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Canon D30

jonty500 17 126
23 Dec 2004 7:25AM
Does anyone own this camera, ive seen a second hand one and would like to know what it is like, im not sure about the 3 megapixel sensor compared to slide film. all comment good or bad on this camera will be much appreciated.
ZenTog 19 7.9k 1 England
23 Dec 2004 7:41AM
even six mega pixels are not always going to be better than slide film it depends on the glass in front of you.r camera a well. but scanned slidesdo show grainess from the film grain

I have seen very good results from a d30 up to about A4 size or for the web.

it depends on the price as 300d s are coming very cheap sub 500 in some places now

i wouldnt pay more than 300 for a d30 and 400 for d60 500 for a 10d
muzzeyman 17 293 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2004 8:07AM
I've heard that the D30 is a very good digi to own. I have a D60 (the D30's replacement). There is very little difference between them, other than 3 megpixels less. I would have one over the 300D as the build quality is far superior. The 300D seems plasticy a oppsed to the metal chassis of the D30. That's just my opinion. I had a chioce of the 10D or the D60 when I bought mine, and after reading up about about the 60, decided on that. Image quality is good.
If you're on a tight budget and already own a film EOS then the D30 will suit you.
Oce I have enough for a 1D MkII then the D60 will serve as my backup camera. I did read a view reviews on the 30 and it came in favourably with the people who used it.
Good luck.
chris.maddock 20 3.7k United Kingdom
23 Dec 2004 8:55AM
I stil have a D30 - great little camera, which I retained as a backup and second body when I got my 10D.
The 3Mp image size is a little restrictive now but I've happily printed up to 18"x12" with a little interpolation, and have gone to 20"x30" with rather more.
The AF is on the old side, and no comparison at all to the more modern cameras - 10D, 20D or 300D even - but it is perfectly capable if you keep its limitations in mind and don't expect the impossible, same as with any tool really.

ahollowa 17 1.1k England
23 Dec 2004 9:56AM
Would agree with all the above. I still have mine firstly incase andsecondly as I was only offered 150 part ex against my 10D. So I am not sure if I would pay 300 for one. Though have seen deallers asking 400 for them.


spacey 17 376
23 Dec 2004 10:00AM
do not be fooled, the focus sytem on the d30 is less than poor, buy a second hand 10d for anothe 150, you will not be sorry
exclusive 17 579 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2004 10:31AM
Ive only been able to find one for 380, which at the moment i can't afford. i personally haven't printed any photos above A4 yet, but i will still use my film eos just as much, it is mainly for surfing, birds and general experimemting coz of the 1.6 crop factor, it will hopefully save me a lot of film and wasted shots.

Chris interested in selling yours?
chris.maddock 20 3.7k United Kingdom
23 Dec 2004 10:32AM
Sorry benny. I don't have room in my bag for the film I'd need if I started taking the film body as backup Wink
exclusive 17 579 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2004 10:38AM
problem is they are hard to find, any ideas except Ebay, that would be a good place to look.
ZenTog 19 7.9k 1 England
23 Dec 2004 10:41AM
ignore spacey as the d30 was expensive when it came out so was built to a good standard, the auto focus is no different to the d60`s and if you want to look for confrimation of good focus look at my portfolio all my ECs and high readers choices have been taken on a d60 rest my case gov
chris.maddock 20 3.7k United Kingdom
23 Dec 2004 10:47AM
Well said Paul.
As with any tool, it simply requires learning any limitations and working within those.
exclusive 17 579 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2004 10:51AM
its not about the focusing and stuff like that, im used to begginer equipment its about availability, i haven't seen on D60 on the second hand market and only one D30.
muzzeyman 17 293 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2004 12:27PM
Best place to look would be AP magazine, i've seen a couple for sale there. Given the fact that there are not many D30/D60's out there for sale, then they must be good - else people would be off loading them left right & centre!

Ebay is normally good hunting ground. I got my D60 there with 1GB IBM Microdrive, vertical battery grip + more. The guy I got mine off was upgrading to the 1D.

Another place to try is MXV photographic (they have an online catalogue) I've bought gear from them, quite reasonably priced, with guarantee's etc.
spacey 17 376
23 Dec 2004 1:23PM
If you think the d30 and d60's focus system is good, I can not wait to see what you do with your talent and a decent camera, it is beyond any doubt the worst and slowest focus system they could have put in, if you dont think so just pick up a eos3 or 1v and have a go, taking photos in brilliant sunshine with a f4 is a bit different to shots in low light where you need it to focus now ! thats when the big boys with the toys get the shot and the d30/60 owners get a locked shutter with hunting, if the d30 and d60 was that good do you think that pro press guys would spend 4k on a camera when they can buy a second hand d30 for 300 and have done, just on point I traded one of my eos1d bodies for a d20 and it really rocks for the price its within 50% of the focus speed of the eos 1d which is good for a prosumer camera, take good advice when its given, pay the small amount extra and buy the d10, for 1 it is metal bodied where the others are plastic and it has a sensible focus system, as joefox which he would buy
chris.maddock 20 3.7k United Kingdom
23 Dec 2004 1:45PM
Have you ever actually used a D30?
The guy asked about that and you're now comparing it to an EOS3 or 1V, neither of which it was ever intended to match.
I agree the AF is not stellar, but neither is it complete rubbish. It does precisely what it was intended to do.
It was never marketed as a pro nor press camera, that is why the 1D was launched to suit that market. Not that it stopped many press people using D30s when they were all that was available unless the paper was paying the much higher prices and supplying the alternatives.
For someone who just wants a cheap DSLR and does not feel they can stretch to a 10D, for non-pro use it's perfectly acceptable.
Next thing you'll be telling him that the only lenses worth fitting have red rings around them - yes, they are very nice if one can afford them but it's time to apply a sense of proportion. Not everyone can afford the best, so advising them that it's not worth getting anything but that is of little help to anyone except equipment snobs - this isn't dpreview for heaven's sake Wink

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