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Canon 24-105L or 15-85

dazzaman 11 631 England
22 Mar 2013 8:27AM
hi guys do any of you own the 15-85 mm canon lens.and if so is it as good as all the reviews make out.i was going to go for the canon 24-105L but a lot of photographers have said its not wide enough on a cropped body.??????????

The question is Canon 24-105L or 15-85

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mikehit 8 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
22 Mar 2013 9:21AM
What was wrong with our previous answers, and is there any reason you are starting a new thread so soon?

trivets12 14 1.3k
22 Mar 2013 9:40AM
The 15-85 won't be any wider on a crop body, surely? Once you apply the 1.6 factor it will still be 24, which is the same!
Nigeyboy 10 870 United Kingdom
22 Mar 2013 9:40AM
Yes - but the 24mm end of the 24-105 will be 38mm on a crop body . . . .
trivets12 14 1.3k
22 Mar 2013 9:41AM
Doh, yes, silly me. The curse of having been on night duty!
Nigeyboy 10 870 United Kingdom
22 Mar 2013 9:42AM
Think it all depends on what sort of photography you want to do with it - many people relied on just 50mm for years, and 38mm is a touch wider than that. Maybe a 28-170mm equivalent will suffice for the OP's needs - he doesn't say what he mainly shoots though . . . . .
Nigeyboy 10 870 United Kingdom
22 Mar 2013 9:43AM
Get to bed then, lol!!!!! Wink
MalcolmS Plus
12 1.2k 13 England
22 Mar 2013 9:57AM
I had a 15-85mm on a 40D and now have a 24-105mm on a 5D Mk2. I've never had need to put the 24-105mm on the 40D but I was very impressed with the 15-85mm. I would struggle to tell the difference after processing, so I would recommend the 15-85mm, particularly as it is F3.5 at the lower end compared to F4 on the 24-105mm.
SteveHunter 10 386 1 England
22 Mar 2013 10:13AM
I had a quick look at your profile and most of your work seems to be landscape using a Nikon D200 with a Sigma 10 - 20, I did find one shot using a Canon 40D with a Sigma 10 - 20, so based on this I am assuming you already have the Canon fit Sigma 10 - 20 in your bag, and you do a lot of your photography outside.

I recently had the same debate about lenses, in the end I looked at what focal lengths I used on my old kit and decided that the 24 - 105L would be the best option for me to fit between my 2 existing lenses.

I have the Sigma 10 - 20, and the 70-300L which gives me a good overall range.

I tried both lenses on the body of my EOS 60D and the 24 - 105L felt more balanced to me. I also like the fact the weather sealing is a bit better. A friend has the 15 - 85 mounted on the front of his 7D and can't speak highly enough about it, it's definitely a good lens, most people seem to say it's L series quality without the Red ring.

If you can, find a shop that stocks both and try them on your camera. You will be carrying your camera around a lot with this lens attached, and probably use it for most of your shots so worth getting the right one.
dazzaman 11 631 England
22 Mar 2013 11:01AM
Hi Steve that's what I've heard about the 15-85 it's l quality without the red ring.but in reality will it still have the same lovely colours and contrast image quality etc etc as an L series lens.?????
SteveHunter 10 386 1 England
22 Mar 2013 11:13AM
Based on the reviews I have read of that lens, I would say yes. Lots of people rave about it.

I think both lenses will give you fantastic image quality.

It comes down to whether you need the 15 - 24 mm focal length range that the 15 - 85 will give you over the 24 - 105, or whether you are happy to sacrifice the lack of the wide angle for the benefit of the extra zoom range the 24 - 105 gives you in the 85 - 105 range. Only you can really answer that one.
Dave_Canon 11 1.4k United Kingdom
22 Mar 2013 11:32AM
It depends on your photography. I used the 24-105mm f4 on a "cropped" camera but even then needed wider angle for some architectural and landscape photography so also had a Canon 10-20mm. Since moving the the full frame 5D2, I find the 24-105mm is ideal and use it for around 80% of my photography. However, I still need wider sometimes so have the Sigma 12-24mm for those occassions. It really does come down to what is best for your photography.

Coast 10 1.6k 292 United Kingdom
22 Mar 2013 11:55AM
I use a full frame 5d mark III and previously the mark I.

Over the years I have been fortunate to build up a good selection of lenses including the 50mm f1.4 and 100mm f2.8 macro primes as well as the 16-35mm f2.8 II L and 70-200mm f2.8 IS L. This accompanies the 24-105mm f4 L that came with my original 5d and was the single lens I started with back in 2006.

The majority of the picturesI take are with the 24-105mm. The image quality is sharp with good colour and I have produced prints up to 40"x30" that both sharpness and colour just knock you out!

I rarely use the IS function leaving it off almost 100% of the time and this has led me to wonder whether I would be better off with the 24-70mm f2.8 L lens. I have concluded however that the image quality and range I get with the 24-105mm is more than sufficient and the additional expense in changing will not give me any justifiable return of investment.

So that's the background for me and I find the 24-105mm is a great walkabout lens. The few times I have used the IS function I have no issue with IS blurring that often gets attributed to the lens and I find that as long as you remember to switch IS off if on a tripod and as Mikehit mentions in another thread on this subject pausing at the half shutter button level to allow IS to stabilise before releasing the shutter button all the way then it will never be a problem.

For you I think only you can answer your question. What do you find you photograph mostly and what focal length or range do you end up using?

If you have the Sigma 10-20mm then the 24-105mm may sit well next to this. The crop factor gives a different range and extra reach at the telephoto end of the zoom.

The other thing to consider may be if you ever move into full frame in the future. The 24-105mm will come with you whereas the 15-85mm lens will not. I would always advise buying the best glass you can afford as it will stay with you for many years although with camera and sensor technology advances it is more likely and in the grand scheme of things the less expensive part of investment in photo kit to upgrade a camera body. I have a number of friends who have gone through 3 or 4 digital bodies over the last 6 or 7 years upgrading through 20d's to 50d's to 7d's for example of one and the consistent has been the lens collection built up during the same period. This particular friend has stuck with his original 17-85mm lens as his general walkabout until recently switching it for the 24-70mm. Although this is because he plans to go full frame later this year and the 17-85mm was the only EF-s lens in his collection.

The 24-105mm is a great lens and if the range suits your photographic needs, which is really as I see it the question you need to answer, you will not be disappointed with the quality both in build, feel and output of sharpness, colour and contrast.
dazzaman 11 631 England
22 Mar 2013 12:05PM
Thanks so much guys.also I can probably get a good used 24-105 for less than I would pay for a brand new 15-85.I really do want the best glass possible.ie the 24-105
dazzaman 11 631 England
23 Mar 2013 10:30AM
Some say the optical quality isn't as good as the 15-85 .surely this can't be true.

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