Canon 7D joystick problem

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26 Apr 2020 6:41PM
So I've seen this happen when my 7D gets damp/wet outside where the joystick toggle on the back stops working well/at all. It seems to be a common issue and, when left to dry, typically resolves itself. However mine hasn't been wet recently and the joystick has stopped functioning well. I can't scroll to the left any more and even depressing it doesn't seem to register the right way.

I've tried reinstalling the firmwire but that's had no impact at all on its performance.

I've done some googling and it seems that a few things have come up as solutions

1) Send it to Canon - costs and takes time but has a high chance of being repaired. Sadly looking at the costs its near £85 per hour for a repair and whilst they don't list it specifically the repair prices quickly get into the hundreds. Thing is a quick glance at Camera Price Buster shows Excellent condition secondhand 7D at only £280.

2) Dismantle and repair at home - not really something I want to do.

3) Dry it out - already done its dry

4) Attempt compressed air blown over it to flush it out - I'll likely try something like a IT Dusters CompuCleaner since that seems to offer similar performance with pure air and no droplets of moisture (plus I've been planning to get one for general dust cleaning in the computer anyway).

Option 4 is the most attractive, though it still costs me and whilst its something that has a use elsewhere , this isn't really something I've "budgeted for" at this stage.

Has anyone else here had the issue and found tips/tricks to resolving it? I've even wondered if letting the camera get wet again and then drying out fully once more might resolve it if the issue could be a tiny bit of mineral material that, with a rewetting, would get dissolved and dislodged. Though I'd rather not get it wet if I don't have too (and the British Weather is being rather a pain on that front with being all sunny and bright and not wet!)

Of course all the rest of the camera works fine, there's the other argument of waiting out and trying to save up to replace it entirely. Though it seems Canon isn't too sure if they want a 7DMIII on the market. The recent 90D (or whatever its' called) seems to be halfway between the old 80D and the 7DMII; meanwhile the 7DMII still sells at a high price but is getting rather long in the tooth - especially considering the big jumps in sensor technology which have been going on.

So anyone got any advise or even had this problem yourself and found a resolution?
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26 Apr 2020 9:23PM
I remember having a similar problem when I used a 7D. Removed both batteries, left it for a bout 15 minutes then replaced the batteries and the problem was resolved and 5 years or more later, my wife still uses that camera without a problem. Can't quite remember where the backup battery is located but the manual should tell you. Hope this helps as it is the easiest answer Smile
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27 Apr 2020 11:08PM
Thanks nobby - sadly I tried this and also reinstalling the firmwire (well updating it as apparently I'd missed an update some time ago). Sadly neither resulted in a fix. In a moment of "Well if its material maybe I can push it out of the way" coupled with "well the rest of the camera works and Canon is shut at the moment anyway" I tried a more - manual - approach.

Pressing down rather harder than I normally would and wriggling it around. Which seems to have actually worked at rubbing/moving whatever was causing a contact issue off. Fingers crossed it keeps working!
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18 21 United Kingdom
28 Apr 2020 10:16AM
Glad you got it resolved Smile I think my problem started when the camera got wet also. Like you I would welcome a 7D3, but don't think it's going to happen as Canon seem fixated on mirrorless now. Until someone comes up with an EVF that is as good as the Mark 1 eyeball, I stick with a DSLR.


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