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Business cards

sumit 18 24
7 Jul 2004 10:37AM
Hi I'm going through a real dilemma at the moment, I want to get some business cards made up but don't know what picture to put on it.
The one i want to use is called bikers in my portfolio. The main area of photography that I work in is event photography at sports event but like most photographers I will photograph anything people will pay me for.
If any of you have time to look through my portfolio and suggest which they think I should use I'd really appreciate it.

What image have you got on your business cards? and how do you feel they represent you?

Thank you

User_Removed 20 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
7 Jul 2004 10:42AM
Hi Ross

I hope you are going to produce them yourself!

Could be a very good choice for you (depending upon what you are trying to say) but one word of advice is to keep it simple.

It might sound obvious, but your photo is going to be pretty small on your card and so anything which relies on a lot of detail will not be visible.

Inthe same vein, if you intend having the photo across the entire card with printing on the top, then if the background is too 'busy', then the printing will not be easily visible.

In case you are interested (and you did ask!) this is my card here

Barrie Smile
roxpix 18 2.2k 11 Scotland
7 Jul 2004 10:50AM
Hi Ross, Personally I found it easier to have a design on my business card and photographs on any additional advertising material.

Without wishing to promote any company, I found an online supplier for business cards and postcards that was cheaper than I could print for myself.

I fully agree with Barrie's comments about keeping it simple. It is after all an image just like anything in our portfolios here. There are good and bad ones everywhere.

If you are determined to have your pic on the card you can also get 'doublesided' business cards with the pic on one side and your details on the other.

blindpilot 18 69
7 Jul 2004 10:54AM
i don't have a picture on my business card

if i did i would use lenticular sheet for the cards. that is the stuff that is used for those cards that you get in cereal packets - you know the ones that you tilt and the picture changes

so i would have two pictures taken seconds apart and slightly different so that it is like a 2- frame animation

kitsch but still...

...too cool for school

sabretalon 18 1.9k United Kingdom
7 Jul 2004 11:04AM
I have a range of business cards for different types of photography I am interested in and hand out as appropriate. I had them printed in our reprographics dept at work, whom BTW do offer this to the outside world.

I think the last set I had cost around 3 for 100

Keep to a standard size something like a 9x5 cm card and you should get 10 to an A4 page.
sumit 18 24
7 Jul 2004 11:22AM
Thanks for the comments, I'm going to have a picture on one side and on the reverse have my details. I was thinking of this picture becuse the image is blurred to start with so it wouldn't lose any detail in being reduced to business card size, if that makes any sense?

Barrie thank you for your card I'm not going to print them myself because I want a two sided design I don't think I could get the sides to match up.

UserDeleted 19 3.6k
7 Jul 2004 11:31AM

Use - probably the company Alan was referring to.

I have used them for all of my clients business cards (I offer a complete web design, and media service - not that I am trying to sell it to you! - and have in many cases done business cards at the same time to inclide the web look and feel and url).

I also use them for my own business and have a general card, events card with my photobox pro gallery url on it, and a wedding specific card.

They are very reasonable, good quality, you can take a stock card or design your own and delivery is reliable....

adamburton 18 627 11 United Kingdom
7 Jul 2004 11:49AM
Hi Mike,

Ive just read your comment on VistaPrint with interest as I am looking at getting some professional looking cards made up. Ive had a quick look on their website and it seems very reasonable.

Would you recommend paying extra for glossy ones if I were to display a photo on the card? Or does a photo look good still with matte? Ive also looked at your card Barrie - can I ask do you print that glossy or matte?

kind regards,
User_Removed 20 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
7 Jul 2004 12:05PM
Hi Ross

I use 2 sides for some of my cards - it's dead easy with Photoshop (honestly!)

Adam - I print mine Glossy and for the 2 sided card I use double sided paper (Gloss on one side and Matt the other).

One oberservation - my cards probably cost more to produce than those produced by a print house but I wouldn't mind betting they look better and of course I have the flexibility to produce them as I need them and so can change the artwork easily as the whim takes me!

Barrie Smile
nicanddi 19 316
7 Jul 2004 12:54PM
Hi Ross,

I'd agree with Barrie on this one, business cards are definitely a good time to 'DIY' it. Here's my humble effort card

Mine is double sided, so my tel numbers and email address are on the reverse side.

Regards, Nic.
UserDeleted 19 3.6k
7 Jul 2004 1:21PM

I have had both made, although I have only used logos on the matte cards, never photographs. The logos come out very well.

My current general cards are on glossy, and I have to say I'm not as pleased with the finish as I thought I would be. I'll probably revert back to matte when I renew them.

I also find the card stock used for matte to be heavier and therefore it feels like better quality.

I have used double sided printing, and find this to be very good.

For my events cards I did both sides, custom design with my address (PO Box), photobox URL, website, mobile, and tel no all of which are not going to change - $30 delivered for 1000. That is 1.5p per card and only design effort - no printing, or cutting time.

Barrie - your card is very nice, and I'm sure you can produce it better yourself. But Vistaprint do a better job than I can, time allowing - and that is why I use them

adamburton 18 627 11 United Kingdom
7 Jul 2004 1:26PM
Thanks for your reply Mike. Is there any way you can get a sample before you go ahead and make a big order? I dont want to order 250 only to find out that my picture looks poor on the card.

UserDeleted 19 3.6k
7 Jul 2004 1:53PM
Can't remember - you might be able to get a proof. I think they charge for it....but I can't remember if it is just a PDF or an actual card itself.

I have to say I think it is probably a PDF.

IMHO I would rather direct people to my website to see images, than try to show them off on a 2x1cm photo on a business card.

Barrie's works because it conveys the emotion....I suspect with your landscapes that a business card will not do them justice.

I'm happy to send you both matte and glossy examples of my cards if you would like to see them....I just use a photo/logo on my cards (and it's not one of my own) to tie the card to the website.

adamburton 18 627 11 United Kingdom
7 Jul 2004 1:55PM
Thanks Mike, That does make alot of sense. If you can email me examples of your cards, I would appreciate it.

cal9 18 99
7 Jul 2004 2:09PM
Don't want to look like I'm pushing anything but The Print Shopis geared up for anyhting in this line, double sided, artwork, personal designs etc, so if you get stuck or find that vistaprint isn't what your looking for, give us a call. You're under no obligation. :O)

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