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Camera Club programme Ideas

KenTaylor 17 3.1k 2 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2010 9:27PM

Quote:I'm providing a workshop on using different media for printing to a local photographic group (at their request).

The have regullar "Themes" which are decided several months ahead, the on the agrred day they all lay out their images and have a joint critique session. No scoring or "judging" just sharing opinion and ideas.

The work is then hung in a public area for the next month or so.

They recently did a joint activity with a local art group using images from the photographers as inspiration for the artists. This led to a joint exhibition of work.

In my club we have "Portfolio Evenings" (digital and analogue form) and also things like a session on "How I got my Favourite Print / slide / image" all good open discussion stuff.

Now that's more like it
mattw 18 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
26 Jan 2010 9:43PM
Try not to repeat the same speakers every year - unless they really are exceptionaly popular.

One sucessfull evening my old club ran once was to bring in a bird of prey expert - with some of his birds.

The first half consisted to a talk about the birds - and the second half the birds were on display to be photographed.
maryg 13 66 18 Scotland
26 Jan 2010 10:45PM
Thanks everyone , this has been a very fruitful discussion with lots of ideas from everyone. I will add to my ever growing list of suggestions for the members to consider , if you are interested once I have worked out the draft programme might post it here.
Thanks again , knew EPZ was the best place to get help.
Regards Mary
psiman 18 574 Wales
27 Jan 2010 8:02AM
Another idea is an items we've run just for fun a couple of times called the "One Pic" Challenge where all the members are provided with a copy of an image (it was 2 last time, one Raw and one jpeg) and given a couple of weeks to do whatever they'd like to it. Then we projected all the results and discussed as a group. Good fun and great to see the range of ways people approached the same images with lots of really creative work as everyone knew there was no pressure or competition.

Les_G 14 148 4 Scotland
27 Jan 2010 9:20AM
The photohunt is when there is a list of items to shoot, some generic such as wheel some specific such as Turnberry lighthouse. The list is usually ten or so items.
The members form into teams, and each team has to deliver one shot of each item.
We tend to specify an area for the shoot, such as Ayrshire.

Sorry for late reply to the question, work gets in the way!
kaybee 18 8.3k 27 Scotland
27 Jan 2010 10:10AM
I must say there are some good ideas here - also quite a few that would be very hard to well nigh impossable for larger clubs (we have about 80 members in the books and an average of about 40 attending each week)
NEWMANP 14 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
27 Jan 2010 11:00AM
in the interest of saving costs,
any clubs within 30 miles of Bolsover (nr Chesterfield) we can do a free exchange. we will offer a lecture /or nights entertainment at your place in return for similar night at ours.
id be happy to bring a load of large prints and talk about prints and printing
maryg 13 66 18 Scotland
27 Jan 2010 11:15AM
Thanks everyone you have given me lots of ideas and I can get a move on and pull this lot together to present to the members for consultation . need to do this sooner rather than later as I am off to the Dominican Republic for a wedding next month. After last year's experience of going through the consultation process and putting together a reasonably interesting and stimulating syllabus I know it's never too early to start.
Kind Regards Mary
RipleyExile 19 1.6k 17 England
27 Jan 2010 12:44PM
Luckily I've filled our 2010 syllabus, but I'm now trying to think of things fo 2011. We run all year and that can be even more challenging. It's hard to find locations for mid week outings of an evening that don't cost.

Something that we do is every other year is we meet up with the local video and cine club and show our respective best work. Can be a good social event as well.

Something else we do is have a number of critique evenings spread across the year and each evening has a set theme and medium, e.g. this week is black and white prints on the theme of modern life. Each member brings in up to 3 photos. Everyone then ranks their favourite 3 and the scores are collated. After the break 2 volunteers critique each photo and the scores are announced. The tog with the most points at the end of the year wins a prize.
maryg 13 66 18 Scotland
27 Jan 2010 5:11PM
Thanks , good luck to Zander for next year we run from October to April - 20 meetings not including AGM and business meetings. I have found that a big enough challenge last session which is why I am starting on this October session now. Thanks for all your ideas . I have now prepared some proposals for the members' consideration as a result of your very helpful advice.
Regards Mary
dcash29 16 2.4k England
27 Jan 2010 6:28PM

Quote:Could never understand why camera clubs don't discuss members work.
They do
macroman 19 15.3k England
28 Jan 2010 8:54PM
Why not use the experience and skills of your members when planning meetings, in any club there is a wealth of free knowledge available and most members would be willing to give an evening to demonstrating their skills.

When planning meetings for our group we ask members to suggest topics for meetings.
These can be subjects that interest them or areas of photography that they find confusing or difficult to get to grips with.

As we have to cater for several beginners in the group we try to incorporate their requests where possible.

Recent meetings have covered: Inserting skies in PS/PSP, Water drop photography, Stop motion/Claymation with a digital still camera, Photographing the Moon, Close up flowers, to name a few. All these were done 'in house' by our more experienced members.
Much better than having an outside speaker doing his 'how I do it' spiel.

Future items planned include: borders/frames in PS/PSP, Understanding Depth of Field, Lighting for landscapes, Photo mounting skills and more, all drawing on the experience/skills of individual members.

Being a small group, we have to limit outside speakers to two or three per year for financial reasons.
macroman 19 15.3k England
28 Jan 2010 9:09PM
One thing we did a couple of years ago was to get half a dozen disposable cameras.
We then split into groups of three/four.
We then had an hour or so to go out and take some pictures.
The prints were then processed for viewing at a later meeting.
It was interesting to see the effect that a 'level playing field' had on the shots.
brian1208 19 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
28 Jan 2010 11:25PM
If more ideas are needed:

"Ready Steady Shoot" - like the cooking prog but 3 groups with three shooting positions and a set of random props at each. Each "round" involves shooting for 15 minutes using some or all of the props, then move to the next station and repeat. When each group has shot each position the images are printed off (make sure to bring a printer that can read all the cards used!) and during coffee they are stuck up for the after coffee critiques.

Shooting the alphabet (a Summer evening job this) small groups (we had 4) are given / pick 7 letters of the alphabet to shoot. A 1 hour stroll around the area close to the club to do so, then back to print off the images and then another critique / commentary on the results following a coffee break

there are endless variations and it can be as competitive / cooperative as the members want
DOGSBODY 13 1.4k 30 England
29 Jan 2010 2:28PM
A fun evening that is suitable for a party night is to have a picture association night.

Ask everybody to bring plenty of prints (quality and size don't matter). You then split into 2 teams - men v. women for example.
Team A put up a picture and team B have to follow it with a picture that has some association. They have to justify the association and this can lead to some rather outrageous but funny claims and counter claims. If you appoint a not too serious judge he could award points and the team with the highest score at the end of the evening is the winner.

It can be good fun if everyone accepts that it is purely a bit of fun. Andy

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