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BT Infinity Fibre Optic Broadband

PP 19 222 England
10 Jan 2011 7:56PM
BT called me recently asking if I wanted to upgrade my broadband account to their new fibre optic product. I'm currently using BT's standard broadband service, which is relatively slow where I live, so BT Infinity appears a considerably better product. Has anyone upgraded from BT standard broadband to Infinity, and if so, did you see a significant difference in download speeds? As the contract is 18 months minimum, want to be sure its a worthwhile upgrade (both service and costwise).

MrGoatsmilk 12 1.5k England
10 Jan 2011 8:46PM
Been looking it at ourselves, we got 1meg at the mo via copper cable, infinity will give us 35meg. I have a friend who now has it and gets 35 meg all the time he is very pleased with it. I'm just trying to decide which package to go for now before I switch.

Mike Gray 16 382 United Kingdom
10 Jan 2011 8:53PM
Think yourself lucky, i live on portland where the sailing for the Olympic games is being held 2012 and we are having all the latest exchange stuff put in and guess what, when the games are over they are taking it all back out as we only have a small population here.
PP 19 222 England
10 Jan 2011 9:21PM

Quote:Been looking it at ourselves, we got 1meg at the mo via copper cable, infinity will give us 35meg.

I currently get about 2 meg on my standard broadband, so if the average download speed for infinity was about 30 meg, thats clearly a massive increase!

ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
10 Jan 2011 9:33PM
I had a bt engineers at my place today and he was telling me about infinity - I get 2 meg on a good day because we're on a really old loop of the network, and a really long one! as the crow flies I'm less than a mile from the exchange, but as the cable is laid, over 3!

He's already fitted the fibres and was on about getting around 30Meg, then when they do some big upgrades in 2014/15, itll be up to 100meg.

Well worth getting in the queue for - he said that the fibre based routers are going out of the depot pretty fast now!

Helpful chap actually
LensYews 12 1.3k 1 United Kingdom
10 Jan 2011 11:09PM
I'd have to build 300 homes in the village before I can even join the queue according to BT's exclusion policy!! Smile
MrGoatsmilk 12 1.5k England
10 Jan 2011 11:12PM
The Village I live in must be just big enough then, luckily as the copper wire in a straight line is 7 miles so must be double that for the route it takes.

You could always put a wanted ad in the classifieds for house bricks. Tongue
LensYews 12 1.3k 1 United Kingdom
10 Jan 2011 11:18PM
When I tried to register on the BT site to vote for infinity, it informed me I couldn't because the village I live in has less that the 1000 homes minimum using the exchange. I would think that excludes most rural communities across the country.
MrGoatsmilk 12 1.5k England
10 Jan 2011 11:29PM
It's crazy from the point of view of the customer as people who live away from the cities are the ones that need better connections. I would be happy with 4meg instead of my 1meg average. So I either get 1 or 35 now. Most who live near and in cities and towns get a decent speed already.
thewilliam 12 6.1k
10 Jan 2011 11:43PM
My so-called broadband is little faster than dial-up because we're about as far from the exchange as it's possible to get.

BT uses the magic words "up to" in front of the alleged speed!
coliwolii 11 69 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2011 5:06AM
BT uses those "magic" words, as well as most other providers (if you read the small print) this is predominatley because of two factors.
The first is the law of physics (Ohms law to be precise) the further you push a current down a piece of copper wire the greater the resistance. The quality of the wire can also be a factor. This is what makes your broadband signal degrade the further you are from the telephone exchange. This problem is not as great with fibre optics, hence BT infinity. However it obviously costs more to lay new fibre cable out to rural areas, which is why it has to be cost managed. In theory everybody will eventually get a better service, but some of us (including me) will have to wait considerably longer than others.
The second factor is that regardless of who supplies your broadband it will more than likley be provided over some if not all of BT's network, hence point 1 above applies for most providers.

The Infinty product (if you can get it) will involve one of two variants which will be chosen for you by BT, either fibre to your front door, which would be the fastest connection or fibre to cabinet (the green boxes at street corners) which will take your service to (in most cases) around a third to half the distance out of the telephone exchange to the cabinet and then on to your premises on conventional copper. This would be a slower connection but will probably be the option most people will get (again due to cost), it should still be a significant improvement over "conventional" broadband.

Hope this helps.
11 Jan 2011 7:09AM
A business that shares our office have decided to get a dedicated broadband line in because of extremely slow broadband speeds (still no fibre optics even in this part of town) and BT came to fit it just before Christmas, but there engineers couldnt get it to work and havent been back since, they have to use our IT engineers!
ade_mcfade 17 15.2k 216 England
11 Jan 2011 10:02AM
just gone from 300K to 2.6 meg on broadband... it's actually useable now!
JackAllTog Plus
12 6.3k 58 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2011 2:10PM
It will be great if they can price it right.
For a while it will be brilliant, then as more people ask for more content it will slow down a bit just as you getting used to it.
But some web sites will be slower than ever as many more people ask for big pictures and video's from it.

That said, I'll get it when available - assuming the price is OK.
I'll then start streaming movies down direct from the web - sort of an online blockbuster video rental.

Meanwhile i've used a iPlate (fitted as standard to new connections i believe) to get a slightly faster broadband line speed of 3M on a good day.
MrGoatsmilk 12 1.5k England
11 Jan 2011 7:25PM
Tried speaking with BT today, they recommended their upto 40MB (40GB cap) download with weekends only calls on the landline, 31.60 per month for 18 months, I asked about 24/7 included calls they wanted another 5 per month, asked if they could supply it and waive the extra 5 per month. They are not willing to move. So I'm staying with my current provider which gives me broadband 1MB but usable with 24/7 calls for 24 per month.

BT Charge 13.60 per month line rental unless you pay 12 month upfront for 10 per month. They even want 4.99 to deliver the router! It's those little add ons that put me off and their refusal to do a deal.

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