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CANON 70-300 f4-5.6 IS USM

devs 15 2
4 Nov 2005 10:56AM

I'm thinking of buying this lens for my 300D, for aircraft photography. Can not stretch to a 100-400.

Has anyone got any view on this lens?


4 Nov 2005 11:26AM
Hi, I bought this lens to go with my EOS 20D. I have been extremely pleased with it. I bought it from Jessops but had it price matched. That way I got to see it in the flesh as well as at a good price. I find it focuses quickly and quietly which is what I wanted. It also seems robust. I used to have a Tamron 28-300 but by the time you had set up a tripod etc you could have taken many images with the Canon. The image of a Kestrel on my PF which was a wild and free bird was my first try with the lens and was taken free-hand. Oh! and by the way, I am definately no expert. Hope this is helpful to you
Keith (kjm)
ojohnson 17 60
4 Nov 2005 1:27PM
I used to have this lens and for the money it is pretty good but it does have its faults.

1. Images can be a bit on the soft side
2. It's not that fast at focussing. It's not bad, just not that great and probably about average for a lens in this price range.
3. It can sometimes hunt for focus in certain conditions, although to be fair most lenses in this price range would struggle in the same conditions.
4. Build quality isnt that good. When you zoom to 300mm the barrel of the lens comes out quite far and looks a little flimsy. Also I had a slight problem with the lens hood being quite stiff to put on and take off. So much so that it would actually twist the barrel of the lens taking it off which would cause a nasty grating of the focusing gears (solved by swithing to manual focus when taking the hood off).

However on the positive side the IS is actually pretty good and well worth the money and it does generally perform well and produce shots that you will be pleased with and I've managed to sell photos that I've taken with it.

The key thing though is that I USE to have this lens. In the end the softness and slowness (I wanted f/2.8 lenses) forced me to sell it and went for the Canon 70-200 f/2.8.
tull 18 181 United Kingdom
4 Nov 2005 1:49PM
I too had the same very lense and as Keith say's it responds so quitely and quickly and the images are pin sharp just qaulity.
But only after a few days it stopped working right and returned it to Jessops and then was told there was no other lenses in the country.
Please don't let this put you off when it worked it was a dream unfortunatly it turned into a nightmare.
I used to be Fuji S2Pro owner and will be getting S3 soon so I never chased the lense in the end but I'm sure you will not be disappointed.
Not much help to much

devs 15 2
4 Nov 2005 1:54PM
Thanks Guy's

The cheapest I've seen it for is 386.
Is this a good price?

Sabreur 16 767 England
4 Nov 2005 2:10PM
Just a quick point, but I think ojohnson may be talking about the older 75-300 lens, not the newer 70-300 one. I also have the 75mm version, with the same faults that Oliver mentions.

The new lens is suposed to be better from the comments that I've seen.
tonyvizard 19 19
5 Nov 2005 2:16AM
I've got the Canon 100-300 USM and I can recommend it. May be (recently) discontinued now but it's a good piece of kit. It's solid not plasticky (although this makes it a bit of a lump) and the autofocus is fast. Filter size is 58mm and it has internal focussing so is easy to use with a polariser. I'm sure I only paid around 190 ish for it new a couple of years ago so it might be worth looking at one if you can find one. More importantly though I bought it because its optical performance at max aperture, when tested by Practical Photography, was found to be good (unusual in cheaper zooms) and this is what you want if you will be using the lens wide open to capture moving subjects. It certainly seems sharp to me.
5 Nov 2005 4:33AM
Hi Adrian, sorry I should have told you the price I paid. It was 349 at the end of July 2005. Keith (kjm)
cheddar-caveman 18 1.2k England
5 Nov 2005 6:07AM
I'm selling (similar) an almost new 70-300 f4.5-5.6 IS USM on eBay right now. It's a great lens and only selling to finance an upgrade. Look at item#7559298093 if you're interested. You'll certainly save a bundle buying here! It's currenlty only 195!
Bmarie 16 77 United Kingdom
5 Nov 2005 6:35AM
On reading these notes I feel most of you are refering to the 75-300 IS USM lens but there is also a 70-300 IS USM lens which replaces the 75-300.
This is a newer version and obviously more expensive as is the new 70-300 DO Version.
Has anyone tried out the new versions yet?
cheers Marie

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