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Black and White/Toned images

UserRemoved 18 6.2k 1
28 Jul 2004 10:20AM
I was prompted to start this thread by a comment on a pic. I suggested B/W as a possibility and one response was "there's no need".

My instinctive thought was "what's it got to do with need" until I realised that's exactly how I determine whether to tone: is there a need?!

I used to shoot B/W film years ago as I like textures and contrast (and to be honest found it easier not having to deal with the added complication of colour) but really don't "think" in B/W anymore

Just wondered what others thought - appreciate that some use it out of preference, so I guess query is aimed at those that primarily use colour

Do you comp for B/W?
Use it if necessary?
Use it to vary the Portfolio?
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
28 Jul 2004 10:27AM
I'm a colour man myself and tend to put shots in b&w post shooting, if I think they will suit it better than colour.

I'm not sure whether people will agree with me but I feel if I shoot in colour I can do anything I want after, if I shoot in b&w all I can do is tone it.

dclarke5 19 147 United Kingdom
28 Jul 2004 10:40AM
I do prefer to work in black and white or should we call it monochrome? I do like to tone my pictures but don't see it as a need but rather as what would suit an image. I personally find it quite instinctive and generally I already 'know' what tone I would like to apply as I'm already imagining the final picture when I click the shutter.
Perhaps another way of looking at it is some colours suit some cars whilst others don't. I would never want to see a Ferrari in anything other than red. A BMW in yellow is just plain ridiculous as is a Range Rover in lime green.
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
28 Jul 2004 10:41AM
A BMW in yellow is just plain ridiculous

What's yellow got to do with it Dave?


UserRemoved 18 6.2k 1
28 Jul 2004 10:47AM
Dave, you obviously can think in finished pic (something I still find difficult) but I'm not sure if the price isn't too high if it means utterances like the 2nd para Smile

And I think you meant "A BMW is just plain ridiculous" (sure there'll be trouble from the Beamer brigade now!)
dclarke5 19 147 United Kingdom
28 Jul 2004 11:03AM
I was trying to be light hearted. Sorry!
UserRemoved 18 6.2k 1
28 Jul 2004 11:10AM
Don't you mean light & dark hearted! Smile
dclarke5 19 147 United Kingdom
28 Jul 2004 11:24AM
No it was mid-tone remark! I work as a car designer and when I'm not thinking of photography, I'm generally thinking automotive, hence the car analogy.
brm 18 76
28 Jul 2004 11:26AM
Eeek - I think that comment might have been by me... was it this one?

I thought the textures were strong enough in colour without resorting to b&w, plus I just like the colour of rust... but that's not to say you're wrong, I suspect it'll look good in b&w, I just liked the colour version.

With regard to your questions - very occasionally I will shoot in black & white, but usually convert afterwards if I think it'll enhance the texture.

UserRemoved 18 6.2k 1
28 Jul 2004 11:34AM
S%$ - I bin rumbled! 'Twas you Ben that got me thinking along these lines - you'll see from the above I totally agree with you - I'll even add my thanks for making me think! Tho' the full story is that Paul's often suggesting I tone one of my pics (hence the yes/no bit)

And Dave, didn't disagree with your comments re. car colours but....
dclarke5 19 147 United Kingdom
28 Jul 2004 1:32PM
But what?
I'm just expressing my personal opinion that particular (colour)tones suit particular images. It is just the way I see it.
And I feel the same about particular colours for particular cars.
Particular colour clothes for particular people (and colour combinations of clothes)
Particular colours/decor suit particular rooms and so on.....
Maybe its me who just thinks this way?
Anyone else see it like that or am I a one off? (I do hope so).
UserRemoved 18 6.2k 1
28 Jul 2004 1:37PM
But nothing really, Dave. Sorry if it irritated you - not intended to do so.
dclarke5 19 147 United Kingdom
28 Jul 2004 1:42PM
Apology not required Mark I'm not offended at all. Just thought I was missing something. I live in my own little monochrome world I guess.
UserRemoved 18 6.2k 1
28 Jul 2004 1:51PM
Thanks Dave
Origami_Owl 18 786
28 Jul 2004 2:59PM
Hey cool, a forum inspired by my pic.... or at least a comment on it.

I love black and white, my father regularly says 'black and white - surely there's no need for it now we've got colour' - but that's so far away from how I feel it's untrue. I think it can completely turn the mood of a shot round, highlight different features and used well is amazing.

In answer to the question, since I've got a camera where you can't set it to BnW (which shocked me a little at first) - I never have to decide at the scene of the crime/shot. But this does also make me forget the fact that I actually can do it later. I've only recently started being more aware of the BnW option when looking through my pics. So - only now and again do I think something will definitely work at the moment of shooting, and post production brings it up. I don't think of it in terms of broadening my portfolio - well maybe subconsciously.


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