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Buying a hassle from Warehouse Express

LenShepherd 14 4.5k United Kingdom
3 Aug 2009 4:49PM

Quote: Our automated checking system has advised us that the card used for this order does not match with the address details provided on your order. Furthermore, we have been unable to verify your name and address with our manual checks.

Alarm bell time?
Has some-one changed your card details without your knowledge - and started using it in a fraudulent way?
Scutter 14 1.7k 6 United Kingdom
3 Aug 2009 5:00PM
I don't mind jumping through a few hoops. My account was hoovered dry by some toerag back in the spring who had a spending spree at Currys at my expense. The bank accepted it was a fraudster who had done it and I was reimbursed. It now alerts me when an Internet transaction has been made by SMS text to my mobile. All these security checks are a tedious but necessary reaction to thieves for whom electronic card payment systems are a licence to extract money from us.
GWS 13 53 Scotland
5 Aug 2009 7:19PM
Arrived today , 2 day delivery , but at least it's here !
Camairish 16 1.4k Scotland
5 Aug 2009 8:53PM
Have had similar problems with WE requesting faxed proofs etc, easily sorted - bought from Morris Photographic after a good tip on here.
5 Aug 2009 9:12PM
I always get hastle from WE, I do not get a gas or leccy bill, a mobile phone bill is not accepted & I dont get paper bank statements, so they DONT get my money!!
Warriorpoet 13 213 3 United Kingdom
9 Aug 2009 6:27PM
My only hassle with WE was over some Lee filter accessories which I had on back order for three months. When they finally arrived they sent me the wrong product then tried to charge me 5 times the original price. Needless to say I have not bought from them since.
cameracat 18 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
9 Aug 2009 6:44PM

Quote:Why ?
The card is fine everywhere else I use it.
Like I say this week , tried to buy a studio lighting set... same hassle , went direct to Lencarta... ordered , paid for with same card , kit here and up already

Perhaps its time to read this, As posted on the Warehouse Express site...Wink


Do you accept payments from cards which are not enrolled in the Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code schemes?


We will continue to accept cards which are not registered under the schemes although for fraud prevention purposes there may be a delay in processing your order as we perform additional checks and occasionally we may request further information from you prior to releasing any goods.

Sometimes you just have to look ......Smile
Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
9 Aug 2009 7:22PM
If they asked you for extra details and you declined to provide these and bought elsewhere, then the next time you tried to shop with them they would ask again for these extra details.

And the next time until you provided the details requested.

So it is not coincidence or back luck - you remain suspect until you confirm your identity sufficiently.

It is not unusual - there have been threads on this topic before concerning other suppliers doing this practice.
LenShepherd 14 4.5k United Kingdom
9 Aug 2009 8:48PM
The one time I had a "problem" with WE was when I bought a Nikon LS5000 scanner - and it would not work as it should.
Being Nikon Pro registered (NPU registered get the same service) I rang the free phone Nikon number - within 2 hours of getting the scanner.
Nikon confirmed the scanner was defective and gave me an incident number.
I rang WE about 3pm, gave them the incident number, they put me on hold for a couple of minutes and then said a replacement will be with you by courier before 9am next morning and we will collect the old one.
It was.
I like it when a problem is resolved with service like that Smile
eggplant 13 142 United Kingdom
11 Aug 2009 11:54PM
I also tried and failed to buy from them. They asked me to fax confirmation etc which I refused to do - and why should I ! I used my business card which earlier in the day I used to pay 1800 to the garage that converted my car to gas, theres plenty of money in the account so why the heck should I ! I use the card daily the only "problem" I every have is with the address, some card processors want the unit number, some dont but thats the only issue I ever have and always explain this on the phone. Oh well, their loss and from the posts here it seems like they are losing plenty of money.
bill777 19 661 1 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2009 9:58AM

Quote:Oh well, their loss and from the posts here it seems like they are losing plenty of money.

Or not, if they have reduced their instances of fraud.

Just Jas Plus
20 26.4k 1 England
12 Aug 2009 10:52AM

Quote:...theres plenty of money in the account so why the heck should I!

Plenty for a fraudster to milk from your account, then! Sad
LenShepherd 14 4.5k United Kingdom
12 Aug 2009 11:46AM
Lots of firms and lots of credit card companies have fraud prevention techniques. A common one for high value mail order, video or car part companies is checking out the delivery address relative to the card address.
When I used to buy a lot from Jessops mail order the courier was only allowed to deliver to the person named on the packet - husband or wife were unacceptable - it could be a nuisance but it probably helped reduce the fraud component of Jessops overheads.
Back to WE - you know the WE terms, you know there is something "not straightforward" about your personal circumstances because of the address detail, and you want that to remain private.
If you want very low prices (which WE have) either you comply with WE terms (which you have refused) - or shop elsewhere. My advice is stop moaning and accept the world as it is.
cameracat 18 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
12 Aug 2009 2:46PM

Quote:I also tried and failed to buy from them. They asked me to fax confirmation etc

You really should try reading thier T & C s regarding payment by credit card......Wink

Blaming a company for your inability to comply with their rules, Hardly counts as a buying hassle, Does it....Smile
User_Removed 18 17.9k 8 Norway
12 Aug 2009 4:11PM
100% Bang On Vince. I've been watching this thread with interest as I have had numerous dealings with this Company over the years and frankly, they are damned good in all respects - not least of which is their After-Sales Service.

Any Company will have Trading Terms & Conditions which will be adhered to if it is a reputable Company. They will expect those T's & C's to be understood and adhered to by you, the Customer.

If you can't meet the criteria then the issue is with you and not the Company - in their case, Warehouse Express.

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