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Canon 1D-II has arrived

darren2001 17 17
3 May 2004 12:48PM
Hi ALl,

May i make one small comment on the mk2, Dont buy it here in the uk, It seems a lot of you are buying from camera stores in the Uk and being riped off as usual and no doubt you are having to wait for anything up to 4 months for the puppies. I've just ordered 4 from B and H in New York and im paying a little over 2k each and a good way of avoiding any import tax is to have a short break and pick it up yourself, Still saving thousands on the UK price.

As for the MK2 being soft, I've been using one over the past couple of days and i havnt had one probelm with soft images, lot sharper then the 1D and miles better then nikons D2H. anyway anyone waiting for the MK2 enjoy and i look forward to pics posted using the new body.

roxpix 17 2.2k 11 Scotland
3 May 2004 1:11PM
Hi Darren , not sure I understand the difference in the import duty if you pick them up or have them shipped over?
User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
3 May 2004 2:29PM
You won't pay any import tax on a digital camera brought into the UK regardless of how they are brought in. HM Customs and Excise have declared digital cameras to bee xempt from import duty.

You will of course have to pay VAT.

If you do decide to buy them yourselves in the US and bring them over to the UK but attempt to smuggle them in to avoid the VAT, not only do the HM Customs have the power to force you to pay the VAT and a punative fine, they also have the power to confiscate the goods with no reimbursement.

In any event, I would be concerned with warranty issues. Canon Europe will not honour a non-US warranty and the warranty offered by B&H is of limited use to anyone buying in the UK.

3 May 2004 3:16PM
Agreeing with Barrie,
In fact Daren I fail to see how you can make any saving buying from B and H. The price of the 1D II with delivery is around $4600, which at the current exchange rate of 1.7 and VAT works out at around 3100 which is the UK price?

Surely not worth it considering you have no warranty.

3 May 2004 3:22PM
BTW if you have avoided VAT its still not a great saving at 2700 ish by my calc and if you travel with your camera you will risk being called up to pay the VAT.

roxpix 17 2.2k 11 Scotland
3 May 2004 3:29PM
Of course the reason I asked the question relates to the recent post defining 'professional' photographers.

If the only gain to be made is through the avoidance of VAT.........................need I say more?
darren2001 17 17
3 May 2004 3:54PM
Hi Canon,

The price of a eos 1d mk2 in b and h now is 2249 at the present exchange rate, uk price is still over 3500 so there's your first saving and the whole warrenty USA< euro is a load of rubbish, I have brought cameras from the USA for years and ive never had any problem with getting repair though canon before.

As for the VAT; Thats simple, Buy the thing use it for the time your in the USA, then when you bring it back in the country its already used, not second hand and as long as your not bringing it back in the boxes then your fine, remember Customs have to prove its new and you having to prove its not.

Another Way to save on Camera Gear, and for those of you worried about VAT/customs and warrenties, then buy your gear from Hong Kong, the savings arnt as big as in the usa but you get a UK warranty and most of the dealers with have the Duty included in the low price.

Finally what we should all do is not buy any new toys until Canon/Nikon stop riping us off, After all how many of us paid 5400 for the 1D when it first come out (I did) and then 3 months ago i bought another one for 1600 brand spanking new, how it that possible, when i buy a new car i dont exspect it to be 60% cheaping if i wait a year after it launch.
sorry for ranting but its a sore point.


User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
3 May 2004 4:11PM
Just to correct you on a couple of points Darren.

Firstly VAT. Second hand camera equipment still attracts VAT. Of course you can try and smuggle them in but as I say, not only will you be charged the VAT, you will probably incur a punitive penalty and maybe have them confiscated.

Secondly - the price really isn't such a good deal. I paid 3000 for my first 1D-II and it was one of the first in the country. For this I not only get a full European warranty (and Canon are under no legal obligation to honour a non-European warranty) but I also get the full pro-kit.

I would be wary of buying in the US until I was absolutely sure of what I was getting. I know someone who works for the Daily Mail who bought a 1D from the US only to have it turn up body and battery only. The UK version of the same camera came with battery charger, mains unit, straps etc. I think it is significant (and I am ready to stand corrected), that the B&H ad only makes reference to the camera body! In any event - you may well have quite a wait. I understand thaty B&H are on a 3 figure back order at the moment! It's all well and good advertising something at whatever price you like, but if you don't have any to sell, it's pointless.

