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Bronica ETRS shutter speed problem

collinf 18 1.2k
24 Sep 2003 6:35AM
According to the manual, the shutter stays open on "T" until you let go of the shutter release button.

Thanks for the information about the film Stan, I'm gonna take the camera to college tonight and ask the tutor, see if it is DUS or if the camera does have a fault.

stan walker 18 578
24 Sep 2003 7:03AM
Page 19 SQA book
Page 21 ETRSi book
In the T position
When you wind on, the diaphragm opens but the mirror moves down to protect the film from light. When you fire, the mirror moves up and the shutter closes down to the set aperture and stays there until you move back to A. If you wish to waste a roll of film be my guest.
collinf 18 1.2k
24 Sep 2003 7:14AM
I don't want to waste a roll of film, that is why I don't have film loaded at the moment and why I asked the question here.

Do the ETRSi and the SQA work the same way as the ETRs? Please excuse my ignorance, I have very little experience of these cameras.

Thanks for the information.
stan walker 18 578
24 Sep 2003 7:16AM
No you are wrong there, On the T position the diaphragm stays open when you remove your finger. Please read the book more carefully.
collinf 18 1.2k
24 Sep 2003 7:22AM
I don't understand your last post. Which post are you replying to. And please, there's no need to be rude, I know that you are trying to help, and I very very much appreciate that, but, I am very stressed about this and I don't need comments like "Please read the book more carefully". This camera has cost me a lot of money, I haven't had it very long and am grateful for any help that people can offer.

I read the book three times last night, and although I have slept since then (and my mind goes blank...) I was sure it said what I originally said. I will, of course, read the book again as I am even more confused now.

mad-dogs 18 2.2k England
24 Sep 2003 7:48AM

I would suggest taking the body to a dealer and asking to try it with one of their lenses. You might also ask them to try it with a different film back just in case an electrical fault is being affected from the film speed setting electronics rather than the body electronics.

The problem may arise from dirty conacts on the speed setting mechanism ( clutching straws here :o) ). Try rotating the speed dial quickly, but gently. back and forward a few times.

If you still have the problem, then it is most likely to be a fault in the body. It may well be that the signal sent by the body is not getting through to the lens. I assume that having tested it with your other lenses it must be the body at fault.

Getting cameras fixed can be an expensive process, twenty years ago, it was 50 just to look at it - fixing was extra.

Stan: Page 1 of twenty five years Bronica experience " Cover the lens with hand or lenscap, wind the camera on to recock and take your consecutive 'T' exposure. "
stan walker 18 578
24 Sep 2003 7:49AM
Please don`t talk about being rude, after your sarcastic comments on my trying to be funny shot of the fly. If you have the old ETRS, it is page 20. The only diff I can bring to mind is the ETRSi has a BULB position. That is it keeps the shutter open while you are holding the button. You are not saying you have a film in the camera during these tests are you. Life gets teejus don`t it.
Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
24 Sep 2003 8:03AM
Careful guys! personal attack police on watchSmileI may have to block this if it continues in the tone it's going. Stick with problem please!
collinf 18 1.2k
24 Sep 2003 8:04AM
Sorry Pete.

Stan - Also apologies. I do not have a film loaded. I'll have another read of the manual when I get home. :o)

Mad-dogs - I am also leaning towards the body being faulty, but, I'll get it to a friendly dealer and ask them to have a quick peek and get their opinion.

Another question:

If the body is knackered and costs more than say 100 to fix, would I be able to use an ETRSi body with my 120 backs and lenses? Stan mentioned the Bulb setting which would be useful to me (I think!), Plus, I would be able to purchase a body that is much newer.

stan walker 18 578
24 Sep 2003 8:07AM
Case closed
mad-dogs 18 2.2k England
24 Sep 2003 8:20AM
Ask the dealer when you take it in for inspection. Have you searched the Jessop's used equipment list for a spare / replacement?
collinf 18 1.2k
24 Sep 2003 8:37AM
No not yet, I'll be taking it to London Camera Exchange or Jessops in Fareham this afternoon. I know them fairly well and should be able to get them to at least "look" at it without charging me. :o)

I'll look at the Jessops used list at lunchtime.
gma 18 166 United Kingdom
24 Sep 2003 8:59AM
Collin, i had the same problem and it was definately the battery. I live in Gosport and I took it into jessops in fareham (who are very helpful) and when they replaced the battery it worked ok. You mentioned you had replaced the battery but were they brand new/ in date of a decent make.
If you try everything and all else fails then I am willing to meet up and let you try your body with my lensesetc. I also have a polaroid back (which although expensive for film) is helpful for fault finding immediately.
collinf 18 1.2k
24 Sep 2003 9:05AM
George, many thanks for the offer, I may well take you up on that! I'll run the camera into Rob in Jessops this afternoon. Yes, the battery is "in date", I checked that as I bought the battery.

I'll let you know how I get on :o)

Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
24 Sep 2003 9:20AM
George that's really good of you...and another strength of these forums!

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