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Calm down!!!!

Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
2 Feb 2003 3:23PM
Just been on to the site after being alerted to the current state of the Columbia shuttle message in this forum that got all out of hand. Once again opinions will differ but does it have to end in abuse!!! Anyway I've had to delete the forum message. The idea of an open subject is to allow open debate that's not tied down to specific photographic areas. If it's something that someone feels worth talking about to other photographers and others join in and get involved then it's okay with me, which is why I didn't remove it early on. Yes we do have opinions and we have a right to share them. I don't want to stifle conversation and encourage challenging debate, but this one got way out of hand - too much foul language and abusive comments. I do not want that sort of stuff on here. If that doesn't appeal and you need abusive conversation go to a rough pub or join a forum that encourages it.
Paddy 18 254 8 England
2 Feb 2003 4:12PM
Thanks Pete..I couldn't believe what I was reading....thought I'd lodged into another site..
photoid 18 57
2 Feb 2003 4:58PM
Pete, have you deleted the profile?
Paddy, disappointing as an episode , yes , but unfortunately not all that surprising. People seem to be closing ranks and becoming rather territorial.Has anyone read Animal Farm ,by George Orwell? I have.
Photography is essentially for loners ,not for those who feel the need to run in packs. Attacking people just because their views are not held by the majority is not a "photographer" mindset .
"Lively Debate " on this forum has recently been anything but , and seems to have become a punitive exercise.
Big Bri 19 16.7k United Kingdom
2 Feb 2003 5:07PM
Who has been attacked just because their views are not held by the majority ? All I saw was one person resorting to foul language and cheap insults against a group of people just because they disagreed with him. That is how you stifle "lively debate", not promote it.
dhphoto 18 29
2 Feb 2003 5:55PM
I am back just once to say this. I posted an item about the space shutle in good faith because I was deeply upset by what happened yesterday and felt it appropriate to comment. I received much support. But all some of your more self-indulgent members could do was to drone on and on about how this was not a suitable topic for such a place as this. I am leaving this place because of exactly those intolerant desert-booted velvet-jacketed middle class pseudo-intellectuals who try and hijack a decent site like this and don't want any 'riff-raff' or discussions they don't feel appropriate. I've been a professional photographer for over 20 years, actively trying to improve the image of photography with industry and the public, trying hard to convince them that we are not all so utterly self-centred and lovey. Goodbye to those who supported what I was trying to do and a big rasberry to the rest. You'll never change bless you
photoid 18 57
2 Feb 2003 6:23PM
Most of the people who use this site are not photographers , but members of the general public, who are interested in photography as a hobby.
Paddy 18 254 8 England
2 Feb 2003 6:26PM
leanne..why did you feel you needed to leave that statement...
photoid 18 57
2 Feb 2003 6:31PM
Because dhphoto does not seem to realise it. And it may help him to put things into perspective if he did.
Pete 19 18.8k 97 England
2 Feb 2003 6:49PM
dhphoto, I thought the shuttle mention was added in the right nature. Some of the members who followed didn't agree about it being relevant in a photography site and they have their rights to opinion too. I don't for one minute think they were trying to dictate or hijack the site! They were just expressing an opinion! Then it got out of hand and opinions turn to petty rage. I'd hate to see you leave over this, but understand how you feel - just wish you didn't feel the need to go abusive. Once again I find myself posting a "lets all try and get on" message.
Photoid. The message in this thread stating that the people are general public and not photographers is not really correct. It may be the hobby of many and people have to start somewhere, so while many won't be up to pro-standard there are many others on here who are! Photography is about recording images. Some are artists, some are creative, for some it's their job, some are gadget fans, some are memory makers. I've said it before, that I want ePHOTOzine to give people at all levels something. Is this not possible???
photoid 18 57
2 Feb 2003 6:58PM
There are a few photographers on this site , and they are generous with their time and advice.
That's why I bother, Pete.
dhphoto 18 29
2 Feb 2003 7:11PM
Thanks for your words Pete, much appreciated. I just cannot stand some of the 'types' you get on here...I'm sure you know what I mean. I won't be back again.

At least not as me...
2 Feb 2003 7:42PM
Sameo Sameo

Yet more abuse and totally non relevant in the spirit of the forum.

It is definitely getting worse.

SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
2 Feb 2003 7:53PM
I'm surprised that photoid doesn't feel that we all learn from each other no matter how exalted - or not - we think we are. And I'm a little saddened by what appears to be photoid's inability to be touched by the heart that goes into many images she feels may not be 'professional' but which nevertheless are part of the whole conversation of what photography is about.
bppowell 19 2.2k 2 England
2 Feb 2003 8:08PM
In the an earlier thread I asked could we have a forum for topics that may have nothing to do with photography. This would at least let people know before they entered the forum that the comments could be about anything, or are you saying that this is what this forum is all about?

paulowen 19 146
2 Feb 2003 10:15PM
Good god what is wrong with some of you people? All this because a colleague had enough compassion to want to publicly show his dismay at this recent disaster.

This being the opinion of some of you but perhaps I should retract my Happy New Year message because also that had nothing to do with photography.

If people want to leave because of this them let them but meanwhile my thoughts also go out to the families of the crew members of the shuttle.

Meanwhile perhaps you should have a whingeing section on the site so some of these lonely and abusive people can all get together and leave the rest of us alone.

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