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canon 100-400

steve_kershaw 17 2.3k 4 United Kingdom
1 Jun 2005 10:12AM
hoping to buy this lens in a couple of weeks

i have read some reviews on the lens+coments

anybody got any experiance with this lens?

been told it can be a bit dusty?

any comments will be apreciated

agoreira 18 6.0k Wales
1 Jun 2005 10:33AM
"been told it can be a bit dusty?"

So they tell me! And problems with barrel bearings too but I've dropped mine from about five feet, and have yet to suffer any of the problems. I wish I was as pleased with my 17-40 as I am with the 100-400. :-( Buy it! It's a good lens.
bailey73 19 357
1 Jun 2005 10:33AM
I bought this lens yesterday, auto focus is very quick, its light compared to my 50-500 and is of very good build quality.

As for image quality I am still not sure, it is by far better than the Sigma 50-500 but I am still getting use to it at this stage.

Hope that helps

UserDeleted 19 3.6k
1 Jun 2005 11:27AM

Thought you were a Nikonite ?

I'm assuming Steve means the Canon 100-400 IS, which is a push/pull zoom and therefore reputed to suck in the dust...

Unless you saw the light of course and now are shooting withy "real" kit ...


bailey73 19 357
1 Jun 2005 12:01PM

I decided yesterday to move over to Canon, so picked up a 20D, 100-400 IS, and a 28-135mm - the time had come to change.

I feel Nikon are really lagging behind and could I was struggling to get hold of the accessories, lenses etc that was needed and the cost was alot higher.

Hope I have made the right move and look forward to testing it out again at Silverstone tomorrow.

If you know of anyone who is after any Nikon kit please feel free to point them in my direction.

UserDeleted 19 3.6k
1 Jun 2005 12:08PM

Hope it goes well. I'm sure there will be takers for your kit, last time I saw it it was all in great condition, and well looked after.

I'm assuming it's testing tomorrow. Hadn't really had time to check lately - been a bit mad.

Would be good to catch up again, although I can't make tomorrow...

We should do that and then plan a trip to Performance Car 2005.... Grin

josspowick 18 264 United Kingdom
1 Jun 2005 12:15PM
As far as I am concerned the 100-400 IS is worth every penny. I did a lot of research into the usual problems like the bearings and dust but it still didnt stop me from buying it. Bearings seem to be a problem when used by professionals on an everyday basis. Also if you forget to tighten the tightening ring and just let the lens pull out all the way coming to a thud at the end can put unnesessary stress on the bearings. Dust can be cleaned off.

Great build quality as well as image quality. Be sure to shop around, cameraworld are usually quite competitive and Jessops are usually willing to pricematch.
UserDeleted 19 3.6k
1 Jun 2005 12:21PM
It's not the dust on....'s the dust in that is the problem. That requires a service.
snapperstan 17 235
1 Jun 2005 12:32PM
it works like a hollywood hooker every time you push the lens out

its a very dirty lens in that respect
great piece of glass but very dusty
steve_kershaw 17 2.3k 4 United Kingdom
1 Jun 2005 12:33PM
seen this lens on e-bay brand new for 870 inc delivery, shiped direct from hong kong, (canon have the international warrenty)

cheapest i can get it in the uk is 1030 + del

wont have the for a 3 weeks so i can think further
philwig 17 817 1
1 Jun 2005 12:40PM
I used one on the D30 where it performed excellently, better than the 28-135 and excellent all round. It didn't do so well on my 1Ds, where I found it hard to get critically sharp images at full bore/ full aperture, and there is vignetting. I sold it a month or so back on ebay. Good value I'd say, but it's not a long prime.

Dust: I have not had to clean my sensor since I dumped the 100-400. I used to have a lot of dust problems, although I did not realize where it all came from at the time.

To get the best from the lens:
(a) get a good copy
(b) don't shoot at 400mm
(c) stop down
I didn't find it satisfactory with a 2xII.

All of these shots here were taken with that lens at 350mm or less and at f8 or so. The people in them couldn't believe how sharp the originals were. You just have to know what it will and won't do.

Oh, the IS doesn't work on a tripod.
keithh 18 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
1 Jun 2005 12:46PM
Just spent today resizing shots from a 1DS taken on a 100/400L taken at last years Wimbledon up to 4 metres as a pin at 400mm...I'll be using it at this years LTA tour and when the Getty boys are struggling at court side with their 400/500 and 600 I'll be sliding that dust sucker like a good 'un.

Buy it.
User_Removed 20 2.8k 11 United Kingdom
1 Jun 2005 9:59PM
Hi Steve, I second everything good that has been said already. Had mine about two months and am very impressed with it. Great piece of Glass and there's two things that confirm it's a quality lens.....(1)The word 'Canon' is stamped on it and (2) It has the Red ring around it.

StrayCat 18 19.1k 3 Canada
3 Jun 2005 10:28AM
Here's an article on the lens, and the reviewer is a Nikon shooter.
simons 18 13
3 Jun 2005 11:33AM
I have used the 100-400 for quite a few years and have found it to be a very good lens, it's the one attached to the camera most of the time.

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