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Camera Club programme Ideas

maryg 14 66 18 Scotland
26 Jan 2010 5:01PM
Hi everyone. I have been our club's syllabus secretary for a year now and am now thinking about next year's syllabus ( Sept 2010 - April 2011 )
I would really like to hear from anyone who has ideas for club evenings ; activities , presentations , possible lecture ideas. Also ideas for competitions.
Possibly exchanging digital images with other clubs.
Thanks and look forward to any suggestions.
Regards Mary
Martin54 17 547 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2010 5:52PM
Hi Mary,
You're welcome to take a look at our club programme, Market Harborough Photographic Society for ideas - PM me if you'd like any further info.

I'm don't know what events you have on at the moment - is there anything you feel is missing, or do the members want something different? We try to have a mix of competitions, external speakers and practical evenings which seems to work well, and membership is growing!
Les_G 15 148 4 Scotland
26 Jan 2010 6:11PM
Hi Mary,
I find the key is to ring the changes every so often. We have speakers, comps and also members nights, but occasionally have pratical evenings and one-off events such as a photohunt or club outing.
It's important to make begineers feel included, maybe seperate teaching sessions, but also make sure the agenda is wide enough to keep advanced users happy!
As Martin said do the members want anything specific?

I'm not sure where you are based but there are some good programs in place for sharing images, if you PM me I will expand on this.

It's not an easy job getting a good syllabus, I done the job for a few seasons then let someone else have a go!

rowarrior 15 4.4k 9 Scotland
26 Jan 2010 6:12PM
We do one session a year with 'lecturettes' given by 3-4 club members about something they do well or do differently to others. It's interesting ot see how others approach things, or the different subject matter that they tackle
Martin54 17 547 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2010 6:14PM
Along similar lines, photoshop hints and tips evenings are always popular where members share techniques.
lobsterboy Plus
19 15.0k 13 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2010 6:41PM

Quote:such as a photohunt

Sounds interesting - how does that work?
maryg 14 66 18 Scotland
26 Jan 2010 6:41PM
This year I arranged a varied programme after consulting the members, a mix of the above suggestions .
member's presentation evenings , on occasion one member presenting on his area of expertise, on another " Take Three " with 3 members presenting 3 very varied types of photography
Activity evenings, using software, practical photography demo and making mounts and framing digital images
Buddy system - working on laptops experienced partnered up with beginner editing images
Fun evenings; Guess where and Guess what quiz
Lectures from PAGB service
Competitions - external and Internal

So far people seem happy with what is happening but am now getting ready to consult with members re content / subjects for next year. Will have a look at the suggestions so far. Thanks for your help
Regards Mary
JJGEE 18 8.1k 18 England
26 Jan 2010 6:44PM
Another idea that the camera club I used to belong to had from time to time is an Auction.

Members brought along things they no longer required and it was auctioned. X% to the club rest to the member.

Mainly a fun evening to raise club funds with a longer mid-session "tea break" for chatting as timings etc. not so critical unlike when having a speaker etc.

Oh, not everything was actually photographic.
DOGSBODY 14 1.4k 30 England
26 Jan 2010 6:50PM
Battles with other clubs can be so boring as you will have seen half the pictures before. Why not ask other clubs to entertain you for an evening instead. You will see all new work and it will not cost you anything, especially if you offer to do an evening in return. it is also good for club members to get some experience of talking to other photographers about their work. About six 15 minute mini lectures is all that is required. Andy
KenTaylor 18 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2010 6:54PM
Could never understand why camera clubs don't discuss members work.
An in depth discussion staying away from the domination of competition.
maryg 14 66 18 Scotland
26 Jan 2010 7:02PM
Thanks Ken I have been trying to move away from competition based activites, We have 3 set competitions .November . February and late March which is the annual comp.
Andy, I really like the idea of the reciprocal entertainment evenings, Also toying with the idea of reciprocal photoshoots - where club members act as guides through their own locality also seeing photo opportunites through the eyes of the visiting club. What do you think ?
brian1208 19 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2010 7:03PM
I'm providing a workshop on using different media for printing to a local photographic group (at their request).

The have regullar "Themes" which are decided several months ahead, the on the agrred day they all lay out their images and have a joint critique session. No scoring or "judging" just sharing opinion and ideas.

The work is then hung in a public area for the next month or so.

They recently did a joint activity with a local art group using images from the photographers as inspiration for the artists. This led to a joint exhibition of work.

In my club we have "Portfolio Evenings" (digital and analogue form) and also things like a session on "How I got my Favourite Print / slide / image" all good open discussion stuff.
DonnaN 13 129 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2010 7:32PM
What about a Photomarathon event - either just your club or some other local clubs to participate too?
rowarrior 15 4.4k 9 Scotland
26 Jan 2010 8:28PM
We do 'wanders' mostly in the summer when we're technically on holiday, but also at weekends during club time. Then we all bring our stuff along one night to compare and contrast. We tend to do that on another night, but nothing to stop you using a normal club night for it
davey_griffo 14 213 165 England
26 Jan 2010 9:06PM
Our club had what we called the Vale Park challenge. We had 1 1/2 hours, & could take only 24 shots. We could use a tripod if we wanted, but were restricted to the standard kit lens. We then had to submit our best 5, after any manipulation/correction in PS, at the next meeting for a critique night.

Vale park is quite small, & with 15 of us there on the night, it was a challenge to shoot something no-one else would spot.

Admittedly, this is one for the fairer months, but if you have a similarly small park in your area, give it a go.

2 years ago, our club had a similar idea to Brian's. Only instead of an artists group, we worked with a group of poets. We provided the images, & they wrote themed poems to go with them. When we had an exhibition at a local art gallery, there was a section set aside for this project.

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