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Camera gear stolen!!

nigelsharman 20 30 England
10 Nov 2004 4:57AM
I've just returned from four great days in Rome with my wife. Unfortunately at the train station my camera kit was stolen worth 4000!..I left my wife for about 5 mins with the bags, someone asked her for directions and I guess his accomplice took the camera bag while she was distracted..and now I've calmed down no-one was hurt and the kits insured..but it spoiled a great few days not to say over 300 photos which I'm sure had an EC among them!! this is really a warning to everyone, you really have to have your wits about you in these the way I carry my kit in a backpack not an obvious camera bag.
digicammad 19 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
10 Nov 2004 4:59AM
Sorry to hear that Nigel, especially that they also took the memory cards. I must admit I have often thought of carrying the full cards separate to the kit, think I'll start that now.

Hope your insurance sorts you out soon.

amps 19 225 United Kingdom
10 Nov 2004 5:02AM
Very sorry Nigel, i know how you must feel i had all my kit stolen some time ago, it's not nice, and a lot of bother to try and replace it. My problem was worse as it was not insured then.

novocastria 18 102
10 Nov 2004 5:03AM
Hard luck, Nigel. I had my gear stole in Barcelona. That too was in a backpack and I'm sure the thieves were just opportunists and din't know what they were getting. The kit was insured and has since been replaced, but it is no less upsetting, however, the films that were stolen are irreplaceable.
raziel_uk 18 4.9k
10 Nov 2004 5:05AM
Tip for future travel - use a rucksack for carrying your camera and gear. Therefore it never leaves your back. If you do need to give it to someone to look after and they put in on the ground make sure they put their foot (and leg) through one of the arm straps, that way no one can just snatch it while they're back's turned.

Try and get a sack that has two zips (the sort where you move the zips in opposite directions to open the bag) and get a small padlock to secure them shut so that no one can quickly unzip the sack and remove the contents.

Small things and a little late in this case I know but it might help in future.

nigelsharman 20 30 England
10 Nov 2004 5:08AM
Thanks guys..two things really, the photos are gone and my wifes ok, she actually chased after them God knows what would have happened if she had found them...but it happened so quick, we all think we won't get caught out don't we!
naturenut 19 1.8k England
10 Nov 2004 5:13AM
Sorry to hear of your loss Nigel, what a wretched end to a break, you seem to be taking it in your stride, I fear I might be still ranting if it happened to me ;o) Hope things get sorted out for you soon.
big fella 19 485 England
10 Nov 2004 5:16AM
Sorry to hear the news Nigel, do you have details of the serial numbers? If you don't mind posting them here, I am sure some of the EPZr's will look out for anything offered on the cheap. Esp. those in the trade.


Carabosse Plus
19 42.9k 270 England
10 Nov 2004 5:20AM
One of the reasons I bought a small (but high res) digicam in addition to my DSLR outfit, was to have something I can carry around in my pocket when I'm on holiday.

Unless I have the car with me I really don't want to lug around heavy photographic equipment as well as everything else, particularly when racing around sightseeing.

But when I do carry a larger camera, I take it in an old grey shoulder bag which never leaves my person. In cafes and restaurants the strap is wound around my leg!
Little Jo Plus
21 2.3k United Kingdom
10 Nov 2004 9:33AM
Frequent travellers might find it worth investing in a Pacsafe. It's a wire mesh that fits arount the pack and can be used to fasten it securely to something static. Doesn't cost a lot and makes what happened to Nigel's kit that little bit harder. Mind you, if someone were to try snatching my backpack, they'd probably give themselves a hernia! They certainly wouldn't run too far with it.

Sorry to hear about the theft Nigel, hope you are back up and running soon. What station were you at? Post the serial numbers etc and I'll post them on another forum too.

UserRemoved 18 4.2k
10 Nov 2004 9:52AM
Will recommend the pacsafe but then again I never have my gear off my back long enough.

The pacsafe is useful for tethering stuff in the boot of the car as well.
nigelsharman 20 30 England
10 Nov 2004 9:54AM
Thanks again everyone, Just like to say that over the 4 days the bag was only away from my side for the 5 mins I left it with my wife..and I honestly don't blame her at all, she was very distressed and told the police we wouldn't come to Rome again!..but we will, I have to get some more photos, all I have are a few taken on the small digi camera...

Jo, the station was Stazione Termini in Rome, will post the serial numbers soon
mcgoo 18 130 Scotland
10 Nov 2004 11:55AM
Nigel - My sincere sympathies, I know exactly how you feel - I was in Rome last year and an almost identical thing happened.

I arrived outside the station to board the Ryanair bus to the airport. The bus doors werent open, so I sat on my suitcase and lay my MiniTrekker backpack propped against me leg. My wife went for a wee wander and within seconds a man came up to me and started to ask about a money exchange - he quickly became aggressive, and after a few moments he shouted something at me and left.

I instinctively looked down and saw my camera back pack was missing -- containing 4,600 of camera and other gear -- ncluding all my film and memory cards AND the car keys for my car parked waiting at Prestwick Airport!!! - a bit of a disaster. I ran up and down the street but there was no sign of anyone. The bus for the airport was due to leave 5 minutes later, so it didnt leave much time to do anything.

When I spoke to the couple standing next to me they said that a man had spoken to them at the same time about some rubbish then walked off - clearly a well practised three man team. Two to distract and one to steal.

I was gutted, I had walked for miles taking photos and been so careful with my gear all week. Still Rome was superb, pity about the end to the week - Sadly Insurance only covered up to 3k - many lessons learned, the hard way.

I wont say what I do for a living , but suffice to say I am in a profession where I should have known better - this of course just made me feel worse.

Please Ladies and Gents BE WARNED - these guys are slick, fast and it only takes a second.

Personally having read this thread, I am sure they are targeting camera bags even Lowe Pro backpacks like I had.

Once more my sympathies.
collywobles 18 4.1k 10 United Kingdom
10 Nov 2004 1:59PM
Yeah, had my backpack picked by the Virmin and they stole my wallet from a zipped up pocket, so now I lock the two zips together with a tiny padlock. These guys are very clever and daring. Love to have caught him with his hand in my bag...................!!
oldham 19 198 England
10 Nov 2004 4:34PM
Sorry Nigel to hear of your loss especially as it was after a holiday and the memories are irretrevable. What makes it worse in this case is the sneakiness of it and how people go to great lengths to steal I had a minolta camera taken once from tjhe house w hen we were burgled and although it had no films to be processed the thought of people invading your property is no less annoying. Hope you get your insurabce through and that your wife was not injured. Regards Gordon

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