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canon 100-400

Denise 21 279
3 Jun 2005 11:37AM
It is a great, versatile lens, but we have been very unlucky with ours. The bearings had to be replaced after only 18 months at a cost of 210.00 and the IS no longer works on it and at 500+ for repairs it's staying as non IS. Luck of the draw, like buying a new car and it didn't stop us from buying a second one. Just hope we have better luck 0(
steve_kershaw 17 2.3k 4 United Kingdom
3 Jun 2005 11:57AM
thx for all the comments

i am supprised that canon havent made this lens a bit faster
100-400 2.8l hmmm that sounds nice
_ 17 535 4 Virgin Islands, British
3 Jun 2005 12:36PM
I had one, loved it. Then it started playing up, elements came out of line and cost 250 to get fixed. After it was fixed it worked great for a few months then the same thing again.
I sold it and bought a 70-200/2.8 and a 300/2.8. I'd never have another 100-400 again.

This is Canon's most controversial L series lens, if you get a good one nurse it, cherish it, take great shots with it, but neverrely on it, because as sure as fate, one day it will let you down big time and the beauty of it is you just never know when.

Oh, don't be tempted to put a 1.4 or 2x converter on it, image quality takes a real nose dive.

Ask about any other Canon L lens and you will get almost 100% say how great they are, except with the 100-400, then it seems about three quarters are happy.

billma 18 119 United States
3 Jun 2005 4:47PM
Had it over a year and absolultely love it and depend upon it for so much. I use it for birds and other wildlife, macro shots of flowers and bugs etc with the 25mm extension tube and street shots. Have had some luck with the 1.4 multiplier. Have had no luck with the 2x although others seem to be able to get some good shots with it. The focus is fast and accurate and the IS is amazing.

Add a 28-135 IS and use the extension tube for macro and you have everything but the widest stuff covered.

I am saving up for a wide angle and have promised myself the 500mm one day.

Good shooting.
snapperstan 17 235
4 Jun 2005 1:41AM
i must admit it was one of the few canon lenses i kept when i switched to sigma for a while and it hasnt seen much use in the last two years and really i shuold have sold it
although it is a good lens it is no match for a 70-200 2.8 and a 300 2.8 so it stays in the bag
now i have switched back fully to canon it is sitting there in the case and i know it isnt going to come out too often

im indifferent towards it and struggle to see canons idea behind its existence
philwig 17 817 1
4 Jun 2005 1:45AM
As above, this is the one grey lens which people argue over.

Here's the "Luminous Lanscape" view. The interesting bit's down the bottom. Bear in mind that Reichman also used the lens very successfully for years, albeit on an APS camera (D30). Try not to get steamed up if you own one - he was comparing it with lenses costing three times as much, and not surprisingly they're better. The APS sensor avoids the worst part of the optical field from this lens.

Check the MTF chart, should be on Canon USA's site and it was reprinted in last month's CPS magazine. This is Canon's own "design" (not measured) chart and it shows that it's designed to be waaay soft at the field edges at f/5.6, 400mm. There will be batch variation, but you get what you pay for. BTW in the CPS tests this lens does slightly better at 400mm full-out than the 70-200 f/2.8 and 2xII. All of which are of course totally blown away by the 400mm f/5.6.

Photodo did actual MTF tests on production samples, and their results validate Canon's. Their result that this is marginally better than the [very good] 28-135 matches my field experiences with both lenses. They're both very good lenses, but the 28-135 was softer and showed more distortion/ CA at the edges than the 100-400 (all used full-frame). I sold them in that order as I got more picky. You get what you pay for.

I carried my 100-400 around for 4 years during which time I had only three total failures requiring Canon's attention. Eventually I took them to court (Canon UK were useless at the time, CPS or not). They were forced to give me another lens. The second one didn't fail on assignment, but it was no sharper.

If you're buying new then I'd check performance - you presumably want one of those getty-beating jobs, not one like my two.

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