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Canon! So many Bodies ... What would you do?

DavidA 16 136 United Kingdom
6 May 2007 11:48AM
Just about at the stage where I can justify adding a 2nd body to my kit, in fact the last job proved that I need one.

The problem is though that the more Canon expand their range the harder it is to decide what to do.

Keep 20d as first body and add 400d as second
keep 20d as 2nd body and look at a 30/5d
just get a second 20D so there's no problem!

When I first started my digital conversion programme I took the decision to spend money on lenses rather than bodies, they will last longer and have a greter bearing on quality I think.

Using canon's own comparison the differences are largely minimal except for the 5d's much bigger pixel count, and chip size.

Of course in a couple of years I'll be able to afford a whole stack of 1ds Mark VI (probably by then!) but for now I have to be a little more cicumspect about where I spend money.

Suggestions, observations, etc very gratefully recieved.
justin c 17 5.1k 36 England
6 May 2007 11:54AM
If you shoot a variety of subjects where both wide angle and telephoto lenses are used,then IMHO a 5D and a 20D is a superb,and invaluable combination to have.
The quality and larger file sizes of the 5D make it ideal as your main camera,whilst if you find yourself needing the extra reach then the 20D is indespensible.

mattw 17 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
6 May 2007 12:02PM
What is it you are wanting the second body for?
EDIT: Sorry, what sort of jobs are you doing?
DavidA 16 136 United Kingdom
6 May 2007 12:06PM
Getting more and more weddings and find I need to switch ever more quickly between exposures and or lenses.

Justin, thanks for that tip.
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
6 May 2007 12:09PM
Not sure what lenses you have, but some of them might not work on 5D
miptog 15 3.6k 65 United Kingdom
6 May 2007 12:18PM
If the 20D is meeting your needs, I would go for a second 20D, or 30D. Going for the same body gives you 100% compatibility in lenses and the way you use the camera. Wait a while and then go for the 1Ds.
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
6 May 2007 12:27PM
I would keep 20D as second body and get a 1D series. To me, there is no point of getting another thats almost the same as to 20D.
DavidA 16 136 United Kingdom
6 May 2007 3:38PM
Ive made a point of getting lenses that aren't an issue with compatibility.

Cost, sadly, is the big factor, I'm a little way off being able to afford the 1D series, thats the goal but not feasible for a year or so.

Thanks for the useful comments guys.
peterjones 19 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
6 May 2007 8:20PM
If you are getting more and more weddings then acquiring a second back up body is a high priority particularly as the wedding season is under way; if money is a problem get a second 20D or even a 10D, my 2003 weddings were all shot on a pair of 10Ds and I am still impressed with the image quality from the reprint orders I receive sometimes for 03.
Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
6 May 2007 8:33PM
A lot of pros seem to use the Canon 5D now.

A local pro tog was quite envious about how cheaply I'd got mine! He was convinced it must have been a grey import!

Get a 5D and use 20D as backup, I would have thought.
matt07 14 25
7 May 2007 12:23PM
What did you get the 5D for?
Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
7 May 2007 12:28PM
Oh nothing gobsmacking - just got it from WE at their current price (less cashback).

But I think he had paid 2000+ for his.
DavidA 16 136 United Kingdom
8 May 2007 8:48AM
Found a factory recon 1D - too old or still good? Also a couple of 5Ds for a bit more.

What do people think?
Carabosse 18 41.5k 270 England
8 May 2007 9:10AM
The 5D will be better than a 1D Mk I (or indeed Mk II or III) for image quality. It is not however weather sealed.

So it depends what sort of work you will be using the camera for.
DavidA 16 136 United Kingdom
8 May 2007 9:23AM
Thanks for that CB, mainly portraits and weddings rather than heavy travelling use, sounds like keeping my eyes open for a good deal on the 5d is my best option!

Even thought about a 400 as a stop-gap solution but I suspect, from what I've heard & read, that I'd notice a significant quality drop from the 20D, though again, a 30D might be a better mid point for now!

This decisoion process is torturing!

But I've made this decision (I think)

It's Either a 30D or a 5D! Not in too much of a hurry so I can hang around and wait for a good price on a recon/refurb/2nd hand one, as long as I don't have to wait to long!

Thanks for all the comments

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