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Canon 40D, with or without 17-85mm lens???

lgc 13 62 England
16 Nov 2008 6:18PM
I was thinking of investing in a new canon 40d, Ive seen it on camera busters for 550 for the body only, and Im not sure if its worth getting it with the 17-85mm lens for 749.99 or whether to buy the body and get another lens, maybe a sigma 18-200mm? can anyone give me some advice.
ps in the future I will be investing in a canon 300mm f4 and a 1.4 covertor for my surf pics, but was wanting a good all round lens for day to day use. thanks for any advice

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MalcolmS Plus
12 1.2k 13 England
16 Nov 2008 7:05PM
It's a good combo to start with. I have both. The series of shots from China in my PF were mainly taken hand held with this exact pairing. Opinions vary as to the performance of the lens but judge for yourself.

My partner ( Norma) has the new 18-200mm OS on her 450D, mainly because she can't be bothered with loads of different lenses. So far she and I have been impressed, although most of her shots have been taken at the 18mm end on a tripod with the OS off.

Both lenses are a compromise, depends how much zoom you want, but both are ok in my opinion.
mark_delta 10 1.3k
16 Nov 2008 8:23PM
Here is some opposite advice, if you are going to shoot sports and surf, bin the 40d idea and buy a 1dmkii second hand (currently around 650-850) on flea bay, the tracking focus is light years away from the 40d and it will track a moving object across all 45 focus points, it is weather sealed for outdoors and it will have no problems with autofocus on the 300mm +1.4 at f5.6 the 40d will struggle it's nuts off to track, the 1dmkii is good to f8 on auto focus plus it runs a 12volt system with a battery similar to a joiners battery drill, it simply has more power to the lens motor thus moving it a damn sight quicker.
strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2008 9:16PM
When I look at 2nd hand dealers, 1D MKII's are in the 1,200 pounds plus range. Often Flea Bay exceeds the price 2nd hand dealers charge, but if you can get a 1D MKII that is in good condition for under 850 its a good buy.

It may even be worth checking with Canon how much a full service, including Major repair like shutter replacement costs. But a 1DII for 600 sounds good. And yes the pro spec camera has better frame rate etc etc.

But I expect it will turn out to be close to twice the price of a 40D. Now the good news, a 40D can focus fine with a 300 F4 and 1.4x converter, but not with the 2x converter. But a 1D MKII for 600 that works fine is a bargain. If its a hacked and thrashed unit, hmm, check the price of big repair/service with Canon.

The 1DMKII is good no doubt, can you afford it. Oh and it will not take EF-S lenses, so your walk about lens choice will need to be thought about. And with the 1.3x crop, not 1.6x crop, you may want a different choice of lens.
mark_delta 10 1.3k
16 Nov 2008 11:45PM

Quote:It may even be worth checking with Canon how much a full service, including Major repair like shutter replacement costs

you may want to google shutter faults and the 40d !
I have 2 1dmk ii, one with a shutter count of 215434 it was a pool camera and has never been to a repair centre in its life, it just keeps going and going.......
strawman 14 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
17 Nov 2008 12:11AM
Mark a new 40D will come with a warranty, some 1DMKII's will have been used and abused and will turn on on E-Bay defective, it happens. Some will be sold with lots of life. Others will be sold on their last legs.

You have got to ask yourself, why kit that retails for about 1,200 second hand is going at a low cost. and I would also ask what price it eventualy goes for on Ebay. If it goes for about 1,200 and the budget was for a 550 camera does it matter?

I have no doubts the 1DMKII is a good camera, is a 600 one a good camera?? I can think of at least one post on here from someone who bought a broken one from someone on E-Bay. it happens. So when buying a 2nd hand 1D MKII I would want an idea of the cost. Just like when I up buy a 2nd hand car I check out for some of the common repairs and work that into my car buying budget, or I buy from a dealer with a warranty.

And as for 40D posts on shutters, it will happen, plus given the greater number of them out there its no surprise. My 300D went past 50k actuations and I sold it working away, some of those failed at 10k. Many x0D cameras go well past 100k. and I have heard of 1 series camera needing shutter replacement at half the actuations of yours. It's the normal nature of mechanical things. The 1 series should go a lot longer than the lower cameras. But given the age of the 1D MKII, it would not be unreasonable for many of the pro use examples to be nearing the end of their shutter life now.

So if you can buy a working 1D MKII for the same price as a 40D I would say go for it, just factor in a budget for a service etc if you do not know its parentage. If you can afford one from a 2nd hand retailer then yes for sports and wildlife it is the better camera, but it will cost a lot more. So is it worth about twice the price, only the OP can answer. I get the impression his budget, including lens is @ 750. What is the best buy for that price including lens?

P.s Shutter designed life 40D 100k, 1d MKII 200k. Some will fail earlier, some later, and shutters can be replaced. @ 150 for a x0D series. Double for the 1D MKII?

some messages on 1d MKII shutter life. Some go on past 200k, some fail @ 60k. As I said its mechanical. The good news is its @ 240$ for a replacement shutter, so hopefully that turns out to be @ 200 in the UK.
So a 600 1D MKII would be worth a punt, even allowing for a major service.
lgc 13 62 England
17 Nov 2008 3:35AM
thanks for the feedback guys, both points you have made have been helpful, yes my budget wont stretch to a second hand 1dmkII, I previously owned a canon 300d which I used for my surf photography and it lasted for three years, never had any problems, only suffered from battery ware and I sold it on (in brasil) with the kit lens and 70-300mm lens for 350 which I would never have gotten here in the UK. Strawman is correct, Im already pushing it on the budget and I think for the money this is the best kit available at the moment, the big decision is whether to go for it now or wait till after christmas to see if the price falls any further!!
ps have now been without any kit for 9 months and im desperate to get back into it!!!
EyeDeal 9 55 United Kingdom
17 Nov 2008 8:38AM

Quote:Im not sure if its worth getting it with the 17-85mm lens for 749.99

I strongly recommend you to stay away from this overpriced blurry and dark anything but the lense.

Quote:or whether to buy the body and get another lens, maybe a sigma 18-200mm?

Only if you can sacrifice IQ to ultrazoom range. This really great lense (I mean that with OS) is definitely not the best choise if you need something better than average in terms of IQ, but anyway better than 17-85 at least by focal length and overall IQ.
Anthony 16 5.6k 17 Scotland
17 Nov 2008 8:49AM
Thats odd TheriOn. I have the 30d and my dad has the 40d, we both have the 17 - 85 IS USM, and have found it to be a fabulous lens.

I have been shooting with the lens for about 18 months now, so if anyone wants to look at me recent uploads with it, feel free. I think its a good lens, I like its range, its a great walkabout lens that works for both dad and I.

culturedcanvas 12 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
17 Nov 2008 8:54AM

Quote:When I look at 2nd hand dealers, 1D MKII's are in the 1,200 pounds plus range.

You can get a 1D MK2n for that let alone a 1D MK2 .... I got offered a MK2n for 1000 last week. 600 is about right for a 1D MK2 ...... A shutter can be replaced for 160 ....

The 17-85mm lens isnt very good in all honesty but can be had for next to nothing second hand. It's soft even when stopped down a bit and there are better options for the same cash. Take a look at sigmas excellent 17-70mm which is pretty sharp stopped down a touch.

Tamrons 28-75mm is another option.

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