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Canon 300d Reliability

redsnappa 20 2.8k United Kingdom
24 Dec 2004 9:30AM
Is the Canon 300d reliable, does much go wrong with it? Tha reason

I ask is that I'm intent to buy one and I'm trying to work out wether the extended warantee is worth buying.
cambirder 19 7.2k England
24 Dec 2004 9:42AM
I've had one for nearly a year now and no problems, even after I dropped it with a heafty lens attached.

In general no extended warrantee is worth having. Most modern electronic items go on for 3 years or more without failure, and taking out extended warrantees for everything you buy is expensive, it's cheaper to get the odd thing fixed when it goes wrong.
strawman 19 22.2k 16 United Kingdom
24 Dec 2004 9:47AM
I think you would hear the screams if it were terrible. I too am approaching the end of the first year of ownership.
mrcal 19 1.0k
24 Dec 2004 10:04AM
I've had mine 15 months, shot about 11000 frames and I'm not gentle with cameras. The only problems I've had are related to incompatible Sigma lenses.

As to extended guarantees, bear in mind that most retailers have considerable flexibility on how much they charge. If you want it then be very hard-nosed with the salesperson. You should be able to get a significant discount.

Also, don't forget the cashback offer.
agoreira 19 6.0k Wales
24 Dec 2004 1:04PM
"A lot of electrical stores make huge profits on the back of warranties and that is why they are so keen to push them. The Competition Commission reported that the top five retailers, including Dixons, Argos and Comet, pocketed more than 100million a year in profits from warranties. This was found to be 30% more than should be expected."
evap 18 223 England
31 Dec 2004 6:46AM
I heard a rumour that the shutter mechanism was only good for 10,000 shots. Which worried me slightly as I'm up to 7,000 after 9 months. Anyone get any more info on this?

Carabosse Plus
20 43.7k 270 England
31 Dec 2004 6:58AM
I think someone forgot to add a '0' on the end of that figure. Wink

The 20D's shutter is supposed to be good for 200,000+ shots, so I would think at least 100,000 on the 300D.
mattw 19 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2004 7:11AM
My 300D has taken a year of abuse, and it's still as good as new. (7000+ shots so far)

brian1208 20 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2004 7:17AM
My experiences are the same, including the dreaded "Drop Test". Above 15,000 shots now and no problems whatever (apart from operator error that is Smile

big fella 19 485 England
31 Dec 2004 7:19AM

Quote:The 20D's shutter is supposed to be good for 200,000+ shots, so I would think at least 100,000 on the 300D.

Wrong again CB; try 50K shutter actuations for the 10D, the 20D and around the same for the 300D.

Only the 1 series DSLR's are good for 200K actuations!
Carabosse Plus
20 43.7k 270 England
31 Dec 2004 7:22AM
Nope... the 20d and the 1-series are approx the same. Discussions on pro websites if you care to look!

100,000 (perhaps up to 150,000) on the 10D.

It is likely other bits of the camera will start to play up before the shutter goes though! Wink
big fella 19 485 England
31 Dec 2004 7:33AM

Quote:Nope... the 20d and the 1-series are approx the same.

cough.... yeah, really? 20D @ 1k, 1DSMkII @ 6k the same? Why do they bother marketing the 1DMkII and the 1DS MkII then? I suppose an Astra is the same as a 3 series BMW!

Don't beleive me on the number of shutter actuations? Ask Canon.
u08mcb 19 5.8k
31 Dec 2004 7:44AM
forgive them lord, they know not what they do..
evap 18 223 England
31 Dec 2004 7:51AM
So my 300D is good for a few more shots then and I shouldn't worry (even though it is the US Rebel version!) right?
mogwyth 18 358
31 Dec 2004 11:30AM
The 10,000 figure for the 300D comes from a few people who have had shutters fail at around that figure, not any official figures. I know of quite a few people who have reached in excess of 35,000 shutter actuations with no problems.

I am a bit of a slowcoach with mine (still use film as well) and I am only up to 3,500 shots after 6 months, but despite it's fall down the mountian it has performed faultlessly.

I do rememeber reading somewhere that canon's consumer SLRs shutters were rated for 50,000 shots. If the 300D is rated the same and as I believe, the shutter replacement cost is about 200, this works out to less than 1/2p per shot.

As for extended warrenties personaly I have found that things are more likly to go in the first year then in the next one or two and so never bother with them.

Also you should bear in mind the Sale of Goods Act which says, despite any warrenty offered, goods should last a reasonable length of time (up to six years is allowed in the act). IMO it should not be unreasonable to expect a 600 plus camera to last longer than a year or two.

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