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Canon 35mm body for long exposures...

IRaddict 17 34
3 Nov 2005 12:21PM
I'm looking at buying a second hand film camera for the purpose of long exposures, up to eight hours or so, I guess it would need to be fully manual because of the battery issue?
Is there such a camera that accomodates the ef lenses that may do the job?
Also what type of film would be suitable for this kind of work?
heres hoping.......

cambirder 16 7.2k England
3 Nov 2005 12:59PM
8 Hours! What on earth are you photographing?
Little Jo Plus
19 2.3k United Kingdom
3 Nov 2005 1:12PM
Hi Steve

You need to choose your body carefully - you could choose a fully manual body, but they use the FD series lenses, some EOS models will work for you. These will tend to be higher-end models, some need battery power to keep the shutter open, others use battery power to open the shutter and to close it only.

Canon models I know will work for you include the EOS 600, EOS 3, EOS 1 series (EOS 1, 1n, 1V). Avoid the likes of the EOS 300 series, EOS 30/33, EOS 50/50e. They use battery power to keep the shutter open and have a maximum exposure of about 6 hours. I suspect the older consumer models would be similarly afflicted.

Film - if you check the Fuji website, they tell you about how to compensate for reciprocity failure/colour casts. There are some emulsions that definitely aren't suited for long exposures.

You don't say whether you are planning to use print or slide film.........but I hope you find what you're after. Actually, it may be of interest to you that if you get an EOS 3, the timer remote can be used to set exposures of up to 99 hrs, 99 mins and 59 secs. It sounds right up your street!

IRaddict 17 34
3 Nov 2005 1:52PM
HI jo

thanks for the info, I should have said, I would like to try some star trails while camping, I though I could leave it running through the night whilst taking a bit of shut eye.
I would like to use slide film for the job if its suitable, I haven't really used much film I'm afraid.
I like the sound of the eos 3 and timer, off to check it out.....
thanks very much for the response

dougv 16 8.4k 3 England
3 Nov 2005 2:25PM

Have a look at This pic in starman1's portfolio.

He used 2-3 Hrs exposure for these star trails.

Doug ;o)
duratorque 17 427 United Kingdom
4 Nov 2005 3:10AM
The EOS 600 series and ESO 10 series camera only use power to open and close the shutter. There is no current drain while the shutter is open. In fact you can remove the battery during an exposure and the shutter will stay open. You should be able to get one of these bodies on ebay.
IRaddict 17 34
6 Nov 2005 12:23AM
Thanks for the link Doug, it would be nice to be able to achieve some trails like that, getting the clear skies is going to be the main problem me thinks.
Thanks also Yat, I was lookinisg at the 600 on ebay, however the 10 is better because it don't need the grip to accept the shutter release, there are a few 10's on ebay so I'm going to bid for one of them, thanks again everyone for the info, very much appreciated.
Looking forward to shooting my first slides :0)

exclusive 16 579 United Kingdom
7 Nov 2005 7:51AM
that is a lot of battery, ive recently got into night photography as well, and use a fully manual fujica and a TLR,

which is far better, you get the quality of mdeium format and with a TLR you never lose site of your subject. also the viewing screen is a lot bigger, which in the dark means better. and brighter.

if you are gonna shoot at night you'll need qucik primes so that you can see what you are doing.

unless your doing star trails.

check out these guys: (rolfe horne) (the master) (group of night photographers.

also id advise b+w, but if you do use slide, Kodak EC 400 seems to work really well.

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