Can Anyone Advise me on Macro Lenses

LeonSLR 11 1 Wales
3 Jul 2008 4:40PM
I'm looking to buy a Macro lenses for my Cannon EOS 450D camera. Can anyone advise me which one to go for?
What i want to do is Closeup's on Flowers and even Insect's. Please help Leon.

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steve_p 14 1.2k England
3 Jul 2008 5:18PM
I have just got a Tamron 90mm for my 40D which seems very good.
Sigma do a 105mm as well, also a 150mm
If you want to do insects you would need at least these lengths so as not to frighten them off!!
The Canon equivalents 100mm and 180mm are better made in the most part but are also a lot more money.
tomcat 14 6.4k 15 United Kingdom
3 Jul 2008 5:36PM
Sigma 150mm comes highly recommended on here
Including me Wink

MarkyMarc 15 498 Canada
3 Jul 2008 5:37PM
It's definitely possible to get insect shots with the ~100mm macro lenses but can be quite frustrating at times. I'd highly recommend something longer such as the 150mm Sigma that Steve mentioned. As far as quality goes it's difficult to make a bad choice between Sigma, Tamron and Canon as their macro lenses are all excellent. I've heard Tokina's macro lens is excellent as well but never used one or seen the results from one. I use the Tamron 90mm myself but have often found myself wishing for more working distance while chasing bugs around.
janovilas 15 236 England
3 Jul 2008 5:45PM
Sigma 150mm - Well worth the money...
cameracat 16 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
3 Jul 2008 6:16PM
Another contender is the Sigma 70mm. f2.8. EX. macro, Works well on crop & full frame sensors.......Smile

This lens did seriously well in last weeks AP test on four macro lens, In fact it was only just pipped by the Nikon 60mm, into second place, But not by much.

I use one myself and can't fault it.......!
StrayCat 16 19.1k 3 Canada
3 Jul 2008 6:44PM
If you can afford it get the Canon 180mm, it's the lens of choice of some of the world's top entomologists/photographers, because of the distance it gives, plus you have room to add dioptres and extension tubes to go well beyond 1:1 magnification.
sketch 12 1.5k United Kingdom
3 Jul 2008 6:44PM

Quote:Sigma 150mm comes highly recommended on here
Including me Wink


me too

sarah x
ZakBlack 12 105 14 England
3 Jul 2008 6:54PM
All depends on your main use as to the size you need so Ive just uploaded a macro shot with a 100mm Canon. The shot was taken at a ratio of 1:1 so it shows how big something will appear, in this case a fly. I find for flowers this lens to be too big sometimes as i can't fit all the head in as you could see in my shot of a strawberry it only fits half into the frame. Another consideration is a 60mm which can double up as a good portrait lens...
G73photography 13 417 15 United Kingdom
3 Jul 2008 9:03PM
it really depends on your budget, you get what you pay for is correct most of the time, if you have the money to go for 100-150mm macro lenses then fine, but if your on a budget, then you could go for sigma 70-300 macro apo, its a macro lens and an upto 300mm zoom lens, and gives great dof and very good quality for around 150 quid,
Overread 11 4.1k 19 England
3 Jul 2008 9:36PM
The budget (and it really is a budget lens) sigma 70-300mm is a really good flower (for the whole flower mostly) lens, but its a compramise lens. Its not good handheld most of the time and its often very soft at the 300mm end and not a great telephoto. I would say its a very good lens for learning on and for giving you a try at most things, but its not dedicated macro. Also its only 1:2 macro so you won't get the super close detailed shots that are true macro at 1:1 (the image being the same size on the camera sensor as opposed to half the size for a 1:2).

Better is the canon 100mm which is many a macro photographers workhorse - for insects I would say go for the Sigma 150mm (which also comes with tripod grip and lens hood which the canon 100mm does not have - and thus is cheaper to get).
The sigma 180mm is also a good get and is a strong rivel to the canon 180mm - and at less than half the cost its a good choice to go for.
Further both the sigmas work well with the 1.4 and 2* sigma teleconverters and with longer focal length macros you can get some really nice blurred backgrounds (bokeh)
glsammy 13 209 1 United Kingdom
3 Jul 2008 10:46PM
I'm a big fan of the Sigma 150mm. Not too heavy, works very well with 1.4 and 2 TC's. I regard it as the best lens I own, it's the one I wouldn't want to swap for any other.
I did consider the Sigma 180mm but found it too heavy for close up macro work. The 150mm is faster and lighter and offers an excellent 15" minimum working distance.
Leif 15 777
4 Jul 2008 10:47PM

Quote:I'm looking to buy a Macro lenses for my Cannon EOS 450D camera. Can anyone advise me which one to go for?
What i want to do is Closeup's on Flowers and even Insect's. Please help Leon.

For flowers a ~50mm or ~100mm macro lens is ideal. For insects, well that depends. If they are inactive, the 100mm is fine. But if they are active, then at least 200mm is needed, and a 400mm lens is even better! But the 200mm and longer lenses are big, heavy and expensive, and require a decent tripod and head.

To be honest I would think that a ~100mm lens would be an ideal first macro lens. And once you have that, you will need to improve your botanical and entomological knowledge, as without that, no lens will get you a good image. And good knowledge of the behaviour of insects will allow you to take good pictures with the 100mm lens, whereas without that knowledge, even a 200mm lens will not be much use.

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