Canon 40D fault - ERR 99 recurring

Sassie 11 201 United Kingdom
23 Jul 2009 1:26PM
I have the dreaded ERR 99 coming up on my 40D and having tried all the usual things it looks as if it will have to go in for repair and I'm probably looking at parting with £150 or so as it is now 18 months old.

Has anyone here had this problem and which repair centre did you use? Any recommendations?


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mcgannc 10 389 3 England
23 Jul 2009 2:17PM
I had this on my 1000d, although mine was still under warranty. They advised that they simply gave it a good clean (which I'd already done) and updated the firmware.

When I searched on this issue (before taking it back to Jessops) most peoples advice was to clean the contacts but the error message on mine stated it was to do with the battery. So I think the firmware update probably did the trick so probably worth a try if you've not done so already!

Hope you can sort it,

Sassie 11 201 United Kingdom
23 Jul 2009 2:32PM
I've cleaned the contacts, changed battery, memory card, lens, put it in warmth in case it was damp etc etc. Error returns.

Haven't updated the firmware. How do I do that?

Henchard 14 2.7k 1 United Kingdom
23 Jul 2009 2:39PM

Haven't updated the firmware. How do I do that?

Try this

but personally I'd contact Canon for advice as I'm not sure of the validity of upgrading if the camera is showing error messages.
mcgannc 10 389 3 England
23 Jul 2009 2:40PM
Thought that might be the next question...not completely sure to be honest! I think it's simply a case of downloading the latest firmware from Canon's site, and then connecting up your camera to the computer to update it (I've never done this though so may be worth asking someone else!).

AlanEdwards 17 11
23 Jul 2009 4:12PM
I had a similar problem with my 40D & 17-85mm lens while away on holiday last week. In my case I had error 01 plus a message to clean the contacts, which I did, but to no avail.

I tried the lens on a 20D and it immediately registered error 99 and the camera refused to operate. I then transferred the lens to my wife's 350D and also got error 99 with that combo.

I then tried other lenses (24mm, 17-55mm & 100mm macro) on the 40D which then worked perfectly.

I was quoted £162.50 by H Lehmann for a repair but decided it was not worth it as I have used it constantly for a number of years and must have taken thousands of images with it. I can buy a lens that has been split from a kit for a little more, which is what I will do.

Hope this helps.
strawman 15 22.1k 16 United Kingdom
23 Jul 2009 4:15PM
I just gave it into my dealer, and he passed it through the normal Canon service network. I dropped it in on the Saturday and had it back on the Thursday of the next week, new shutter, clean and adjust. Mine had a shutter or mirror timing fault, in that it was not faulty in liveview, but in ordinary mode it would log faults.
cameracat 15 8.6k 61 Norfolk Island
23 Jul 2009 6:48PM
My other halfs 40D had a bout of this error, Loaded the latest firmware, The error disappeared and has not returned .. Smile

If you ahve done all the other things like cleaning contacts etc, Loading the latest firmware can't hurt, Ask yourself why Canon would post a new firmware, If your not meant to install it....Wink
sut68 15 2.0k 76 England
23 Jul 2009 7:40PM
Mine had this error and went in to the Canon Service Centre in Borehamwood for a new shutter mechanism ... just inside warranty.

Sorry to hear about yours, hope it's sorted soon.

MDR_Photo 14 872 England
23 Jul 2009 9:44PM
I had this on my 40D last month and I tried everything to fix it. Unfortunately it was just out of the 12 months so I took it to Fixation in Vauxhall who fixed it for £200. I have contacted Canon subsequently to see if they were prepared to offer any compensation but there response was 12 months is 12 months and that's that. Can't complain about Fixation, they seem to have done a good job.
Henchard 14 2.7k 1 United Kingdom
23 Jul 2009 10:27PM
Detailed Info on ERR 99

Plus I found this on another site (so not sure of it's accuracy)

This catch all error message can have many reasons, but an old lens can be the culprit if your body seems to be working fine. This is likely to be an issue if you’re trying to use a lens that more than 5 years old with a new camera. To determine if it’s your "old" lens or the camera, follow these instructions (from Canon) …

To isolate the cause of the issue, we [Canon] suggest that you do the following:

1. Turn off the camera.
2. Remove the lens, battery, and CF card.
3. Allow the camera to sit without power for approximately 20 minutes.
4. Insert a fully charged battery, and turn on the camera.
5. Depress the shutter button as you would to take a picture.

Does the “ERR 99″ message appear? If it does, then the camera should be serviced. If it does not, then please proceed to the next set of steps:

1. Turn off the camera.
2. Insert the CF card.
3. Turn on the camera.
4. Format the CF card in the camera.
5. Depress the shutter button as you would to take a picture.

Does the “ERR 99″ message appear? If so, then the CF card is the most
likely source of the issue. Try using a different card.

If the message does not appear, please complete the following steps:

1. Turn off the camera.
2. Clean the lens contacts by gently rubbing them with a pencil eraser
or soft cloth. Be careful that you do not let any debris fall into the camera body.
3. Reattach your lens.
4. Turn on the camera.
5. Depress the shutter button as you would to take a picture.

If the “ERR 99″ message only appears when one particular lens is attached, then that lens should be examined by a service technician.

If you see the “ERR 99″ with a different Canon lens attached, then the camera should be serviced.
Sassie 11 201 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2009 6:36AM
Thanks all. I'll try out the firmware over the weekend and see if it makes a difference. Otherwise I'll probably send it away to a repair place. A J Johnstone is my local one (in Glasgow) but I haven't heard good things about them. Looking for somewhere that can fix the fault and have the camera back with me within a week if possible.

Going by the noise the camera makes as the fault occurs I suspect I may have a similar fault to you, Strawman.
Sassie 11 201 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2009 9:01AM
Have udated firmware but the error is still occurring unfortunately. Will have to send away. Can anyone recommend a good, reasonably priced repair service that will get the camera back to me within a week?
mark_delta 11 1.3k
25 Jul 2009 9:05AM
Fixation !
sounds like the "Secret Shutter"
A know problem where the shutter on 40d packs in and canon keep it a secret.... SHHHHHHHHH dont tell anyone
Sassie 11 201 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2009 9:42AM
Great, I'll try Fixation, thank you!

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