Whilst I am not going to defend UK pricing, the issue is a little more complicated than might first appear and there is a little more to buying an expensive piece of kit than simply how much it costs.

Barrie Smile
3 May 2004 4:18PM
Sorry to disagree but I do on this one.

Firstly, I don't see how you get 2249- is this a UK pound price quoted by B and H or just on an excessive exchange rate? Also, you can pick up the II in the UK for less than 3200 relatively easily.

VAT is not as simple as you make out. Just cos you don't have the box does not mean they cant charge you. And simply using it for two weeks on holiday does not either! All C+E have to do (and often do do, even months or years after purchase) is check the serial numbers, see where it was purchased and if VAT was or was not paid.

As far as rip off Britain goes- yeh we used to be but we are getting a lot more competitive, due to the stength of the pound for one thing. As far as the 1D issue- of course you will pay over the odds for any camera in any country the moment it comes out, and as years go by and it gets replaced you will find bargains. That is not new news.

Buying from Hong Kong is ok, but a Hong Kong Canon warranty is no better than a USA one. If you manage to get you gear repaired under it then you are lucky and that is not something that lots of people would risk on such an expensive camera. Some sellers on eBay offer seller 'international' warranties but usually the goods still have be sent back to HK for repair. And of course you still pay VAT.

So, in my opinion the savings are minimal and sometimes not worth it. You can get good deals from UK registered internet companies that Jessops and many other high street outlets will match.

darren2001 17 17
3 May 2004 5:32PM
HI Matt,

Im not try to get anyone to break the law on the old VAT, but the saving are there to be had when buying oversea's, sorry, As i said in my first posting here i have bought from the USA in the past and i have had the camera repaired by Canon in this country (fact) and i saved enough money even when i paid for my flight (stayed with friends in NYC), VAT i claim back so thats no big deal.

Rip of britian, well we still are, we still pay over the odds for our camera gear, CD's, etc, yes it may be getting cheaper but its not on line with the USA, Asia, NZ, Austrialia or the rest of Europe - Sorry. We could go into the development costs of a camera and thats why it cost more when it come out, but arnt the development costs still there a year or 2 down the line?, Advertsing cost- yes still there after a year or 2, Mayne you could explain why it cost 4 times the amount for a camera when its first come out.
Im Not a having a dig i would just like to know, Smile

User_Removed 19 7.3k 6 United Kingdom
3 May 2004 5:46PM
Supply and demand Darren - fact of life.

It's the same reason why you and I both would charge enough to pay off our mortgages if we ever got a photo of Mr Beckham and Miss Loos checking into the Greasy Spoon Cafe and Motel, West Bromwich if we ever got the chance!

Barrie Smile
darren2001 17 17
3 May 2004 6:43PM
Barrie i get the feeling your right, we need it (Camera) and they (Canon, Nikon) rip us off, Tell you what if i ever get the beck and loo's pic i'll buy you a pint


doczoc 18 773
3 May 2004 7:39PM
I understand that people are against trying to avoid VAT for legal reasons but it is so tiresome having to pay over the odds all the time. My particular bug bear is software take Photoshop CS - availble on Amazon US for $579.99(327.50 at current exchange rates)and yet on the UK site, us mugs are expected to pay 528.99!!! How can such a mark up be justified? I understand that equipment incurs more costs in shipment etc, but still the extra price we have to pay in this country is ridiculus. I am not in the fortunate position to be able to claim VAT back so every penny counts.

Right thats my rant over LOL

Do you have to pay VAT on a camera from the EU?
loweskid 19 2.0k 1 United Kingdom
3 May 2004 8:03PM
Do you have to pay VAT on a camera from the EU?

Yes, but rates vary for different countries. Full chart here (pdf file)
Denise 19 279
3 May 2004 9:10PM
Unless there's a substantial saving to be made I would not bother to import from the US. I did buy my ID from the States, but that was when the price over here was almost 5,000. My savings, including VAT etc. were at least 1,500. Unfortunately, my ID went faulty after only 6 months of use and no-way would Canon UK entertain FOC repair. Thankfully, I got round it another way but the warranty issue is still there.

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