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Canon 10D .... still worth keeping ?

billip 15 414 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2013 11:17AM
I'd be interested in others' thoughts as to whether an "upgrade" to my still perfectly well functioning Canon 10D is essential. Not having played with the latest versions, 70D, 7D, 5D etc, I'm not sure whether the undoubted enhancements in mpx, ISO sensitivities, AF response speeds etc would knock my socks off or merely provoke a "hmm, nice improvement, but not sure I needed that".

You can see that I'm not talking about an imagined need to upgrade from last year's (sorry, month's,) model to this month's, but to replace a body which is now 10 years old, but, as I say, still working fine for what it is.

Thoughts welcome.

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peterjones 18 5.0k 1 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2013 11:27AM
Many years ago I used to use a pair of 10Ds for my wedding photography; excellent cameras in their time but much improved upon by modern DSLRs; if you are happy with the 10D stay with it but if you try some modern DSLRs you may be more than tempted to upgrade.

mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2013 11:32AM
What is it you are looking for?
If you need to crop a lot (or even only occasionally for key images) then the higher MP count of the 70D/7D will be useful to you
If you need a better AF system (it sounds like you don't) then the 70D is superior, and the 7D is way better again
If you find ISO quality is limiting you, then the 7D will give you about 2 stops more latitude. If you mean the 5D2 that will give you about 4 stops of latitude.

If you use your images largely uncropped I think only the 5D2/5D3 is likely to create that 'WOW!' factor, and even then if you print large. An alternative to the 5Dx would be the 6D.
I would apply Occam's razor and say 'if you need to ask, maybe you don't need it' Smile
conrad 15 10.9k 116
7 Aug 2013 11:37AM
It doesn't sound like you feel any kind of urgent need to upgrade, so I don't see why you should, really. If you're happy with how your 10D functions and you're happy with the images it produces, little old frugal me is inclined to say stick with it, and only upgrade when you see a good reason to do so. But that may just be me...
7 Aug 2013 12:12PM
You will find newer models much more responsive and more functional. Live view mode is a delight with landscape photography and allows to use old SLR lens with great results. RAW development gets harder though for the size of file is much larger and sensor pixel size is considerably smaller. 10D was famous with having pixel size practically the same as 1D - full format camera, and it did translate into image quality. Currently I own 10D and 550D (which shares sensor with 60D), and I am glad that I kept my trusted old camera. Most voted for images in my portfolio were made by it. Having said that - I like my new camera too and intend to keep both. Resale value for 10D is next to nothing nowadays.

My advice is - try before buying, and do not get rid of your old camera till you are sure the new one does satisfy you 100 per cent.
parallax 10 204 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2013 12:32PM
You can pick up a 5D2 for a very reasonable price which would be a great improvement on the 10D.
billip 15 414 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2013 3:13PM
Thank you for these thought-provoking answers; I think whatever I decide to do I'll still hang on to the 10D anyway, especially, as was said, its resale value is now next-to-nothing. Now, 70D/7D or full-frame 5D ... Oh dear, here we go again !
bmh1 14 572 1 United Kingdom
7 Aug 2013 3:30PM
If you get a new camera, you could always have your 10D converted to infrared ....
7 Aug 2013 4:53PM

Quote:Now, 70D/7D or full-frame 5D ... Oh dear, here we go again !

I would personally go full-frame if i could afford it. I have seen both 5DMkII and 5DMkIII in action and they both produce stunning results. That's not to say that the other cameras you mentioned wont produce great pictures, it's just that the greater "wow" factor is more likely to come from a full-frame.
Dann 6 250
7 Aug 2013 6:19PM

Quote:Canon 10D .... still worth keeping ?


I still have the Nikon equivalent alongside my other equipment i.e. - the D70.

And it STILL turns in saleable images.
keithh 16 25.6k 33 Wallis And Futuna
7 Aug 2013 8:00PM

Quote:greater "wow" factor is more likely to come from a full-frame

Yep - seven years ago that was true.
billip 15 414 United Kingdom
8 Aug 2013 8:58AM
So, for the full-frame (Canon) advocates, would you go for the 6D then ?
mikehit 10 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
8 Aug 2013 9:49AM
It all depends on what you want - the 5D3 has a superior AF system (better than the 7D by all accounts), and although the 6D is 'entry level' full frame, it has slightly better noise performance and is much cheaper.

Choose your compromises...
billip 15 414 United Kingdom
8 Aug 2013 10:47AM
Reminds me of the old salesman's question to a demanding customer: "which one of the following three things are you prepared to sacrifice: good, quick, cheap ?"
peterjones 18 5.0k 1 United Kingdom
9 Aug 2013 10:43AM
easy answer: none!

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