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Canon 7D

Nickfrayne 11 43 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2012 11:21AM
Has anyone got a 7D, whats it like ? I have read some forums and reviews etc etc and some are saying auotfocus is not great they dont like 18mp ( I dont understand that, surely higher the better ) and also issues with the 1.6 crop factor,surely another good thing for sports.

I had a look at PC world who are asking about 1100.

What do you hate about yours, whats NOT so good,and what do you lurve???

Cheers to you all,Regards Nick frayne
gary_d 13 576 13 Wales
31 Jul 2012 11:32AM
I have the canon 5D2 and the 7D and in my opinion (and others may disagree) the 7D cannot compete with the 5D in fact I am looking at selling probably.

If I did not have the 5D it would be different I suppose but when you have used one its a backward step.

I say again this is my opinion.
javam 16 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2012 11:50AM
Well, I am happy with my 7D.

As I take predominately landscape and aviation photographs I went for the 7D over the 5d MkII as I reasoned the 7D would be better at landscapes than the 5d would be at airshows. I would still like a 5D (II or III) to compliment it, but as a one camera solution I think it is very good. How well it 'competes' with the 5D depends very much on what type of photography you are talking about. They are built for different needs in the same was as the 1D and 1Ds models are.

I think its weakest area is high ISO noise control.

I have not had any problems with the AF and I am tracking things travelling just below the speed of sound without issue.

What are you intending to use it for and what lenses do you have or intend to purchase?
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
31 Jul 2012 11:50AM

Quote: the 7D cannot compete with the 5D2.

You might want to say in what way, what aspect, Gary?
fraser 17 631 14 Scotland
31 Jul 2012 11:52AM
Ergonomically the 7D is a delight and the focussing is very good indeed (the reason I chose it over a 5D). It can produce some noisy images at mid to higher ISO settings but you can get around this (I don't apply any sharpening in DPP and I keep the noise control down there too. This allows me to control both more tightly in PS). The body also seems to be extremely rugged and well built. Overall, I'm very pleased with it. On the other hand I'd kill for a 5D MkIII, which resolves the focussing issues on the earlier models (particularly if you're a wildlife and/or sports photographer), produces better quality images and has much better high iso performance.
Ade_Osman 17 4.5k 36 England
31 Jul 2012 11:56AM
I would hang fire on buying the 7D at the moment as it's replacement the 7D X is imminent......

Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
31 Jul 2012 12:07PM

Quote:I would hang fire on buying the 7D at the moment as it's replacement the 7D X is imminent......

Maybe, but looking at Canon recent silly pricing, it is probably going to be at least 500 more expensive... Smile
javam 16 1.1k 19 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2012 12:07PM

Quote:I would hang fire on buying the 7D at the moment as it's replacement the 7D X is imminent......

How imminent and how dramatic a shift in features seems to be very open to speculation currently. I would not defer a purchasing decision on the off chance personally.

If I had been looking to by a 5D Mk II and waited until the Mk III was announced, I would have been kicking myself and travelling to the first store that had a MkII in stock once the price of the MkIII was announced. Who is to say the same will not be true with the 7D replacement (if indeed it is a replacement and another feature set variation and model line).

The confirmed (by canon) firmware update for the 7D in August, would seem to suggest that a direct replacement is not imminent. Why invest time in developing a fairly significant firmware update for a camera that is going to go out of production? It doesn't stack up if a direct replacement is as imminent as you suggest.
mikehit 11 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2012 12:07PM
I have the 7D and love it.
There are many threads on 7D vs 5D2 and the geneal consensus to me seems to be if you do a lot of low-light work then the 5D2 is your friend. Even then, vvery experienced photographers were saying that results only really differ at large prints or high ISO. But the problem is that everyone has their own definition of 'acceptable' noise.
For action/sports the 7D is better - not that the 5D2 is bad, just the 7D is better. I do not understand why people say the 7D AF is not great - at the time of release it was barely behind the AF on the 1D series and it is highly customisable. My priorities were for wildlife so I got the 7D - if I was mainly landscape/portraits I would have bought the 5D2 (but then I was still happy with my 30D so maybe I would ahve spent the money on better glass instead).

The 5D3 has an equivalent AF along with the better image quality, but so it should being 3 years newer and twice the price Smile

Quote:also issues with the 1.6 crop factor

I have no idea what that means! Probably the people bought the wrong camera.

Quote:surely another good thing for sports

Not really. If I could afford the 5D3 I would buy it and crop the images in photoshop.

Quote:What do you hate about yours

Nothing really. Other than with the 100-400 it is not small enough to fit in my pocket. Wink
steve486 10 150 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2012 12:34PM
got one for sale, have replaced it with 1ds2, i just didn,t like it. i ,moved up from a 5d so mayby i just like full frame. but 7d focusing seemed to be very hit and miss.
Nickfrayne 11 43 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2012 1:35PM
Thanks for all the comments, I want to use this for motorbike photography am using 40D and a 1D at the moment ,love the 40D mainly because of the 1.6 crop factor gives me extra closeness but the 1D is a real pro camera, but am using a 120/300 sigma F2.8 with a 1/4 extender and just doesnt get me close enough,I want to up grade my body but maybe I should up grade my lens instead,I really want to buy a used 400 2.8 lens, but need to work abit harder first !

There have been lots of comments about the 5D but I want to talk about the 7D, are you happy with it, does it do what you want it to do ? Are you abit disappointed withg your results ?????

Do you wished you got something else and not the 7D ???/
Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
31 Jul 2012 2:29PM
Why not ask yourself: what do you wish to achieve with the 7D that you can't achieve using 40D and 1D?
glsammy 14 209 1 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2012 2:32PM
What do I think about my 7D?
1) The AF system works well enough, once you've got it set up for what you want.Wink
2) The continuous shooting speed is high, although I have noticed a problem with getting consistent focusing accuracy when shooting in AI servo mode. It often loses focus on the second/third shot especially if the subject hasn't moved. Obviously when your shooting wild birds it's not always possible to have the camera set to the perfect setting for every shot, but with the 7D, no matter what lens I use I notice this loss of focus accuracy.
3) Fragile shutter. Already had to have the shutter replaced after "only" 25,000 approx. shutter actuations.
No real problems with the image quality for the limited range of subjects I shoot.
I also have the 40D, which I still use mainly with my close up macro lens, simply to save time and prevent too much lens swapping.
The sensor cleaner system seems to work really well on the 7D. Despite having the camera for about two years I've never had to clean the sensor. I can't say the same for the 40D!
If I had to keep just one camera it would definitely be the 7D.Smile
mikehit 11 8.0k 13 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2012 2:52PM
If you have a 1D already, just buy better glass. I have seen second hand 300 f2.8 for a grand.
sut68 17 2.0k 77 England
31 Jul 2012 3:10PM
This shot [for eample] was taken using my 7d + Sigma 70-200mm EX f2.8 using AI Servo a couple of weeks back now:

Absolutely no problems focusing/tracking whatsoever I came back with many more 'keepers' than I expected too on this particular excursion.

I tend to shoot mainly for landscapes, but like Neil [Javam] opted for the 7d as a good allrounder which would allow me to shoot motorsports and airshows when necessary. Yes noise can be a little more pronounced but not too obtrusive ... the AF, to me, is lovely and tracks well. A little research on the web will quickly highlight the best settings to configure for optimum results/focusing.

Can highly recommend it personally, but do appreciate that it's not necessarily for everyone!!!

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