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Camera Dilemma

Elemobe 12 36 1 United Kingdom
14 Oct 2008 11:36AM
This is a "What would you do?" question.

My situation is, my 4 month old 40D died on me and is now with Canon. It could take 4 weeks before I get it back again (went back 1 week ago today). Needless to say, I am really missing having a camera, although I do have a good P&S.

I am debating with myself whether to get another camera and considering the current 5D. I am doing my first wedding in August and of course 2 camera bodies would be very useful (essential!). So, I should buy now? If I leave it too long to buy a backup, it may be tricky to get another 5D and then I will be looking at the MkII, which costs a lot more (yes, I know I will probably love it, but I am trying (and failing) to keep costs down).

If money was not an issue, I would not hesitate to get a 5D now.

I have been looking at eBay, but really, they don't go cheap.

Of course, if I buy the 5D, then I will want (need?) the 24-105mm lens. Currently I have the 70-200mm f4, 50mm f.18 100mm macro and 17-55mm EFS (which of course I can't use on the 5D) - so no wide angle. I think if it was just the body, I would get it - but I know I will want (need?) a walk about lens.

Or I could just sit tight until my 40D comes back.

But I absolutely must have a camera by 7 Nov

Currently I am doing an online course which is not as much fun with a P&S

Maybe the 5D Mk II will come down a lot in price by August next year.

And round and round I go.
brian1208 17 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
14 Oct 2008 11:44AM
A difficult dilemma, sorry to hear your 40D has died. If you just want a cheap body to keep you going - mifsuds have a 350D body for 199. (I notice they also have a 1D for only 599?)
MPB photographic have a used 5D for 809
Elemobe 12 36 1 United Kingdom
14 Oct 2008 12:01PM
Thanks for that Brian, I will take a look. Definitely interested in the full sensor cameras.

Big Bri 19 16.6k United Kingdom
14 Oct 2008 1:15PM
Don't worry, there's still plenty of time for the couple to fall out and call it all off Wink
ade_mcfade 16 15.2k 216 England
14 Oct 2008 1:23PM
The beauty of questions like this is the diersity or response you'll get Wink

You should know in your heart/brain (in different measure, let the brain dominate though) what you "need" to get by on, you need to balance this with what you actaully "want" and come up with a shopping list to match your budget.

2 5D's, 580EX's, a 24-70 and 70-200 (both f2.8 L) would be handy, but do you "need" that much kit for 1 wedding? Could you hire/borrow stuff for that 1 wedding? Are you planning to do more weddings? Are you going pro?

Apart from weddings, I've never once "needed" more than one camera body for the stuff I get up to, but if I decided to become a papperazzi, that would probably change. 16-35 for the up-skirt as they get in the car, and a long lens for getting them from across the street Wink

the point....

only you know what you need to get in this instance
Big Bri 19 16.6k United Kingdom
14 Oct 2008 1:40PM
I managed to get my wife to agree a 5D when I shot her brother's wedding, and the 24-70 when I did her sister's....

Carabosse 17 41.5k 270 England
14 Oct 2008 1:41PM
Has she any other unmarried siblings? Wink
Elemobe 12 36 1 United Kingdom
14 Oct 2008 4:39PM
Thanks for your replies, they do help.

Yes, that is the issue, the whole need v want! I can hardly believe I am here again, I went through a lot of "weighing up" when I bought the 40D - that time it was 40D v 5D. I "wanted" the 5D but I sensibly chose the 40D thinking that I could upgrade in a couple of years. After a couple of workshops and doing a practice portrait session with a friend, I can see how the full sensor would be useful. Working in confined spaces, I could not get enough distance with my 70-200mm lens and it would be great for landscapes. Don't get me wrong, I know I can still get fabulous pictures with my 40D and the lenses I do have - I just don't actually have the camera at present.

Going Pro, that is another big issue with me. Yes, I would like to and that is what I am working towards. At this stage I don't know whether I will enjoy doing weddings or not. Will it be a big adrenaline rush or just a lot of stress? Who knows.

If I was certain that I will make some money at this, then it would be an easier decision to make. It is a confidence thing, making that leap and saying to the world "I am good enough at this, so pay me" I am not yet, but I will be.

The real issue at this moment in time is I don't have a camera at all - I guess I am just using this forum to download my spinning thoughts. The second hand ones are looking appealing at the moment.

Bri - yep, there is always that possibility that it just won't happen Wink

elowes 16 2.8k United Kingdom
14 Oct 2008 5:11PM
Hold tight for a while. Lots of S/H 5D cameras will come on the market soon if that is what you want.
Big Bri 19 16.6k United Kingdom
14 Oct 2008 5:23PM

Quote:Has she any other unmarried siblings?

Yep. Wink
Elemobe 12 36 1 United Kingdom
14 Oct 2008 5:37PM

Quote:Hold tight for a while. Lots of S/H 5D cameras will come on the market soon if that is what you want.

By which time, hopefully, my 40D will be back and I will wait until nearer the wedding to get a back-up.

Good thought though, if I wait until my camera is back I could probably still get a second hand 5D next year. Possibly look at hiring on the 7 November when I have a studio tutorial booked and absolutely have to have a camera. But mine really should be back by then.

I will check out hire charges.

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