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Buying film .... Specilaist...Hmmmm

raziel_uk 17 4.9k
22 Nov 2004 4:37AM
Sky+ box doesn't work exactly the same you still have to tell it specifically which programmes to record (I think) but it can record a series of programmes.

digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
22 Nov 2004 4:41AM
Yeh, the Sky+ box is pants compared to the TiVo. With Tivo you can book a season pass (which Sky+ does) but you can also tell it to record anything it can find with a particular set of characteristics. These characteristics can be a category (film, documentary, etc), an actor, director, title or just any keyword. In addition, it has a thumbs up/down system. It builds a db of programs you have given thumbs up to and automatically records similar programs. Thumbs down stops it from recording that type (guess which we give game shows lol).

All in all a brilliant piece of kit which means we very rarely watch live TV and often pick up new programs we didn't even know about.

raziel_uk 17 4.9k
22 Nov 2004 4:49AM
I understand what you're saying here, Ian, but I can see two major problems:

1/ I like sitcoms for example, yet most of the stuff that is classed as a sitcom doesn't do anything for me. Actors and actresses are the same. I like Felicity Kendall in The Good Life (who doesn't) but wouldn't waste my time with Rosemary and Thyme the new series she's been in with Pam Ferris. I like David Jason and love Only Fools and Horses, but never bother with A Touch of Frost. So I would be deleting a lot of stuff if to set the record in this way.

2/ This facility is probably only of use to someone who watches a great deal of television and as you yourself have said in the Sky thread, you don't watch much television.

Of course there is also the much talked about fact that the TV channels can "take over" the TiVo and force it to record programmes even if you have another one set as the BBC did sometime back. I'm not sure if this can be done with the Sky+ box.

digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
22 Nov 2004 5:02AM
You're right to a point Ashley, however just because we don't watch much tv doesn't mean we don't like to have plenty of choice when we do sit down to watch. It is a matter of seconds to delete unwanted programs, give them a thumbs down before you do so (if you never want them) and it discourages the box from recording them again. Alternatively, leave them on the list and they will be auto deleted as the box needs space for other stuff. You can enter a film title into the wishlist and it will record it when it comes on, even if that is years later. Used that often for films we have missed at the cinema.

As far as channels forcing it to record stuff, we've never seen it happen in 3 years so I reckon it must be either rare or a one-off.

geoffmclark 18 238
22 Nov 2004 5:17AM
It wil all go DVD in a very short time because that's what manufacturers probably want but it would help if someone could talk to the TV companies and get them to buy new clocks!!!.
Have you noticed how programmes no longer stop and start at the published times and an auto record on whatever medium is often missing the start or the end and as for top and tailing two progs on different channels....well that's almost a no-no now.

And PDC seems np use either.

digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
22 Nov 2004 5:25AM
Drives me crackers Dave, you have to set everything to start recording early and stop late, which screws up any programs which run one after the other.

Don't agree with you about DVD though. It will replace VHS for pre-recorded stuff but it will be given a fight by hard disk recorders for replacement of the good old video recorder. With 120gb drives available for notalot, the 4gb of a DVD doesn't stand a chance.

raziel_uk 17 4.9k
22 Nov 2004 6:46AM
Hey Ian,

With TiVo are you able to set recordings manually by time?

Sometimes there are programmes one after the other on the same channel that I want to tape. So instead of highlighting each programme and telling Sky to tape them "individually" I use the time recording (like a VCR) and just tell it to record for the total length of the two programmes.

I've found Sky pretty good most of the time for the recording but as you say the problem is with the TV channels although it's the terrestrial channels that appear to be the worst at this. So far I've recorded six programmes off "normal" tele that have had the beginning or end missing. All those from Sky have been fine.

digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
22 Nov 2004 6:51AM
Yes you can do a manual recording Ashley and we have resorted to that when there was no other option. One thing with having Sky though, you can often find a repeat showing of the series which is conflicting and record that instead.

As you say, terrestrial are the worst, particularly the beeb. I reckon the commercial channels are better because they commit a timeslot to their advertisers and don't want to lose the revenue. The BBC already have our money and although they seem to fill the airwaves with adverts for themselves they don't give a damn how the schedules are effected. Their record so far is starting a program 7 minutes after the advertised time, I think it was in the run up to the Olympics and they had the first run of that epic, total waste of money!

Carabosse 18 41.6k 270 England
22 Nov 2004 7:36AM
Hard disk recorder could be a better option than a DVD recorder. I have to say though that my VHS tapes last me years! I only use them for recording at most an hour or two a week (if that).
Carabosse 18 41.6k 270 England
22 Nov 2004 8:40AM
It's Ok, VCR fans can breathe a sigh of relief. According to this article Currys and John Lewis have no plans to phase out sales of VCRs.
u08mcb 17 5.8k
22 Nov 2004 9:27AM
Progressive folk that they are. Tell me, do they still accept payment in chickens?

spaceman 17 5.3k 3 Wales
22 Nov 2004 9:37AM
What is it with you and chickens?
u08mcb 17 5.8k
22 Nov 2004 10:49AM
unless you know the secret handshake i'm saying nothing.

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