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Boots the Chemist - film developing.

polis_928tadw59 11 7.0k United Kingdom
6 Jun 2012 2:08PM
I have had no problems with Boots, using them off and on for developing of colour neg. film. They have recently closed down their in-store developing, and films are sent off elsewhere for process. 3 day development has finished, and it is now a 7 day wait.

But beware, I handed in a 35mm film a week past Friday, and which should have been back Friday past. Did not arrive; and again on Saturday it had not been returned. Gone in today, and they may have lost it. Another order of mine, handed in last Wednesday, has come back today. It was an APS film for a full copy of all 25 shots. Cost - £8-49 !!!! Probably cheaper to find a good mail order developer, even though there will be about £2+ postage charges.
Paul Morgan 21 19.6k 6 England
6 Jun 2012 2:38PM
Looks like there sending them to another store.

Check the negatives for damage.
franken Plus
19 5.4k 4 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2012 2:57PM
Another downer if you're using APS film is this:

polis_928tadw59 11 7.0k United Kingdom
6 Jun 2012 6:30PM
Paul, and franken. I thought Boots were closing down ALL their in-store developing; and I assumed they were farming it out to non-Boots labs. I may be wrong. I have used them for 35mm colour negs, more or less snapshots, and general photography. For slides and med. format I use a lab. Check the negs - ? I hope I get them back. The camera was a Nikon FM. First film through was showing slight extra light on a few frames, about mid roll. So I decided to try another film with a completely different lens, to see what transpired. At the moment I am not able to compare the results.

APS film - Bought some last year which was about 4 years out of date. Have had it stored in the freezer and the results are perfect.
Paul Morgan 21 19.6k 6 England
6 Jun 2012 7:05PM
Not at all stores, only the less profitable i think.
polis_928tadw59 11 7.0k United Kingdom
8 Jun 2012 1:18PM
Latest news on Boots. The film and photos have turned up today, a fortnight from dropping them in at the local Boots. Everything perfect. A whole batch of developed films for the local store had been sent incorrectly to another Boots. Hence the delay. Hopping mad ? No credit where credit is due - films and photos handed over without charge; saving me £5-99p.Grin
20 Jun 2012 11:39PM
my best decision was picking up a steel tank and some c-41 chemicals. i now develop all of my own film, and film for friends from the comfort of my.. well, bathroom.
polis_928tadw59 11 7.0k United Kingdom
21 Jun 2012 11:57AM
My wife has a friend who developed at the local Boots. The friend says that when it was all done in-store, if an order was lost, it was lost in the store, and always showed up, generally having been placed in the wrong holder. Now with the orders leaving the store, if something is lost, it hopefully can be found without too much delay. At the moment I am considering other options.

I might consider sending my films to you, dangertaylor.Grin
Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
21 Jun 2012 8:22PM
For the last 10 years or so I have sent all my 35mm colour neg to Boots for D&P apart from a few rolls I took into Tescos.

36 glossy 7"5" prints for £6.49 or 36 glossy 9"x6" prints for £7.49.

Service is 7 days but I usually get them back within 4 days.

Only problems were:
1) Right negs received back once with wrong prints - corrected within a few days.
2) 6"x4" prints received back once when I had ordered 7"x5" prints. Again corrected within a few days.

The local Tesco instore processing was OK when when the full time operator was there but not so good later when the part time or normal staff took the order or operated the machine. Film processing is no longer done and the area has become a mobile phone sales point.

At the moment I am quite happy with Boots D&P.
pentaxpete 17 724 1 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2012 5:57PM
I had a 24 exp outdated (2005) 'TUDOR' 100 (FUJI) film done in BOOTS Brentwood High Street which I collected on SUNDAY after taking it in on FRIDAY and it was PERFECT - no colour casts, no scratches and my 'latest upload' of the Gilrl on the Phone was on it -- I rated the film at 64 ASA as it was 2005 outdated and I was given a load of the film for my boy from an EPZ lady member -- he let me have a roll !
pablophotographer 10 2.0k 424
24 Aug 2012 1:45AM
I have bought my first three prepaid development transparency films from Boots , manufactured in Japan. I used one on a Minolta x700, which was another new purchase at the time. I have regretted using two two items simultaneously, the camera was an upgrade form my Centon copy of Minolta x300, it had new tricks as button for assessing depth of field, but the settings were confusing (note to read manual more than once) and the light in the viewfinder was not suggesting the correct speed but the current one. Plus the over and under exposure buttons and a late summer afternoon were a good challenge. I ticked the box on the envelop saying I wanted prints and got back a CD (which was a more expensive option) and the negatives. The CD had the name of another developer and I wanted prints the were charging them. The colours were dark and I didn't bother to complain, but it is a mistake to ask for prints and receive a CD. I am in the middle of the second roll now but I am not sure if my eyesight is good to keep shooting.
pablophotographer 10 2.0k 424
16 Sep 2012 12:01AM
Today's Update from Boots: They have stopped producing/selling their own label slide film, they told me they would honour the prepaid roll by developing it.... I have to finish it though...
wildworlds 9 44
16 Sep 2012 8:47AM
Hi Guys I think itís great to see that people are still using film, the problem is now as you seem to be experiencing, getting it processed. Having done some work for the Boots Labs to the best of my knowledge E6 has always been sent out to a third party lab and according to a friend of mine who is a service engineer for the processing machines, the photo work is now being done in a central lab in Nottingham. I donít know if it has been mentioned in the forums, but there is a lab called Peak Processing that handles E6 C41 and B&W. They may be worth contacting, they have a good reputation. Hope this helps

wildworlds 9 44
16 Sep 2012 8:48AM
Sorry Peak Imaging not processing.WinkG
pablophotographer 10 2.0k 424
18 Sep 2012 8:59PM
I have actually worked with Peak Imagining! I went to their premises, by tram, one stop before the end of the Blue Line Malin Bridge to Halfway route, and I have developed 120 and normal 35mm films. Not that many though; there was a slight issue only in one print, and their first reaction to say that it was in the negative, but after checking the negative there, on a white surface with light beneath it we established it was not in the negative but some dust on the negative, they reprinted it, free of charge of course. They use laser printers and they offer the chance to store your 120 film digitally for some time in their records, so you can ask reprints without having to send them the film again. Clever.

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