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Building a new system from scratch

Chris_L 5 5.1k United Kingdom
11 Aug 2019 5:09PM

Quote:The colours remind me of the early days of Olympus 4/3 E mount cameras Jpegs which used Panasonic sensors, I wonder if there is some sort of legacy there
I find it hard to advise you sometimes, others do too I think, it's just because you have a preference to shoot jpeg and you choose camera systems based on the jpeg output. I think most serious photographers shoot raw and process their shots.

There is nothing wrong with the way you do things and it works for you. I do feel that you are missing out though. The options at your disposal when shooting raw are many and useful. It's a bit like you are shooting instant Polaroids when you could be shooting negatives and developing your own prints.

There's some fab film develop presets and LUTs available for raw processing software. Including very nice VSCO and RNI emulations of Kodachrome, Velvia, Portra, Superia etc

Seems a shame that you might miss out on a good camera system because of the way the jpegs come out. Even then you can create custom profiles / picture styles in camera on most systems to have jpegs the way you like.


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kodachrome 7 718
12 Aug 2019 8:35AM
Thanks Chris, you make some valid points, firstly I take my hobby as just that, its just a hobby, I don't make money out of it, its just for my own pleasure, yes, I do shoot RAW on occasions using FOTOR when I have the time to process the pictures which I don't have a lot of, I'm sure there are many better processing sites as you pointed out but I get on OK with FOTOR So I don't shoot Jpegs exclusively.

Am I a serious photographer, I don't know really there are many levels of seriousness from the occasional happy snapper to the Pro and all levels in between. I do hope that the Ephotozine forums don't become dominated by high end and pro shooters at the expense of us mere mortals with our Box Brownies Lol
Is there a good camera system, I suspect they are all good.Just to ad another dimension to this discussion, I still shoot 35 mm film, both colour neg and slide, mostly Fujichrome with my old Minolta SLR's and its still an enjoyable experience and brings back some great memories, Way back I used to home process E3
SlowSong Plus
11 8.2k 30 England
12 Aug 2019 10:59AM
I have to say, I've used Panasonics for years now and find them to be very user-friendly and of good quality. A great set of lenses too. I've tried Fuji but for some reason I just didn't get on with them, and was rather taken with the look of Olympus until I tried to figure out the menus, then the attraction faded.
kodachrome 7 718
12 Aug 2019 2:20PM
SlowSong, that sounds promising, I'm currently looking for used G6 or at a push a G7, A couple of review sights high lighted a shutter problem where at around 100th the pictures can get some blurring due to shutter vibration, is there a fix or not to worry about it.
Yes, the Olympus menu on my EM-10 is not logical and many items of importance are buried in 'sub' menus and even deeper in sub sub menus, annoying to say the least, the menu on my FZ330 bridge camera is a treat to use, which is one reason I'm tending towards a Panasonic interchangeable lens camera such as the two I mentioned
kodachrome 7 718
16 Aug 2019 7:57AM
Up date, just got a mint GX7 from Cameraworld , same easy menus as my FZ330 and TZ70 so I don't have to learn different menus for each camera.
Chris_L 5 5.1k United Kingdom
16 Aug 2019 9:32AM
I think that's a lush camera. When I got one it got me into mirrorless, got me back into photography (Sold all my Canon stuff) got me back into shooting video.

What lenses do you plan to use with it? I had the 12-35 (nice) the 17mm Oly (Fantastic) the 45 Oly (great lens slightly overpriced) and the Oly 75 (fab engineering and lovely lump of glass)eye wateringly expensive but at the minute a good few cheaper if you buy the silver one

Gorgeous to look at too. Makes you want to shoot.
kodachrome 7 718
16 Aug 2019 11:30AM
I will keep the little 12-32 F/3.5 as its a super sharp lens at all apertures and ideal for my type of landscape work, I have been looking at the Panny 35-100 F/3.5 but no decision yet. I'm not a big fan of extreme zooms a jack of all if like but not quite master. They are a compromise on optical performance although still quite good for the money

What has attracted me are the 3 Sigma primes in Micro 4/3 19, 30 and 60 mm, The 60 would be useful they all get excellent reviews and are very reasonably priced,

Yes, the Oly glass is excellent ( most are over priced in my view ) but i'm on a tight budget so all my purchases will be off the used market. If they brought out a zoom at a reasonable price that was the equivalent of a cropped 18-135 they would have a winner, The 3rd party manufacturers seem to have shied away from making Micro 4/3 lenses except Sigma with the 3 primes, but even they have not done any follow ons Shrinking market I suspect
SlowSong Plus
11 8.2k 30 England
16 Aug 2019 1:41PM
Have a look at the Lumix 12-35 2.8 power OIS. It is, by a long chalk, my fave lens.
This is a sample photo taken with it.
kodachrome 7 718
16 Aug 2019 6:49PM
Fab picture slowSong, what camera
SlowSong Plus
11 8.2k 30 England
16 Aug 2019 8:04PM

Quote:Fab picture slowSong, what camera
Tks. Panasonic Lumix G5.
SlowSong Plus
11 8.2k 30 England
16 Aug 2019 8:10PM
I meant Panny DMC G5
Chris_L 5 5.1k United Kingdom
16 Aug 2019 8:47PM
The only lens that I had that I ended up sending back because it wasn't up to scratch was a Panasonic 100 to 300.

This is a fave of mine from my MFT days, taken with the 75mm Olympus on my first outing with it

These were with the Panasonic 7-14

SlowSong Plus
11 8.2k 30 England
16 Aug 2019 9:24PM
Funny, I returned a Panny 100-300mm too. However, last year I bought the 100-400mm, which is great.
Chris_L 5 5.1k United Kingdom
18 Aug 2019 2:11PM
How much did you pay?
SlowSong Plus
11 8.2k 30 England
18 Aug 2019 2:34PM

Quote:How much did you pay?

Well it was 1,200 but I put it through the company so that less VAT. I also traded something in. Can't remember the exact amount. The invoice is in the filing in the garage.

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