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Canon 650d


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Sooty_1 10 1.5k 221 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2012 12:42AM
I was thinking of opening a small brain surgery...I hear the fees you can ask are fantastic, and I get to work indoors for a change.

I have a Stanley knife and some bright lights...what else do you think I need? Maybe some cotton wool and bandages?

Will I need business insurance or will third party, fire and theft be ok?




Sorry, but if you don't know what gear you are going to need, you are not ready to go into business as a photographer. In fact, given that you seem to have done no research for yourself, I doubt you are ready to go into business as anything. Sorry to sound harsh, but every trade requires ability and knowledge to make it a success, including the ability to run a business, if you are going it alone.

Take time to learn, build a portfolio, decide if you have enough ability and drive, decide if you can afford it, then think more seriously about it.

mikehit 11 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2012 1:05AM
I agree totally that the OP sounds as if they are not ready to go into wedding photography or start a high throughput studio. But for Lord's sake give 'em a break - reams of sarcasm is hardly warranted.
Is the OP long-term unemployed - do they see any other way of making money?
Do they have a job and desperately need more money?
what are they wanting to do? Work small jobs for friends and family and get work by word of mouth?
How honest will the OP be about their experience when people enquire about their services?

I know you hardened professionals have spent years building your business and it can be frustrating to see yet another person entering the field. Several have been quite vocal about any old joe with a camera who thinks they are a pro and undercuts them with unrealistic pricing. And some comments even express a concern for a customer who may end up being fleeced by an inconsiderate shyster.
This is a business they are talking about - does a painter have to go to art school and apprentice for 5 years before they are allowed to sell a painting?
Some of the more sage comments on similar threads have pointed out that photography is only one part of running a business with business nous and interpersonal skills far more significant in its success. So give them a bit of space.
peterjones 19 5.1k 1 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2012 10:39AM
Grin titter Grin
Sooty_1 10 1.5k 221 United Kingdom
3 Oct 2012 11:04AM
Would you choose a photographer for your wedding/social event that had absolutely no experience and no proof they could even take a decent picture? Would you choose one that didn't even know which kit to use? At least the buyer of the painting in your example has the choice of whether to buy based on seeing the picture. If booked to cover an event and the pictures prove to be poor, you can't recreate the day, and you will still be let down even if you refuse to pay.

I appreciate we all have to start somewhere, and getting the experience is key to knowing whether you can do the job or not, but you have to be able to demonstrate certain skills, and a decent portfolio is a place to start.

Expecting to just hit the ground running without previous knowledge or experience is asking to fail, and if the OP is short of cash, sinking money into a business without knowledge of the market sector would seem financial suicide.

The reason the post has drawn so much ridicule, is the naivety of the OP's approach to business rather than their approach to photography.

mondmagu 11 75 Ireland
3 Oct 2012 10:45PM
Wow I can't believe someone could post such a question!It's like there was no thought put into the research.
I have been taking photos for years and have been a camera club member for two years now and still feel I don't possess the skills and experience to shoot a wedding!!!
When you shoot a wedding it HAS to be the best day of the brides and grooms life!!!! To do this you need experience ,knowledge and good gear.