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canon 24-105mm f4 IS lens vignetting on 5D

User_Removed 14 1.5k 1
3 Mar 2007 10:21AM
further to receiving advice from forum member john horne i am interested in getting feed back from users of this lens. john is very happy with performance of this lens but says it suffers from vignetting at 24-28mm. how much of a hinderence is this? does it only happen in low light? does image have to be significantly cropped to make photo acceptable? I am considering buying this lens due to its IS for low light photography hoping i can in the future become a wedding photographer. However, i am concerned about vignetting ruining quality as the 24-28mm end of lens will be frequently used. would i be better with a canon 24-70 2.8 that does not suffer at this problematic focal length. Any views much appreciated. will help me make the right choice. thanks james
JohnHorne 16 1.0k
3 Mar 2007 10:25AM
James, you might be interested to read a comparison of the two lenses here.

Edit: Another comparison here has done some more rigorous lab-based testing.

Incidentally, I do notice slight barrel distortion at the wide end of the zoom (though it isn't excessive) but I don't encounter the pincushion distortion at the 105mm end mentioned by the reviewer.
User_Removed 14 1.5k 1
3 Mar 2007 10:32AM
Thanks for that John. Getting my 5D next week so trying to make my mind up what is most appropriate lens.
kinfatric 16 550 9 Scotland
3 Mar 2007 10:39AM
you can read what I've said about this here and if you do a search I'm sure there's loads of info and advice on the forum.

You mention weddings so I think it prudent you consider this point about the lens in question ' the E-TTL II flash system for more accurate exposures using the range of Ex speedlights ' where you intend using the 5d with this lens I would say this was an advantage.
culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
3 Mar 2007 10:45AM

Quote:would i be better with a canon 24-70 2.8

Yes - if won't miss the extra length and are happy to pay the extra cost and carry the extra weight.

Dan Smile

(IS at these lengths isn't really that important esp with an extra stop)
JohnHorne 16 1.0k
3 Mar 2007 10:53AM
I realise I didn't address your question "How much of a hindrance is the vignetting". I've just had a look at a test shot I did at 24mm and f/4. It can easily be corrected by a quick use of the lighten brush in PSP (or the PS equivalent).

If you have a large number to deal with then it might be a pain to have to do them all manually, but you can get software which corrects for the shortcoming of various lenses. I don't use such s/w, but there was a forum discussion some time ago so it might be worth doing a search.

I don't want to overstate the issue. If you buy the 24-105 you may use it and wonder "What on earth was John worrying about ?"; on the other hand, if you didn't know about it you might be a little disappointed and think "Why did no-one mention it ?".


Edit: Looking at another image shot at 24mm and f/16, there is no vignetting at all. I haven't done any tests to see at what point between f/4 and f/16 the vignetting disappears.

Also, contrary to my earlier statement I have found some shots which exhibit slight pincushion distortion at 105mm. Apologies if I have misled you !
User_Removed 14 1.5k 1
3 Mar 2007 11:37AM
I use elements 3 I am going to look and see if it has a lens correction filter. i think i could get most traditional shots with the 24-70mm lens. I just think 105mm is handy for shots at receptions to produce a more free flowing style of photography. I suppose i could go for the 24-70mm and also get a 50mm prime for low light church shots. I just think the 24-28mm issue with 24-105mm may be its downfall. I can get the 5 d and 24-105ml for 2000 which is a good price as lens alone is over 600 but maybe better long term option is to get 24-70 and go for a longer lens at a later date. I will let you know how i get on. james
Snapper 16 4.5k 3 United States Outlying Islands
3 Mar 2007 11:55AM
I've uploaded a shot with this lens to show vignetting here. This was taken specifically to look for vignetting and it certainly found it! I think it is correctable however, but it may be of interest. Straight jpeg with no adjustments whatsoever.
mattw 17 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
3 Mar 2007 12:32PM
Well, I now have a 24-105 on order, so I can let you know next week! For me the smaller size and weight of the 24-105 was attractive (as I will be carring it around all day), and I think the wife would have killed me if I spent an extra 200 on the 24-70.

ahollowa 17 1.1k England
3 Mar 2007 1:17PM
Been thinking about this. On action shots using a large apperture the background is usually oof so the vignetting shouldn't be a big issue. On shots like you have posted Snapper the dof isn't important. So Canon claim 3-4 stops for the IS. Therefore for a given light level to get a sharp image if the 24-70 was at f2.8 you should be able to go to f8 or even (if you have steady hands) f11 therefore shooting at an apperture that shouldn't vignette.



p.s. yes I am trying to convince myself as I'm hoping to be ordering one with a 5D next week!!
User_Removed 14 1.5k 1
3 Mar 2007 1:59PM

what is the best price you can find the 5d at. Photo optics are 1499.99 for the body and 1999.99 for the 24-105mm with it. there telephone is 01708890723 Let me know if you know anywhere cheaper. the price is slowly coming down.
ahollowa 17 1.1k England
3 Mar 2007 5:04PM
I was going to get it from warehouseexpress. They are doing it for 1999 with 24-105 and offering 12 months interest free credit.
I am just waiting to see if the price comes down when the prices are anounced for the 20th Anniversary kits anounced the other week.


User_Removed 17 524 England
3 Mar 2007 9:33PM
Try Jacobs - 1898 for the 5D and 24-105 last time I looked. The camera price buster (google for it) is also a useful place to check for latest prices.
User_Removed 14 1.5k 1
9 Mar 2007 1:11PM

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