dealing with companies that have no contact details other than an email form: what do you do if something goes wrong or the package never arrives?

Also, there is no company # or VAT reg # on the website so I would opt for a slightly more open vendor.
mlewis 16 1.5k United Kingdom
14 Jun 2010 12:31PM
Student versions of Photoshop / Creative Suite are identical in functionality to the retail versions. The only difference is the licence.
cambirder 17 7.2k England
14 Jun 2010 12:34PM
Have you ever thought of doing an OU course? I got CS2 student addition some years back using the OU. Just thinking about upgrading to CS5.
magicaxeman 13 47
26 Jun 2010 7:24PM
This was the point I was going to mention, with student editions you have to be able to prove you're a student otherwise you're once again left with useless software.

I really would pursue Amazon over this one and get them to chase the seller for a refund at the very least.

Also always get an Adobe account and register your software, that way you find out very quickly whether its genuine or not.
DarkLight 11 2
28 Aug 2010 8:31PM
This has happened with me . I bought CS3 from Amazon but the CS3 serial number didn't work with the CS5 upgrade. I managed to contact the seller and he said that as far as he was aware the serial number was legit. I also spoke to Adobe but didn't manage to get anywhere . I think the person I spoke to was not in the UK. So I don't know what to do now . I have thought of speaking to trading standards.
DarkLight 11 2
28 Aug 2010 8:33PM
PS my version of CS3 was boxed and it all looked legit.
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
29 Aug 2010 9:24AM
Just check you can upgrade the student editions, at some point, perhaps not now, the student editions were not suitable for upgrade to a later full version.
KingBee Plus
15 550 2 Scotland
29 Aug 2010 10:54AM
Just picked this up. Can someone please tell me what is involved with "decommissioning"? I am expecting to change my PC some time this year or maybe early next, and have loads of legit software installed including PSE 6 that came with my Expson scanner. What do I need to do to get software from the old PC to the new one?

Thanks. Bob
ARI 18 584 1 United Kingdom
29 Aug 2010 12:22PM
Open Photoshop CS4 for example. In the menu bar go to Help > Deactivate and a dialog box will open. Choose if you want to erase your serial number from the computer, then click the Deactivate button in the lower right corner.

You may receive one of the following errors:
"Too Many Activations. The maximum number of activations allowed for this copy of [product] has been reached."
"Excuse the interruption, but... Our records indicate that this serial number has already been used to set up and activate another product eg CS4 on two other machines, which is the maximum allowed."
Adobe licensing supports installation on two machines. The Adobe product license agreement allows the primary user to install the product on a primary computer and also on a home or laptop computer for his or her use, provided that the two copies are not used simultaneously. Please done of the following:
Deactivate. You may deactivate your copy of [product] that has been previously installed on another computer and reactivate it on this computer. To do this, launch [product] on the other computer and choose Help > Deactivate, so it can be activated on this one.

I like the freeware Revo Uninstaller since it can be configured to remove all traces of any software eg Adobe . It is also able to remove all junk files on the PC and helps you control starting of programes at PC start up.

Hope this helps.
Dave_Canon 15 2.0k United Kingdom
29 Aug 2010 8:54PM
You should have no problem as you had a contract with Amazon because that is who you paid. The Amazon market place is a sub contractor which is Amazon's problem not yours. If Amazon do not refund your money or supply a legitimate version of CS2 or better, threaten to take them to a small claims court which is easier than you may think. I am surprised that Amazon has not dealt with this anyway as this happened to one of our Club members and Amazon offered to refund in full or deliver a genuine copy for the amount already paid.

strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
29 Aug 2010 11:10PM
A quick question. If the advert was for a copy of CS2 and the person got a copy of CS2 is that not all Amazon need do. That the buyer then wants to upgrade the copy is that not a different issue. Also for what time period do Amazon have a responsibility? This was bought last year. I doubt there is a valid claim here. You could try the original seller, but it looks marginal to me.
Overread 13 4.1k 19 England
29 Aug 2010 11:46PM
Technically when you purchase software you aren't purchasing the code but a licence to use the code on your computer. In the case that you can't upgrade because your code is not unique to yourself (ie you have a pirate copy) then the original contract with the seller was not fullfilled - you didn't get your own unique code but a pirated or compromised code which prevents you using the software licence as fully as you should be able to.
GillR 14 71 United Kingdom
30 Aug 2010 3:06PM
Check out this page on the site - it clearly states Amazon's policy and provides a link to a claim form. Might be worth seeing if you can get email confirmation from Adobe that your copy is not legit first.

Good luck with it, hope you get it sorted.
strawman 17 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
30 Aug 2010 9:14PM
Is software digital merchandise? If yes then Amazon do not cover. Not certain what digital merchandise is though.
chris.maddock 20 3.7k United Kingdom
30 Aug 2010 10:08PM
Downloadable stuff, I guess.

It also mentions a 9-day cutoff for claims - I doubt something bought last year will qualify.

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