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Blank Template

lonewolf1 10 19 United Kingdom
22 Jun 2011 9:18AM
Is there such a thing around here?
I want to be able to edit the background etc on a template but despite a degree in computer science I remain an absolute Klutz when it comes to web design!
I need a Template with all the widgets that I can insert my own page background into to cover the total page and then insert the header etc and arrange to suit, can any of the current Templates achieve this???
Thanks in advance for any advice or help that can be givenSmile
Cheers Jules.
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
22 Jun 2011 10:51AM
No currently but it's something that could be done to existing ones by altering the CSS page.., Although the templates haven't been designed with a background image in mind. So you waould nee to know how to set sizes for header and background to make it work right.
We will look at the feasibility of creating a template that really suits a background image. Would you want it on just on the home page or all pages?
lonewolf1 10 19 United Kingdom
22 Jun 2011 10:56AM
Home page would be fine, as the "theme" setter so to speak I guess is the Header image! I think it would help me give my website front page that bit of texture that seems to be missing, I don't want to prettify Galleries too much as your supposed to be looking at the pictures!Wink
Thanks for getting back so quick...
Cheers Jules...
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
22 Jun 2011 12:27PM
If you only want a texture it's easy. Create a suitable tile that will make a seamless texture and upload it as an asset and then link to it as a background image in your CCS file.
I've just done it on mine and now have a subtle texture background. Pete's foliopic web site
If you need help doing this I could create a video tutorial
lonewolf1 10 19 United Kingdom
22 Jun 2011 1:46PM
Err ok pete, CCS File? Lost alreadySad What I want is a background to my pages to look like lakeland/Honister slate (Landscape Photography in cumbria) So it seems to make sense, if this is possible then I'll give it a try, do I create the tile in Photoshop? As you can see this is all new to me, now gutting P.C.'s is different....
Cheers Jules...
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
22 Jun 2011 2:13PM
Yes but you need to make the tile seamless so it butts up to the next and you don't see a join or repetition (like the one I used which is 256pixels square) Iif not you would create a fixed size image to cover the whole background, and you'd need to chose a template that has a fixed width and ensure the picture is the width of the template.

The difficulty with using a background image is the text has to read when it sits on top. As you can see with mine it's very light so the contrast of the text is easy to read. If using slate which is a mid grey you may find neither black or white text will show well on top.
lonewolf1 10 19 United Kingdom
22 Jun 2011 4:17PM
I like the idea of a faded background photo with my Header pic layered ontop (My original Idea!) I guess I'll have to try to learn Web Dev but I'm trying to get away from IT stuff as much as is possible... (Hate Corporate IT)Smile
lonewolf1 10 19 United Kingdom
23 Jun 2011 6:47AM
Hi pete, I have a suitable Tile, I think! Could you mail me details of how to upload assets to the ccs as I can't seem to find that anywhere?
Sorry for being so thick!Sad
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
23 Jun 2011 9:36AM
Here's a detailed step by step showing how to upload a tile as a background image in a foliopic site

Go to Layout - Site templates - My Template

On the right it shows Current Template - this is the one you are using.
Click on its highlighted title to open it
You need to edit this but it may have edit greyed out. This is to stop people editing the default version.
Click Duplicate
This creates a new version that can be edited and this template will appear at the top of the list
Click Edit
This opens the series page where you can make major changes
First lets upload the photo (tile)
Click Assets ( to the right near the top of the page)
Click Upload Assets blue box
A new window pops up
Click Upload Assets green box
Now browse your computer and find the tile.
Click Open in the browser and it will be uploaded with a message Uploads complete
Click Done
Click images tab
You will see the tile listed under filename
Right click on it and Copy Link Location
Click the CSS tab
Click the pencil (edit) icon next to the main.css file
Click Advanced Editor tab
In the body, html { part at the top of this long page of code

paste your copied link location. It will be something like this:

Now add background: url( to the front

remove the

and add ); to the back so it looks like this

background: url(/templates/YOUR TEMPLATE ID/images/YOUR IMAGE FILE NAME.jpg);

Make sure you do not touch anything else in the css file unless you know what you're doing and make sure the code you added is between the two { }

Sound complex but if you follow my words exactly you will be fine
lonewolf1 10 19 United Kingdom
23 Jun 2011 10:08AM
Very many thanks for that!
Now lets see how I can bugger my site up!WinkGrin

Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
23 Jun 2011 10:39AM
if you are making a duplicate you will only mess that up Smile
I forgot to say above when you've done the change you should "preview" the new template and if you like it "use" it.
You can revert back to your original safe template
lonewolf1 10 19 United Kingdom
13 Jul 2011 10:16PM
Finally got round to trying it today and ended up re-doing my whole siteWink
Many thanks for your help there Pete, I'm getting nearer to the look I want for my site now...

Cheers Jules...

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