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Camera of the decade: my top 10

Will Cheung 14 69 United Kingdom
16 Dec 2009 9:45AM
It doesn’t seem that long ago that we are stock-piling drinking water and barricading the front door ready for the new millennium. Of course, there was no doomsday scenario and we emerged into the Noughties bleary-eyed and a little bit older and that was about it.
Photographers still shot film and the idea that most of us would be capturing digitally within a few years was unthinkable. But look at us now, on the brink of the next decade and the vast majority of pictures are taken without film.
Anyway, looking forward to the next decade got me thinking about my top ten cameras from the past ten years. If you get a moment, just for fun, jot down your own top ten (five or even one), using whatever criteria you want and post it here.
To kick things off, here’s my top ten:
1 Nikon D3S, 2009. Simply awesome.
2 Leica MP, 2003. Basic, mechanical, classy, brilliant and uses film.
3 Canon EOS 10D, 2003. The DSLR that convinced me that digital was here to stay.
4 Nikon D3, 2007. Signalled a revival in Nikon’s fortunes and many pros went ‘back to black’.
5 Olympus E-1, 2003. The Four Thirds system is born.
6 Canon EOS 300D. 2003. First £1000 consumer DSLR.
7 Canon EOS 1DS, 2002. World’s first full-frame pro DSLR.
8 Leica M9, 2009. This rangefinder brings a classic design brought right up to date.
9 Sigma SD9, 2002. Innovative sensor and concept still going.
10 Holga 120. It’s not strictly speaking from the Noughties but I still use mine and love it.

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timbo 15 596 United Kingdom
16 Dec 2009 9:53AM
can't think of many but it was the fujifilm S2 pro that did it for me. only recently consigned to e bay due to battery problrms it was still taking beautiful images.
rowarrior 10 4.4k 9 Scotland
16 Dec 2009 9:57AM
I can't think of a top 10 like that, as I missed over half the decade as far as digitial photography went lol However I'm surprised the 5D isn't there - the first full frame that was aimed more at amateurs, and priced accordingly.
KevSB 14 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
16 Dec 2009 10:03AM
Had a Minolta dimage 5 which Broke and would cost more than cam to repair after 15 months, swore blind id never touch minolta again but then took the chance and bought the minolta 7i which at the time was more expensive than the dslrs that are about now.

Excelent camera and only the temptation to move onto a dslr and a good resale price for the 7i made me get rid of it.
10d was my next and very happy with it but left so far behind so quickly
kit-monster 14 3.7k 2 Singapore
16 Dec 2009 10:24AM
Great list and well balanced. Being an amateur I'm tied into one brand, Canon, I'm glad that Nikon have returned with vengeance. Competition is always good for the consumer. My top camera for the decade has to be the 10d. I owned one and now my mum uses it all the time. It still produces great images (potentially!). It may only have 6 mp's but will happily print at A3.
Pete Plus
16 18.8k 97 England
16 Dec 2009 10:24AM
Here's a list of cameras that are, in my view, either landmarks in the digital field, or in my personal world.

In no particular order (you can tell I've been getting tips from X Factor Wink

Nikon Coolpix 990, 2001. Revolving lens and great macro - I got some great nature pics with this camera.

Contax N Digital, 2003. larger lens throat, full frame. A landmark camera, but quality problems let it down. Shame they didn't have confidence to push on with this.

Fuji FinePix 40i, 2000. The first point & shoot compact I tested that really impressed me quality wise.

Pentax *ist D, 2003. I got a great deal of pleasure from this camera - smaller and more robust than most.

Nikon D700, 2008.. My favourite DSLR at the moment.

Olympus E3, 2007. The 4/3rd system proves it's here to stay, fully supported and highly refined.

Canon EOS300, 2003. It brought DSLR to the masses

Panasonic LX-3, 2008. The compact I'd happily take out instead of the DSLR.

Canon G10, 2008. A compact that impressed many SLR owners.

Olympus Pen E-P1(2), 2009. What a great concept...a recent addition and I hope it succeeds.
ade_mcfade 14 15.2k 216 England
16 Dec 2009 10:55AM
I don't think I've handled 10 different cameras that I can remember, but my top selection are, based on my experience rather than impact on the industry are...

Canon 300D - My first ever SLR, never mind DSLR. Took me from an IXUS3 point and shoot to learning about manual expsosure and stuff like that.

Canon 10D - Lots easier to use than the 300D cause of that lovely rear wheel. Really started to get to grips with photography with that beauty - then it fell in the stream at Bolton Abbey.

Canon 5D - replaced the ill fated 10D at 2006's Focus in Birmingham. Had to buy a new computer to process the huge files! The wider angles afforded by the full frame opened up a new world of landscape/architecture photography to me.

Not actaully owned/used anything else - but I did like the 1Ds 2 that Dave had. The D3 series look fantastic, good to see Canon being given a kicking - they'll up their game and come up with better cameras and more competitive prices as a result (I hope)
wrinkles 9 351 United Kingdom
16 Dec 2009 11:43AM
Sony 717 was my first digital camera

Then upgraded to a Minolta 7D with all the kit.

