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lloydy 16 18 Wales
20 Nov 2004 1:38AM
Just wodering if anyone has bought any gear from Branch) and if so what type of warranties do you get and are they a reliable retailer?
agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
20 Nov 2004 2:03AM
No personal experience, but that's only because I have avoided them after reading so much bad press. You can see some stuff
here or do a search on google "ebuyer complaints uk", you'll find loads of stuff. You'll probably get a load now telling you they are brilliant, bit like 7dayshop really! It's up to you, but for me, they get it wrong far too many times, and the aftersales appears to be absolutely awful.

gemm 16 800 United Kingdom
20 Nov 2004 2:08AM
I've used them several times for computer items, and I have had no problem at all. Deliveries have always been quick. I may just be one of the lucky ones but I have nothing to complain about them.
gemm 16 800 United Kingdom
20 Nov 2004 2:08AM
sorry, double post.....
User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
20 Nov 2004 3:16AM
I'm having a nightmare with them at the moment and will not use them again.

There was an earlier thread opened by BOB regarding cheap, good quality 1Gb 40x CF cards and I made the mistake of not reading the small print on another, similar item that I preferred & ordered. Had no problem in returning the item as it was mis-represented. They have agreed to replace it for the original item that BOB identified in the first place - but its now been THREE WEEKS since I got formal notification that they had received the Returned item and I STILL don't have the replacement.

Stay well away is my advice.

BOB S 18 2.6k
20 Nov 2004 4:21AM
Well I have bought all sorts of stuff from them including my 19" minotor, my Epson 1290 printer, 80Gb Hard disc, Memory cards, Expansion memory, card readers, and have never had any issues with them at all. They are nearly always best on price, deliver promptly and when I had to return a memory module as faulty prompt with a refund.

Obviously I can only talk from my own experience, but as previously on here, would reccommend them to anyone.

Mike, obviously you have not had such a good experience - maybe the CF card is out of stock - its such a good deal that they go out of stock pretty fast.

agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
20 Nov 2004 4:26AM
As I said, they will have their successes, and if it doesn't go wrong, you're laughing! It's when things do go wrong, they just seem incapable of putting it right. In the link I put earlier, there are cases of people literally, on the phone for an hour and still can't get through.
On Sunday I ordered a tripod from ebay, Morris Photographic Centre, and the deal included free next day delivery. By two o'clock the next day, nothing had arrived. I e-mailed Morris, just to ask if they knew when it was likely to arrive, save me waiting in unecessarily. They e-mailed me back within minutes, apologising, saying that it should be there today, but if it hadn't turned up by four, to e-mail them back. This I did, and they said they would contact the courier. The courier claimed they tried to deliver at midday but nobody was home, but they had told the courier to phone me right away. This they did, apologising profusely, and it would be with me next day. It came next day, with the delivery man apologising, he'd tried to deliver to the wrong address! Long story, but this is the way problems should be addressed, Morris were brilliant throughout, I couldn't fault them, and e-mailed them to tell them so.

Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
20 Nov 2004 4:46AM
I bought my CF card from eBuyer.... no problems at all.

But I didn't think to post that on here. Lol!!

We do tend to hear only about when things go wrong. Obviously if several people have a similar experience then it's as well to listen to the alarm bells.
agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
20 Nov 2004 5:08AM
" I bought my CF card from eBuyer.... no problems at all."

As I said, they must get some right! Wink However, it's a bit like when people say they have ordered paper, inks, film etc from7ds without problems, it's difficult to get it wrong with card, inks, papers etc.

"We do tend to hear only about when things go wrong."

Not strictly true CB! I've just told you about excellent service from Morris, in the past I've sung the praises, of Jessops online print serviec, Sigma UK, Speedgraphics, my ISP, just to name a few. Someone also had excellent service here from Fuji UK, why, we've even had people singing the praises of 7ds, but that deifinitely wasn't me! Wink

Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
20 Nov 2004 5:14AM
I said we tend only to hear when things go wrong.

You are of course a shining light and example to us all, Frank!!

Now let's see some of your........ no we won't go there!!!

mogwyth 16 358
20 Nov 2004 5:57AM
I brought the 300D battery grip from ebuyer and while the price was unbeateatable, the customer service was questionable, delivery took 10 days rather than the 2-3 days quoted and my attempts to contact them were only responded to after delivery.

WarehouseExpress on the other hand are IMHO an example of great customer service, they messed up the interest free credit paperwork on my order, which meant they could not deliver it to home in time for a week away in Hereford, but what they did do was put the order on a by 9.00am delivery to an alternative address at no extra cost, and not only that you speak to real friendly people, no press 1 for this, press 2 for that.
agoreira 17 6.0k Wales
20 Nov 2004 6:40AM
Yes, I've used Warehouse Express, and they generally get good feedback here. Similarly, I had reason to return a memory card to Fotosense, which they replaced by return of post. No arguments, excellent service. Same with Amazon, they even paid the return postage. There are good firms about! Wink

20 Nov 2004 8:25AM
I've bought from Ebuyer countless times over the past couple of years. I've bought cameras, memory cards, usb devices, CDR's and countless other things. The only thing I have first hand experience of going wrong was a few metres of network cable that didn't work, and only cost a fiver! 5 of bad news mixed with ~300 of good news. That's pretty good going really - especially when you consider how much money I've saved by buying from them rather than somewhere else.
20 Nov 2004 10:23AM
Problem with eBuyer is actually speaking to someone when it doesn't go to plan, no phone number! - if it's in stock, no problem but sometimes stuff can take an age to turn up.

If you want a great service try

They have a good range of memory cards (no cameras/batteries etc tho') as well as other memory type stuff, blank discs etc. Very helpful and quick delivery.
snapbandit 16 2.3k 3 Northern Ireland
20 Nov 2004 10:32AM
Another problem I have with Ebuyer (as well as the total apparent lack of after sales support) is the outrageous extra charges they make for postage to NI ( 15 on top of normal postage regardless of item), this usually negates any savings on the cost price of the items.

I know it is slightly more expensive to ship off the mainland, but not that much by far!

When I worked in a recording studio/music supplies , we had instruments & large mixing desks etc shipped from Germany for 15 48hour delivery!

Joe B

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