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Canon 30D and 400D - how do you feel?

joecool 12 350 United States
25 Aug 2006 5:34PM

have just read the news about the 400D - well, the only thing I've to say that I feel then even more disappointed WHY they didn't use the same 10MPix sensor for 30D?... i just don't get it, why is Canon doing this?

is it just me?

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Mark_Readman 12 922
25 Aug 2006 5:38PM
Because they want everybody to buy Nikons
TimJ 14 482 2 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2006 5:57PM
The 30D is more like a product life cycle extension of the 20D than a new model. If they can continue to make money from something they hardly had to change then they will.

I do agree with you though, the 30D should have been 10MP but they obviously decided there was more money to be had doing it this way.
strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2006 7:07PM
Joe it is just phasing. There is no need to rush, wait about 6 months and things will be different again. And anyway 8mp to 10mp is no big deal, the cleaning is useful but not that big a deal. Even if it had appeared in a x0 camera 1st, its not enough to warrant an upgrade.

For the handling, spot meter, and longer life issues I would still pick the 30D.
tigerminx 13 237 South Africa
25 Aug 2006 7:24PM
Well said.
Jay44 12 1.4k Wales
25 Aug 2006 7:36PM
Blimey Canon are churning them out, and it's way cheaper than my 20D and 30D bodies were!
Snapper Plus
13 4.3k 3 United States Outlying Islands
25 Aug 2006 7:36PM
They didn't do it for a couple of reasons. First is that no-one else had a 10Mp on sale at the time, so Canon would have been first at the 30D pricepoint. This would then have been undercut by both the Sony and the Nikon D80, yet Canon couldn't reduce the 30D and might have looked overpriced, which would have lost them sales.

Second is that they have waited to see the D80 price before undercutting them on 10Mp plus adding the dust removal system thereby making the 400D look like an even bigger bargain, which puts Canon "ahead" of Nikon and robs them of the glory even before the D80 hits the shops.

The 40D won't be long in coming to redress the balance.
BOB S 15 2.6k
25 Aug 2006 8:47PM

Quote:i just don't get it, why is Canon doing this?

Quite simple really its called GREED

strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2006 9:03PM
Oh come on be reasonable. Canon as a company exists to make money. It is not a charity. They only get funding for new technology etc because people can see how to make money. Lets face it we go to work expecting to make a profit.

And Jay why the worry. The 400D will produce a slight, and it is slight, resolution increase over your cameras with a shorter shutter life and worse handling etc.
stuwhitt 13 1.4k United Kingdom
25 Aug 2006 9:03PM

Quote:Quite simple really its called GREED

You don't get to be the market leader by standing still
cambirder 14 7.2k England
25 Aug 2006 9:15PM
Don't see what all the fuss is about, a bigger sensor had to come in some point, just happens to have come in on the 400, which seems a nice change that is an entry level job gets 1st dibbs at a new sensor.

Stop getting hung up on pixels, 8M is more than ample for 99% of users.
Big Bri 17 16.3k United Kingdom
25 Aug 2006 10:05PM
wot's a x0 camera ??
Snapper Plus
13 4.3k 3 United States Outlying Islands
25 Aug 2006 10:33PM
I think he means it is one of the medium range (10, 20, 30) cameras as opposed to the best (1 & 5) or cheaper (300, 350, 400) models. But then again, ......
uggyy 12 2.1k 9 Scotland
26 Aug 2006 12:07AM
I think Canon missed the boat with the 30D personaly be honest when you read the spec did it make you go "ohhhhh". The D70 when it 1st came out did, the D80 has to an extent too. The original 300D certainly had me drolling Smile

I may own a Nikon but I love Canon kit too (Canon G5 still goes in my kit bag)..

The D80 will hit the shops shortly, I actualy got to play with one today and it feels solid enough and seems to respond well.

Its all marketing and reacting to the market. Canon wanted to do what Nikon did with the D70 and the D70's to get more money from whats essentialy a small update. Time will tell if they did right or wrong.

I would expect to see a Nikon D50 replacement early next year and wont be surprised if its the 10.2 sensor too. Then what canon will do to after that may be interesting.

For us end users good compition is going to benefit us in the long run.

The sensor cleaning is a major boost but I hear its not got spot metering, which is again to me a strange thing to hold back on....

Personaly I want to see this cut throat pricing move over to the lens side of the market and see prices drop but Im dreaming with that one Smile

miptog 12 3.6k 61 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2006 12:11AM
Would like to appreacite the strategy here. Most TOG's will want to keep their camera bodies and get better glass. This implies that new dSLR TOG's are being targeted. So perhaps the ploy is to tie new users in rather than service existing TOGS. Mike

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