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Canon 300d Reliability

ewoo 18 406
31 Dec 2004 2:43PM
There is absolutely no reason why the 300D shutter would last less time than a 10D or 20D, i expect they are pretty much the same one.....

Leif 18 777
31 Dec 2004 5:37PM
I bought my Minolta 5400 and Nikon D70 at Digital First and in each case got a 2 year warranty for free. The prices were as good as anywhere, so I think they are worth checking out. I have no connection with them except as a customer. Leif.
mogwyth 18 358
1 Jan 2005 1:54AM
Chris wrote "Though not a common fault, it wasn't an isolated case either. There were a few reports of this happening to people on, all repaired under warranty."

There was am augument on DPreview about how common this was and searching all the Canon forums we found about 12 genuine reports of shutter/mirror failure, given the large number of 300D/RebelD owners inhabiting some of these forums, it seems extremly low. Another point is most of these happened several months ago and virtualy all the owners were among the first buyers (camera released Sept 03), so it is possible this was a flaw in the first models off the line, just mho.
janovilas 19 236 England
1 Jan 2005 4:31AM
I've had mine for about 7 or 8 months now - the built in flash doesn't work any more(I'll be getting this done under warranty shortly) - beyond that the only issues that I've had related to using a Cobra 700 AF flash (this caused the error 99 lockup which resolved itself 3 days later). So far my 300D is up to about 7500 shots. I've not been particularly gentle with it - it goes almost everywhere with me, and I don't always have the most suitable bags...
mogwyth 18 358
1 Jan 2005 12:40PM
Chris Wrote "Also how can you say it only affects the first batch, as later batches won't have yet reached an age when it could happen to them anyway?"

What I said was that from the research done the commoninalty was that the vast majority were amongst the first buyers and that it's possibly only the first batch off the line that were affected, given that there have been very few problems on the forums in the last few months. I suppose equaly it could be that these were agressive users and the volume of shot's were unusualy high for these users, compared to the rest of us.

I'lll quite agree with your comment about the shutter life, as most users seem to be taking far more pics than they ever would have done with film, perhaps DSLR manufacturers have underestimated usage. At the end of the day we'll have to wait and see, hopefully it won't be a major problem.

And yes it's done the same for me, photography has become far more exiciting and accessable and my images have definatly improved.
canon_stu 19 140 4 England
1 Jan 2005 2:56PM
I own a D60 and the cam is fantastic although i've dropped it once(glad its built like a tank) ,so about the shutter accentuations and failure, how much does this sort of problem cost to repair when it happens ,anyone know?

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