Now looking at a Canon 50D for my next purchase.
Camairish 12 1.4k Scotland
16 Dec 2009 11:48AM
Very limited with me I'm afraid;

My second hand Canon 5D was my introduction to digital photography and has been a steep but excellent learning curve.

However, to be honest I still enjoy using my XPan more - it just feels better and I spend more time per individual shot with it which I like.

Finally - the camera on my iPhone has been invaluable for spur of the moment family shots and I would miss a lot of opportunites without it.

Am looking forwards to starting the new decade with a fresh approach and an Olympus PEN from Santa!
mattw 14 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
16 Dec 2009 12:07PM
It's difficult to come up with 10!

As I have not used most of them, this list is mostly bassed on my imagination - and in no particular order.

Anyhow, here are my landmark cameras of last 10 years:

(Pannasonic) G1
randomrubble 13 3.0k 12 United Kingdom
16 Dec 2009 12:28PM
Probably not quite what Mr C had in mind but, as with most of us there's not much chance we have handled all the top kit. Also as a collector I have bought, and taken more interest in the Canon FD system of late. So in terms of what I've bought this decade...

1. Apple iPhone,
2. Canon New F-1 with AE head. Heavy but, AE lock aside, the bets handling camera I've used.
3. Eos 1Ds the first viable full frame DSLR, it should be on any list of the cameras of the decade. I dislike the Eos bodies but the idea of this was with a 16-35 & 24 TS-E was the first DSLR to make me even consider giving up my FD gear.
4. Fuji F610 - my first proper foray into Digital.
4. Canon AE-1 Program, very convenient, my film based walk around camera with a 50/1.4
5. Eos 400d a decent camera that's handy for when the 1Ds is too bulky.
6. Panasonic TZ-7 brilliantly flexible lens and a good movie mode. IQ not as far ahead of the Fuji as the hype about digital progress would suggest.
7. Canon AT-1 pure matchneddle simplicity. A lot of fun to use particularly with an olf 50/1.8SC that vignettes nicely.
8. Canon T70 Compact multi mode alternative to the T90. I miss the Av mode tho'
9. Canon AL-1qF Quirky Focus assisted FD camera, takes far too long to indicate correct focus for it to be a truly useful feature.
10. Canon AE-1 One of the all time classics.
Just Jas Plus
16 26.2k 1 England
16 Dec 2009 1:23PM
Year 2000 - Toshiba PDR-M1 fixed focal length lens 1.5Mp compact - my first digital camera. Excellent close-up capability - which allied to email revolutionised the way I worked as a Quality Engineer. Enabled me to prepare and circulate defect reports internally and to suppliers or customers within minutes as opposed to days. To me, a landmark.

Year 2003 - Fuji FinePix S602Z which confined my Contax 139Q cameras to the cupboard. Excellent for my cat pictures with the motorised zoom and all controls at finger tips. Used by many epzers at the time.

Year 2004 - Canon EOS 300V which together with EF 20-35mm USM lens (that I bought from a lady member of epz) was excellent for my medieval architectural and machinery interests.

Year 2005 - The now affordable and landmarking camera the Canon 300D. For many of us the way into true DSLR photography and which sent the S602Z into the cupboard or to ebay. Together with the Sigma 18-50mm lens became the camera of preference for me.

Year 2007 - Fuji FinePix S9600 - replacement for the ailing S602Z where I wanted to travel light with a fuller range of lens focal length. The hinged LCD screen enabled some shots that would have been more difficult with DSLRs. A bit noisy and some problems with focusing accurately at times, but still a great camera.

Year 2008 - Canon EOS 30D which, for me, is superb to handle. Used with the Tokina 12-24mm f4 lens. Does the job.

Year 2009 - Canon EOS 33 again superb to handle. Used with the 20-35mm lens.

In my view the last two cameras above give me the best of both worlds in photography - digital and film.

Overall in 2000-2009 the major benefits to me were autofocus and dioptre adjustment in the viewfinder for my ageing eyesight.
Just Jas Plus
16 26.2k 1 England
16 Dec 2009 1:44PM
Left off the list - the Fuji FinePix A610 compact which goes literally everywhere with me and produces great results. Smile
filmforever 10 748
16 Dec 2009 3:57PM
I feel I have to mention my faithful old Rolleiflex T. Still turning out
superb colour and b&w images. Surely the most versatile single focal length quality camera ever. £125 s/h in 1978, never seen the inside of a repair shop, and still going strong!
keith selmes 14 7.3k 1 United Kingdom
16 Dec 2009 5:33PM

Quote:we are stock-piling drinking water and barricading the front door ready for the new millennium
Actually we were pocketing the bonus payments for all the extra IT work Smile - thats why nothing happened.

Quote:top ten cameras from the past ten years.

Make it the last 100 years and I could play this game better - I certainly want to include a Rollei T as well.

In the last 10 years, 5D, GX100, GH1, M9. Thats it.

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